Monday, December 21, 2015

The Ambot Who Stole Christmas

Even though it was Christmas time unhappiness existed all over the world because of a horrible evil cult named Amway.

The cult followers were known as ambots and they got together to put up a Christmas tree.

And they put ornaments on it.

They hung mistletoe.

The problem they quickly learned was that no one wanted to kiss an ambot under the mistletoe! Yuck gross!

Poor broke loser Tommy was a nasty Amway cult follower. He used to spend Christmas with his family.

Then last year he made the mistake of putting up an Amway Christmas tree.

He gave his relatives shitty Amway products for Christmas.

Tommy made the fatal mistake of giving his wife Artistry cosmetics for Christmas even though he knew she liked reasonably priced Avon products much better.

He gave his little girl an Amway doll for Christmas.

The Amway products he had so lovingly gone into credit card debt to buy all ended up in the trash.

Except for the Nutrilite vitamins that were flushed down the toilet. THE BEST PLACE FOR SHITTY AMWAY PRODUCTS TO END UP!!!

So poor broke loser Tommy ended up hanging out with ambot buddies at Christmas because his family had left him - just one of the pitfalls of being involved in Amway.

Tommy even met the ambot of his dreams at the cult follower’s Christmas gathering.

All those unoriginal ambots! They all duplicated each other and gave the same Christmas present to everyone else and put it under the ambot Christmas tree.

To show no hard feelings Tommy’s ex-wife even sent along a Christmas present for their Platinum cult leader.

After getting high on XS the ambots put on Santa suits and went to the Amway Center and punched out the snowman.

The police showed up and gave the ambots sobriety tests which they all failed but oddly enough when they blew into the breathalizer no one showed any alcohol levels. Seeing as how the cops don’t like Amway or ambots they decided to toss them all in jail anyway for snowman assault.

And one final warning for anyone thinking of spending Christmas with an ambot.

I hope no one finds any Amway shit under their Christmas tree!

Wishing everyone happy holidays and Merry Christmas!


  1. Haha, I love it! I'll take the Grinch over Ambots anyday. Happy holidays to ya!


    1. LOL! Glad you're enjoying Twiggy. Yeah I'd rather deal with the Grinch than an Amway Ambot. Merry Christmas!

  2. The Ambot Louse

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house

    Not a creature was stirring save Ambot the Louse.

    He went to each stocking and took out good stuff

    And filled them with Amway crap -- more than enough

    To turn the whole holiday into a flop:

    Soap products, toothpaste, and other pure slop.

    Ambot the Louse took his big stolen stash

    Down to a pawnshop, and hocked it for cash

    Which he then sent up-line to some Platinum fucks

    Who mailed him CDs in exchange for the bucks.

    1. LOL! That's a great poem. Love it. The Ambot Louse.

  3. IBOFB is the Amway Grinch. LOL

    1. Him and every other fucking Amway loser out there are all grinches out to financially and emotionally destroy victims. Fuck all of them Amway losers. Lumps of coal in the ambot's stockings are too good for them.

    2. Coal has value in the winter months. LOL

    3. I guess that value of coal depends on where you live. I can't see it bringing top dollar in somewhere like Tahiti or other tropical locations.

  4. I wonder if the EPA has ever investigated the pollution effects of Amway products that arrive in the landfills this time of year or tested to see if Amway products degrade the other shit that arrives at the sewage treatment plants.
    Merry un Amway Christmas for all! Best hopes and wishes for the families of Ambots to get their loved ones safely back from this cult and may this be the last year they have to dispose of Amway "gifts".

    1. Ray - that sounds like a good idea. Even though the lying Amway cult leaders brag about what a great environmentally friendly company Scamway is there doesn't seem to be anything backing up those lying scumbags. I bet more Amway shit hits the landfills than say good stuff from Costco.

    2. ibofb pollutes the internet with his crap.

    3. Him and every other fucking Amway loser out there. Evil Amway bastards who are out to steal other people's money and fuck up their lives. Yeah lets send another big old FUCK YOU out to every evil Amway bastard out there.

  5. I read your blog all the time it is so hilarious. I never joined a pyramid scheme/mlm "business" but SO MANY people I have encountered are in them and have tried to get me to join. Once I was tricked into a "facial" by a Mary Kay lady which is a pretty funny story. Anyway, the reason I am commenting is because I just happened upon some information about these crazy people who claim to communicate with entities from another dimension or something and act like they are experts in physics. Apparently they are somehow related to "The Secret" which always kind of struck me as similar to Amway and other MLM cult thinking. Well LO AND BEHOLD these scammers apparently also got their start scamming people in Amway! HAHA this was too hilarious for me not to share with you. Thanks for your always entertaining blog and even though I've thank God never personally encountered an Ambot, I meet my fair share of other MLMbots which all that you write really applies to.

    1. Hey I'm glad you're enjoying the blog. That's the thing with these Amway losers. Once a scammer always a scammer. The same thing can't be said for being a Diamond. They're not forever in Amway. Thanks for the link!

  6. I made another comment but can't tell if it worked. Anyway all I wanted to share was this hilarious connection to Amway that I stumbled upon.

    1. Yup worked just fine. We're not around on weekends to check and approve comments. Not so much the last week either.


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