Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Amway Assholes Steal Everything You Have And What You Don’t Have Too

I was watching Dateline a rerun of a show they aired a couple of years or so ago. It’s the story of a man kidnapped in Mexico and his American born wife trying to raise the millions in ransom the kidnappers demanded. They lived in an ex pat community in Mexico called San Miguel which is an artist community. Anyway the couple on the show bought a run down ranch for a steal. All their money was tied up in the property and renovations. They weren’t rich people. Even if the ranch could be sold and she couldn’t sell it because it was in the husband’s name it would bring a few hundred thousand dollars only a fraction of the amount the kidnappers demanded. The wife did sell what she could, tractors and furniture and livestock if you can call lots of rabbits livestock, and she raised $20,000. She tried getting loans from banks and business owners and was turned down.

She’s certain her husband is going to be killed. Around the 7 month mark the kidnappers drastically reduced the ransom amount, but they weren’t allowed to disclose it on the show, but it seemed to be in the hundreds of thousands. And around that time two people who she hadn’t previously hit up for a loan approached her with offers of money and she was able to pay and her husband was released.

These are professional kidnappers, their group is well known in Mexico. One thing the woman said in the show was that these kidnappers take everything you have, and they want more, they want everything you don’t have too, and they’re out to destroy you.

Holy shit! You’d think she was talking about the fucking assholes in the Amway upline!

The Amway cult leaders want everything you have and they want everything you don’t have too. The Amway cult leaders are out to destroy you. WWDB = World Wide Destructive Bastards.

First they start with signing you up to the Amway cult. One year’s membership to their expensive shopping club plus a starter kit of shitty Amway products costs $170 according to a recent commenter who wisely saw Amway is a scam and didn’t sign up. That’s the start up fee to a whole bunch of misery and financial and emotional distress coming your way thanks to the assholes in your Amway upline. After you’ve paid the cult registration fee that gives you bragging rights like anyone wants them, to be called an IBO, a slick name Amway uses to fuck with the new follower’s minds to believe they are now an Independent Business Owner. BULLSHIT! More like commissioned salesperson. And right off the top the assholes in the Amway upline want the new recruit to earn their first commission check from Scamway and to do that they need to buy a minimum of 100PV around $300 worth of shitty overpriced Amway products. So the new recruit has just slapped at least $500 on a credit card that probably was already struggling to make the monthly payments on a huge balance but the assholes in the Amway upline fed him some bullshit about how Amway gets people out of debt.

The reality is the opposite. Hello debt thanks to Amway.

The new Ambot gets $10 commission from Amway after spending at least $500 just to sign up and buy 100 PV. FIRED UP!!!!! LOL!

But just like the kidnappers who want more more more so do the fucking assholes in the Amway upline. The ambot must now spend $50/month on membership to WWDB plus around $40/month to pretend they have a personal assistant named Kate, and around the same amount to buy in books and CDs. If a Diamond is coming to town that’s another $15 or $20 to buy a ticket to hear the fucker speak. And holy shit if there’s a major Amway function that month – could be in the hundreds after a ticket is bought, transportation, meals and hotel.

Out comes the credit card because the assholes in the Amway upline want everything you don’t have too and keeps pushing the ambot further into debt. They want to destroy you. World Wide Destructive Bastards.

Putting the sinking bank account and increasing credit card debt aside – what other ways do the fucking assholes in the Amway upline try to destroy you? The troublemaking bastards are next out to destroy your relationships. If you’re married and your wife, and yeah I’m being sexist here because its usually the man who gets sucked into Scamway, doesn’t want to “come onboard” with the Amway cult then the upline assholes go out of their way to destroy the marriage. Ripping families apart is one of the things the World Wide Destructive Bastards love to do. Don’t listen to their bullshit about how Amway saves marriages. There’s no statistics and its more likely that a marriage can’t survive the financial destruction and cult interference than be saved. Not only that but there’s several Diamonds who’ve divorced in recent years or about to be judging by the tons of searchers I get looking for information on Diamond’s girlfriend. Nosy troublemaking bastards. WWDB propaganda bullshit to cover the evil they plan to do. The assholes in the Amway upline want to remove the ambot from all outside influencers who can convince the ambot they’re being scammed. Friends, family and coworkers are all to be dropped. Though most ambot’s employers will drop them once their shitty Amway attitude invades the workplace.

What does an Amway ambot have in their future? Bankruptcy, unemployment, divorce, foreclosure, ruined relationships.

The assholes in the Amway upline are out to take everything the ambot has. And everything he doesn’t have. And they don’t stop until they’ve destroyed the Ambot’s life.

Financial and emotional distress is in the future of Amway Ambots. Not bazillions of dollars in monthly residual income after 2 to 5 years working part time in the Amway cult.

That’s the reality of being kidnapped by the Amway cult.

Amway will take everything you have. Amway will take everything you don’t have. Amway will destroy you.


  1. Anna, you are so right.

    Getting involved with Amway is like getting into debt to a Mafia loanshark. You will be drained dry of every cent you have, every piece of property you own, every single item of value you possess. Your greed-driven Amway up-line wants it all.

    And quite right -- Amway is utterly ruthless in destroying any relationship you might have that is
    "non-Amway." They don't want you talking to anyone with an independent mind or a different viewpoint. And they gleefully wreck marriages if a spouse is unwilling to acquiesce in a family's financial ruin.

    A Roman senator used to end every one of his speeches by saying "Carthage must be destroyed!"

    Let me end this post by saying the following: AMWAY MUST BE DESTROYED.

    1. Anonymous - that's a good comparison - going into Amway debt and Mafia loanshark debt. It's like trying to figure out who's meaner to deal with - the fucking assholes in the Amway upline or a loanshark. Both will suck you dry and destroy you.

      Amway MUST be destroyed. Totally agree.

  2. Spend $500 to get a puny $10!! Just apply a Cash Back Credit Card instead. It runs from 2 to 5% cash back.

    1. Anonymous - that's right. If you're going to a join a buying club, go for the deluxe membership at Costco where you get money back based on your purchases. And at Costco things are reasonably priced and they sell products people actually want to buy. Amway's expensive buying club can't say that about themselves!

  3. Hi Anna B. My heart is still broken regarding my daughter being sucked into this sinkhole of a cesspool. I see firsthand the enormous time that is required away from family as well as the outlandish amount of money required to be spent. The deceipt Amway is webbed in is phenomenal. Well, just really wanted to say hi and stay updated on the info you provide. Thanks for being committed to exposing these fucked organized crime bastards.

    1. Hi there Living a Nightmare. Sorry to hear things are as bad as ever with your daughter. And yes Amway is a cesspool full of Amway sewer rats. Amway wants everything out of its cult followers. Money and time. If they're all spent on Amway then they're not spent anywhere else. Evil.

  4. I receive many requests from AMBOTS who have a "fantastic business opportunity" they want me to hear. I always request that we meet at a local sandwich shop or a fancy bar that I enjoy. After half-heartedly listening to their shpeal and thinking to myself "what a moron this person is," I always request that they buy me a sandwich and/or a beer. After all, we are soon to be business partners, right? I always try to get as many drinks/food out of them as possible. I don't feel bad, they are the ones trying to screw me and they always tell me how "rich" they are so they can afford it. Idiots, all of them.

    1. Hi schmi364 - thanks for stopping by. You have found the secret! Getting free food at your favorite eating places. But I guess there's really no such thing as a free meal is there because you have to put up with the ambot's bullshit Amspeak propaganda. When you call someone in Amway an idiot - you're being too kind. Ambots are worse than that!

  5. Not gazillions of dollars in residual income but a residual loss. (Loss of money first then, loss of time and loss of friendship from true people)

    1. Very true Anonymous. Huge residual loss for Amway victims in money, loss of time, and destroyed relationships. And other bad stuff too. The joys of belonging to the Cult of Greed.

  6. Your uplines are wolves in sheep's clothing waiting to devour any unsuspecting downline. They seem to talk to you with heart but they "stab" you in the back like a sword.

    1. That's right Anonymous. Those assholes in the Amway upline are out to rip you off and destroy you.

  7. Hi Anna your blog has been very informative and entertaining for me. I have left a few comments but I wanted to mention a technique I saw being used that I haven't really seen discussed on your blog. I'm from Edmonton Alberta and of course there is a huge WWDB organization here headed up by Dean and Marcie Whalen. Dean seems to be pretty sharp and had figured out that anyone can access information about Amway and Ambots so he has literally started poking fun at Amway and Ambots saying they have no loyalty to the company. To me it's just reverse psychology and a new and to me even more devious way to lure prospects in that like myself have had a bad experience with Amway in the past. Just curious if anyone else out there in Edmonton has encountered this and thought the same as me....this market is getting saturated as now that I can see it there are Ambots at just about every coffee shop or bookstore I go to!

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you're enjoying the blog. Yup that's what we set out to do here. Entertain and inform.

      No. Never heard of that "technique". Of course Dean is "sharp". So is every other Amway Ambot out there. Bragging rights. You know how Ambots try to prospect a sucker - I know a "sharp businessman" who is looking for other "sharp businessmen" to go into business with. And yes being sexist on purpose. Women are second class citizens when it comes to Amway. Oh who am I kidding. Women aren't that high up there! This is like the only Diamond in Amway in the last 5 years even though Ambots show up here leaving comments screaming that Amway is breaking 100s of Diamonds every month. You got to wonder who Dean and Marcie pissed off in their upline because you never see them at any major Amway functions except once about 2 years ago and I don't even remember which one it was. So they're not getting a very big piece of greed pie. The bulk of their money must be at local Amway meetings where they charge $15 per ambot. A far cry from the thousands they'd make at major Amway functions. Amway says a Diamond makes about $150,000/year so they're probably not making much more than that if they're not getting the prime speaking slots at major functions. If they're even Diamonds any more and that might be why they're not getting the big functions. Diamonds are not forever in Amway but head office lets them keep the bragging rights and they have 2 years to try to get back in qualification so that might be what's going on. And that could explain why they're poking fun at Amway and Ambots because they've fallen out of Diamond qualification. I'm not sure how many people from Edmonton read this blog and could let you know if they're hearing the same thing. Sometimes we put up the visitor stats and this might fluctuate but out of 1000 visitors, 800 will be from the US, about 75 each from Canada and India, and the other 50 from other countries. So you can see 2nd and 3rd place visitors from other countries are way behind. And yes as you said due to oversaturation, the Internet getting the word out there to people thinking about joining, and Amway's bad reputation precedes itself.

    2. I'm so fired up that I found a fellow edmontonian. My sweet boyfriend got sucked into this just before we got together. I sat through a few of their nights (even one at their fancy new house where they stuck us out in their shop, I have a sneaking suspicion that the house was empty and bare besides a few tubes of blister) anyway I hadn't heard too much of Amway and my boyfriend and I were new so I was ultimately supportive when he became an Ibo. Then came my first meeting, then my first big event... And second... Etc. Everytime I had to meet with his upline id get more and more hostile... More angry. The hatred swelled inside of me and I became fiercely protective of my sweet open minded boyfriend. After finally compiling all the evidence with math, sociology, psychology and science with a bit of emotion I got him out before it was too late. I'm embarrassed that I knew these people, but am so happy ill never have to starve at a meeting or travel for a good ol family reunion or a casual nuts n bolts so we can get six months closer to debt. God damn I'm fired up!

      Love your blog and you were an excellent outlet and resource in trying to get my boyfriend out of the dark reaches of these revolting sheeple and their mantras...

    3. Hi Unknown. Sorry to hear about your boyfriend. And that's what Amway is all about. Taking sweet people and turning them into nasty ugly sneering evil Amway assholes.

      Your suspicion about the house being empty, no furniture is probably true. Ambots have to spend all their money tithing the Great Amway God so there's no money leftover for the necessities of life.

      Glad to hear you got out of Scamway and hope that not too much financial and emotional damage was done. Thanks for reading the blog and that you found it helpful in getting through this dark period in your lives.

  8. I feel like you're speaking to me. I have been married for 7 years and the two biggest fight I've had with my husband have been since he started on Amway and I saw the bill for $500 of shitty products. Especially since I am so gung ho about the products not being tested on animals, etc. When I saw that box with enough products to open a store when we already had cleaning supplies, and I saw all the flavored water and soda (when we have NEVER drank that before) and all the damn fucking granola and dietary suplements I flipped my shit.

    I love my husband, I adore him in fact, but I can't stand how easily he was brain washed by those fuckers and every time he mentions the guy who got him started on it, I feel this rage in my stomach and have to change the subject. He just called me to see if we were going to buy the tickets for the Dreams Night crap thing. And innocent me asked if it was raising money for a charity or something. Nope, just to sit there and have some blowhard cult fucker try to brainwash the spouses as well. I just can't spend $70 to sit there and bite my tongue. I will get a nosebleed. Then you are the unsuportive shrew of a wife.

    1. Mel82 - I'm glad you found us. Yes I'm speaking to you and every other woman who's found themselves where I once was: married to an Amway Ambot.

      And everything you said, we've all experienced too. I'm not sure which month you're referring to for the $500 bill of shitty overpriced Amway products, but if it wasn't December, hold on for another fight because you can be sure he was buying shitty Amway products as Christmas gifts for everyone on his list just to get his old PV up there and please the fucking assholes in his Amway upline.

      I hear exactly what you're saying. What the hell is wrong with our husbands that they don't listen to us and put us down lower than the fucking assholes in their Amway upline. Brainwashed by them and takes their advice over people he's know for a whole lot longer. It is absolutely frightening the control these evil Amway cult leaders have over them. They've taken a nice loving man and turned him into a nasty sneering Ambot bastard.

      You can be pretty sure the assholes in his upline are "counselling" with him to end his relationship with you because you're a negative unchristian dreamstealing wife. I know that because I've been there. There's nothing that brings those evil Amway bastards more happiness that destroying other people's lives.

      If you can at all avoid it don't waste your money on Dream Night that should be better called Nightmare Night. What do you get for your $70? A hotel banquet serving of chicken or similar that costs the hotel around $15 including the room rental and staff. The rest of that money is split between the Amway cult leaders who show up to talk to the followers and show a slide show of how rich they are. Well the only way to get rich in Amway is by selling tickets to events like this. Really for $70 the two of you can go out and have a decent meal somewhere and still have money left over. Just keep an eye out that he's not being pressured into buying a whole bunch of extra tickets to please his upline and put more money in the Diamond's pockets. Nobody wants to go to Dream Night except brainwashed ambots.

      You don't say how long he's been in Scamway. Most people quit after a few months when they run out of money or have no room left on the credit cards and realize they lost a lot of money and didn't make any money. 95% of IBO's quit within 2 years. Sometimes all you can do is wait him out. Once he's deprogrammed himself from the Amway cult he'll turn into a nice person again. All you can do is hope he didn't go too much into debt. Or hope that you're still young enough to bounce back financially. There's a lot of sad stories of seniors who wiped out their retirement funds on the Amway scam and have now gone back to work in their 70's and 80's.

      Good luck. I hope things work out.

    2. Dear Mel82 --

      Has your husband bought any of those tapes or CDs from his Amway up-line yet? If he has, why not sit down with him and play the tape together... and then ask him to tell you, honestly, if it isn't just a lot of rah-rah-let's-go-team bullshit, without the slightest bit of practical business advice in it.

      Ask him if the tape or CD says anything different from what some stupid overhyped TV infomercial says. And ask him, "If Amway is a genuine business concern, why are they asking you to buy silly CDs and tapes like this? How does this kind of stuff help you to sell products?"

    3. Mel82 - if you come back and read this and haven't already done so look on the right side of this page under more information about Amway and you'll see a link to a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. Download it and read it for a better understanding of this money losing cult your husband has got involved in.


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