Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to Quit Amway

A recent searcher ended up on my blog looking for information on how to quit Amway.

I think that’s a sad state of being brainwashed by the Amway cult that someone has to seek out information on the Internet on how to quit Amway.

The logical response that comes to my mind, in no particular order:

1. stop attending Amway meetings
2. stop listening to CD’s
3. stop buying Amway products
4. don’t renew your membership at year end

To sum it up - Don’t have nothing to do with those bastards anymore. Nothing means NOTHING!

Seeing as how the Platinum or Diamonds used to refer to Amway as a shopping mall on the Internet - stop shopping there. Simple. Its no different than if you get pissed off at Safeway for some reason - you don’t go back. You quit shopping there.

Its an easy thing for me to say who had no interest in Amway, didn’t want to buy their shitty overpriced products, disliked our sponsor and ultimately disliked everyone upline.

Someone like me is going to have no problem quitting these bastards.

As hard as I find it to comprehend, I recognize that there are actually people out there who liked Amway and liked the people in their line of sponsorship. Getting sucked into the Amway cult didn’t happen overnight and quitting won’t be an easy overnight process for them either.

For some people it is a difficult, painful process quitting Amway because of the way they’ve been brainwashed and their thought process has been manipulated by their cult leaders. They’ve been in meetings where their cult leader has ranted about the latest IBO who has quit. Loser, pariah, quitter, etc. They order the cult followers in their downline not to have anything more to do with this person. The IBO knows if they quit they will be the main topic of their cult leader’s rant at the next Amway meeting.

Here’s a Youtube video about former cult member (Moonies) turned therapist Steve Hassan.

He’s being interviewed by Eric Sheibeler, author of Merchants of Deception and they’re discussing the Amway cult. The links to part 2 and 3 videos are found on this Youtube page. Hassan has written a couple of books that might be helpful to people wanting to leave Amway. It might be worth checking out at the library or purchasing for anyone who is having difficulty leaving Amway.

Amway is no different than any bad habit that one is trying to quit. Some people can go cold turkey. Others have to take quitting in smaller steps until it is no longer something that control their lives.

I send good luck and best wishes to anyone trying to deprogram themselves from the Amway cult and hope the quitting process isn’t too painful. Anyone in your upline gives you a hard time send them to my blog and tell them to leave a comment and I'll take care of them!


  1. Hey Anna!

    I've been visiting your entertaining blog now for the past week. (I'm the F.B.W. guy!) My experience is exactly like yours, only I had a 6-9 mo. stint in "the biz" in the early 90s' & my ex-wife was the "gung-ho amroid." Although amway wasn't the cause of our divorce, their money grubbing ways & sordid socioeconomic practices certainly didn't help!

    It wasn't very difficult for me to quit the biz. I was already weary & skeptical of their "pitch" from day one. I was taught the same ol' addages as everyone; "If it's too good to be true, it probably is" & "You don't get something for nothing," etc., etc...

    One thing that never escaped me in the biz was the blaringly obvious disproportion of "hype vs. fact." All the "upslime" speakers would be up on stage, slingin' blue sky, and when later pressed w/a fair question about how the biz actually works, would evade the question with silly boastings about how "rich & well off" they were because of the biz.

    Back to quitting though, your advice is best...Just fade out & stop contributing your hard earned $ to products, tools, meetings, functions, etc...

    Also, I think it's important for the amway defector to recognize that there will be some pressure from amroids to recant the decision to quit the biz. I'd inform the defector that they will be subject to ridicule, insults and attacks on their self esteem.

    Then, I'd turn around & congratulate the defector on their courage, not only for quitting such an unhealthy organization, but also for thinking for themselves & for standing up against the tide...It takes a strong person to be able do that, so they should feel proud of themselves for making such a decision & sticking to their convictions.

    One of the best ways to arm yourself against "pro-ambot" pressure is to simply to let the facts speak for themselves. I learned this helpful technique by reading "AMTHRAX's" blog site...(Good info! Thanks Amthrax!) Ask yourself the following questions; "Did you/are you making any real $ at the biz?" "Was/is your biz expenses greater than your net profit?" "Was/is your time, effort, dedication & education of said business DIRECTLY being translated into cold, hard cash?"

    The answers to those questions, in my mind, cuts through all the B.S. hype they try to hustle on unsuspecting folks...

    Thanks again Anna & all for your informative & entertaining blogs! Always good to have ALL the info out there for ALL to see!

  2. Hello Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by! I'm glad you're enjoying the entertaining blogs! I try my best to make my former upline look like a bunch of incompetent assholes and how hilarious many of the situations are. So many people have similar stories.

    Thank you for your thoughts. I hope this helps some people who are thinking about quitting Amway or are struggling with their decision to leave. As you said the upline will pressure the defecting IBO to stay with them and this might be the most difficult part for IBO's who actually like their upline and the people in their line of sponsorship.

    As you said the IBO will be the subject of ridicule by their upline. That's another reason why I write this blog. Payback or karma, I'm here to ridicule the upline!

    Amthrax has a good blog with good information. It was one of the blogs that I was reading after I'd stopped attending Amway meetings and was trying to get my husband to quit. Its just amazing how so many of us have similar stories. It shows nothing much has changed in Amway in the past 20 years in terms of IBO abuse.

  3. I couldn't figure out why our marriage and relationship was deteriorating. He's become very egocentric. Everything is about him, his way or no way, he doesn't even consult me about going on holidays, he just took some because he wanted too, I found out because he didn't go to work one day. His behavior is that of someone who's been brainwashed! Then it hit me, Amway! This all started shortly after he start there.He listens non stop to there cd's. He preaches there ways. Our marriage is going to end because I want us to be a couple and communicate but he's lost the ability. I believe he's in trouble and doesn't even know it.

    1. Anonymous - sorry to hear that Amway is destroying your marriage. As you've found out from reading here you're not the only one who has gone through this trauma thanks to this evil cult. Yes everything you've described about your husband's behavior is typical of a brainwashed Amway IBO. This cult turns them into horrible, sneering, downright nasty people. With me it got to the point where I didn't really care one way or the other about the marriage. If he was going to stay in Amway it was over. A lot of men smarten up when they realize the detioration Amway has caused their relationship. Other men stick with their new cult friends.

      You're lucky he went on holidays at all! How did the upline allow that when the holiday money could be spent on Amway products and tools! Or did you actually go anywhere? Reading your post maybe he just took holidays from work and that didn't mean a vacation in a tropical resort for you.

      If worse comes to worse and your marriage ends, you need a good lawyer. You need to sue the person who sponsored your husband into Amway, your upline Platinum, whichever line of sponsorship group he belongs to, and Amway for alienation of affection. Any other people in your upline who have caused you misery can be included to. Your upline likely have no money because its all spent on Amway, that's why you have to include the LOS and Amway. These people and these companies have to sit up and take notice that it might just be a sporting game to them to destroy other people's marriages, but when it hits them in the pocketbook maybe they'll think twice next time they want to destroy someone's marriage.

      You need to download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception to better help you understand what is going on inside this cult and you will find out no matter how hard your husband works the Amway business the odds are stacked against him that he'll ever make money. If you can, get him to read it too. It'll be a huge wake up call for him.

      Good luck to you!

  4. I was just told by an Amway user that going to one conference meant more to him than me and was worth losing our whole relationship over.

    1. Anonymous - sad to say that is very true. Part of the brainwashing techniques that the Amway cult and other cults use is to separate their followers from non-believers. Destroy families and friendships. I know its hard for people like us who've never been brainwashed into a cult to understand why people we know and love who have previously been level headed are now quoting their cult leader all the time and want to spend all their time with other people in their cult. Sorry to hear about your friend.

  5. I have a question,
    I was approached over the Internet by someone who knew I was looking to generate an income through a home based buisness. Someone who I rarely talk too and only talked once on the phone with until she passed me onto someone higher then her. To which I talked to twice on the phone. I talked on the phone through my sign up & money payment but then I quickly realized that this was not for me so before 10 days were up, no product sold & also no recruiting on my part I cancelled my account through email to the department. After receiving my email back stating I was reimbursed and account was closed I had to follow the terms of not joining any other at home buisness for six months!!! I called and one lady told me this didn't apply to me and another said it did. I am confused has anyone experienced a problem with this or should I have to wait the six months even though I cancelled after I realized what I was getting into

    1. Anonymous - good on you for getting out! The lines you heard are typically used on recruiting new Amway IBOs. The person who recruited you was told to make a list of everyone they know, everyone they've ever met, and then start hitting them up to see if they're interested in a home based business they can do part time working 10 to 15 hours a week and make an extra $2000/month.... Then they pass you over to someone upline who is more skilled at closing sales and getting you to sign up to their scam. You could have stayed in 10 months or 10 years and not recruited anyone. But ambots will say you didn't try hard enough, you're a loser, you're a quitter, etc.

      That seems a little bizarre that you can't start another home based business within the next 6 months. Really?! How the fuck would Amway know if you're making gift baskets, running a daycare, offering house cleaning/gardening services, etc etc and working out of your home. They don't have hidden cameras and microphones set up at the homes of former IBOs. And if they did find out you're offering typing services or whatever home based business what are they going to do about it? Send their lawyers after you? That would keep a whole fleet of lawyers busy! Just do what everyone else does and tell Amway to go fuck themselves! We have a busines for many years before Amway came along, likewise I'm sure there are other entrepreneurs out there who keep doing what they're doing the whole time they're getting fucked over by their Amway upline. Just because they quit Amway doesn't mean they shut down their business for 6 months and all their income goes down the toilet and they can't meet their bills. Ridiculous!

  6. I like this blog. This whole blog is like a coin.
    There are two faces on a coin. Heads and tails. Although being together, the two faces never see each other. :) All i mean is: Instead of taking out the wrong points in a blog, why not invest the time in understanding ur spouses? Stop being the two faces looking at the opposite direction. Listen to what they got to say. Why are they doing so? Biggest question i think is : For what are they doing it.

    3)Then think.

    This might settle the differences. Best of Luck

    1. Anonymous - I'm glad you like my blog!

      Your comment is also like a coin - heads and tails. What I mean is that you are using the computer/ISP of a company that is well known for handling bankruptcies and here you are posting on a blog about Amway - a company that has caused many people to declare bankruptcy!

      You are wrong. This has nothing to do with understanding a spouse. It has to do with understanding a dangerous cult - whether it is Amway or another cult. Then the spouse must research dangerous cults and their brainwashing and mind control techniques to better understand what their spouse has fallen victim to. So number 3 on your list should read "act".

      Being brainwashed into a cult does not settle any differences. It causes them. Dealing with Amway assholes does not settle any differences. It causes them.

      I think you need to read more of my posts. Good luck to you too.

  7. I need help with getting my two sisters out of The amway global company. I hate everything about this company it has completely changed both of my sisters. My older sister has been doing it for maybe three years now. She has met her husband through the business and they recently have turned my other sister to join their team since she just graduated college. My mom and dad can't stand it and I am completely against this whole amway thing. I was wondering if you had any tips to help me try to get them to quit this waste of a time "business opportunity."

    Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Anonymous Concerned Sibling - sorry to hear about your 2 sisters.

      Amway changes people for the worst. They turn into nasty sneering assholes thanks to this cult. My husband was really horrible to deal with during this time of Amway hell.

      I think you need to turn your attention to the younger sister. If she still lives at home mom and dad need to show some tough love and tell her to move out and she's welcome to return when she gets her act together and gets out of Amway. Tough love!

      The problem is they are in a cult and have been brainwashed by their upline cult leaders not to listen to anyone else except the Amway cult leaders. Everyone else who is not in Amway is a negative unchristian dreamstealer who only wants to see them fail.

      Getting people out of a cult requires an intervention of some sort but most people in Amway quit inside 2 years when they realize how much money they're losing.

      Take a look at this free ebook called Merchants of Deception. It will help you understand what kind of power these Amway assholes are holding over your sisters. You can try to get your younger sister to read it too.

      Your older sister is a different problem. Someone inside the Amway cult for 3 years or more has been well brainwashed and more difficult to get out. You can be damned sure this has to do with her husband and the upline's influence over her and them. She has probably been told in no uncertain terms that if she does not support her husband in the Amway scam that he will leave her. There might not be much you can do for them until they hit rock bottom and have maxed out their credit cards and need to declare bankruptcy and let their home go to foreclosure.

      Sorry I can't be of more help but reading Merchants of Deception will give you a better understanding of what you're up against when you're dealing with the Amway cult.

  8. I got a question? I am really wonder how can I get out? I was sort of pressured into joining and I felt that I didn't have a voice! I REALLY want to get out and I really want my refund back to pay the rest of my college tuition. I was on a verge of quitting but they told me not to. BUT I WANT TO!! It's so frustrating. :(

    1. Marlene,

      Just quit and ask your sponsor for a refund.

    2. Marlene,

      Part of the brainwashing is making you feel inferior to your upline, that you cannot defy them and that you are powerless to make your own decisions. You must reach inside of yourself and break free of their hold. Remember, your life is just that. YOUR life. Just because they tell you not to quit doesn't mean shit. You owe them nothing.

      Yes, they are master manipulators. They will pull out every trick they have to try to beat you down and make you feel that they know better and are the boss over your life. They aren't. Yes, they will call you a loser and a quitter and try to make you feel small, but know in advance that they are merely using pressuring tactics, nothing more. They can only control you as much as you LET them. You have a right to quit and say Amway is not for you. You have a right to the money-back guarantee they give. You don't owe them any explanation. You have to stand fast against them and not back down. Eventually they will have to give in when they see their power over you no longer works. Let them call you names. Let them try to make you feel like a loser. Just smile and be persistent. In the end you are the winner by not letting them control you anymore.

      Remember, if those people really "loved" you and cared about you, they would understand and wish you well. That they instead pressure you and try to manipulate your feelings should tell you they are not your friends and they only care about your money.

      Be strong, Marlene. You can do it. Make us proud by standing up for your right to leave their money-losing cult and get the guaranteed refund. Good luck. :)


    3. Marlene your upline probably gave you some bullshit about how ou can't quit now not when success is right around the corner. Phone Amway and tell them you quit and want a refund. If they refuse go after the person who signed you up for a refund. They'll refuse too cause they don't got no money. Phone the police and say you want to press fraud charges against the person who signed you up and then file small claims action against them. These are your best bets to try to get your money back and pay your tuition. Good luck to you!

  9. Hello,

    I am facing many problems because my husband is totally into amway. Before getting married, I was in India and he in the US and when I knew what was going on in the Amway meetings, I was totally against it. I made him promise me that he would quit amway before we got married. But to my surprise, after I came to the US after getting married, the first place he takes me to is his amway meeting. I couldn't stand it at all. It was like a deception, cheating. he gave me false promises. I however tried to convince him not to go to the meetings. To which he thinks the future without amway is all blacked out and he cannot see or dream anything about future. And blames me for that. Few days ago, some of his uplines had come home for lunch and I had the least clue that they would start talking about amway and brainwashed me not just about amway but also about my relationship with my husband. They are no one to interfere into our personal lives. They tried to convince us that we were not happy in our marriage and threatened me that I would hate what is left of my husband if he is not doing amway. They challenged me that if anything could go wrong in the future, and if we cannot give our kids what they want, I was to be blamed because I did not let my husband do this biz. I really hate the way they spoke it created lot of troubles in my relationshi with my husband again. And now there comes another Amway conference and my husband is forcing me to go there with him. I hate to do that and to see his uplines. I hate the way ppl talk in the amway meetings. I hate evrything about amway. I am not able to accept the fact that, inspite of his uplines insulting me and our relationship at our own home, he chose to go back to them. I am in real trouble and do not understand how to get him understand that amway is not a good thing to do. Its a fake world out there and people there also are fake. I strongly believe that amway makes one money minded and selfish. I am unable to explain this to my husband. He thinks that when I am not part of amway, i do not know how it works. He is totally sucked into the amway thinking and I do not know what to do. Our relationship is being effected by this. I need help. I want to save my husband and my family from the amway cult and its people. Please help.

    1. Anonymous, your husband is being held hostage, mentally, emotionally and financially, by an evil cult. Through their brainwashing techniques, his own decision-making power had been taken away from him. That's why he won't listen to you and blames you. You need to get educated on what's happening. Check out these sites:

      Try this one on deprogramming your own mind. It will give insights into what is happening.

      Read this e-book, it describes the experience of a high level Amway member who came to find out the real truth:
      Anna Banana has the link to the entire book somewhere on this site. You'll be shocked by what you read and maybe if you can get your husband to read it, he'll start to come to his senses.
      Most Ambots last less than two years or until their money runs out and their new 'friends' abandon them. Hope you have the strength to wait it out.

  10. Here's the link to the Merchants of Deception e-book:

  11. Thank you Connief. I will try to get my husband read the book. I started reading it too.

  12. Hi, I am very concerned because my girlfriend is getting sucked into this business by her sister. When I first heard about this business when her sister was getting in I just thought SCAM. Her sister presented the business to me and I just started laughing, I have to pay to get started?

    That is the biggest Red Flag you can have. Well her sister gets into it, Tony Robbins and Dale Carnegie books and constant Amway tapes. They play these things so loud throughout the house as if the louder it is the more they will absorb.

    And at first it was kind of funny, but then my girlfriend got invited to go to one of these weeklong conventions. We both laughed about how ridiculous it was. But her sister paid the fee and she went. My girlfriend came back and talked about how ridiculous it all was and how silly. But then when the next convention came she went and this time she paid herself.

    Next thing I know she's going to "trainings". Where they are having people make collages of goals as if you are in 5th grade. Most of the people are completely uneducated, most are undocumented immigrants. It makes absolutely perfect sense for these people to get sucked in, because they really have no other choice. But my girlfriend is smart and very well educated and has worked making a six figure salary for a very respectable company for many years.

    But now she has not been able to get a job for the past year and she is very depressed. I feel like Amway is preying on her just like it does on most people. I am really trying to be supportive of her because she is depressed. I know that when someone is depressed you cannot push them too hard, so I am close to get her into counceling. Its taken me 9 months and it looks as if she may do it.

    I know that if she gets help she will be able to work at a normal job and enjoy life. She will have weekends and nights to have fun with me and possibly start a family. But with Amway this is not possible. Her sister is miserable, broke, and her marriage is falling apart. Her relationship with her partner has become Amway meetings. They have no more time to spend with each other. The pressure they are under makes them aweful selfish people. Her sister is making so little money from Amway that she cannot keep paying the bills and the house is now in forclosure.

    I am shocked that my girlfriend cannot see this. We are living with someone under the same roof who is in Amway, 100% into it (can't say they are not doing everything, its 100% their life), a Platinum (according to this level they should making at least a basic salary, but I suspect they are inflating their volume because our living room is filled with boxes full of stuff) and is failing miserably.
    1. Relationship failing
    2. House in forclosure
    3. Health failing (will not go into this one)
    - My GF's mom stopped taking her medication because she was convinced by "the business" that she could handle her hypertension with supplements. Reality check: her mom had open heart surgery and needs to take blood thinners to avoid a stroke and stay alive. But her mom is no longer doing that and is getting very sick. How can you allow something like this to happen to your own mother? How can you get involved with a business that is killing your own mother?

    1. Wow Anonymous! You have quite a story. nd it won't make you feel any better but you have the same story as everyone else, just told slightly differently. It is not usually the woman who is all hung ho into it with Amway. Usually the woman got dragged into it by her significant other.

      Fr starters you need to scroll up a bit in the comments to find the link to download the free ebook AMerchants of Deception. It will help you understand more clearly this cult your girlfriend has got involved in. It is a horrifying eye opening account written by a former Emerald who was only making about 30k/year with 1000 people in his downline.

      Does your girlfriend know 1000 people she can draw into this scam to make 2 - 3k/month? If the answer is no then it's not going to be worth the effort to continue with a business of less than 1% chance of making money.

      Yes Amway and ambots prey on disadvantaged people by selling the, dreams of a better life where they only have to spend 10-15 hours a week working Amway for the next 2 years then they'll have millions of dollars in residual income rolling in for the rest of their lives while they walk the beaches of the world.

      I think I wrote a post about how ambots are suddenly medical experts due to their affiliation with Scamway and give out medical advice that always includes taking Amway vitamins and drinking their super charged water. Amway is the cure all for all diseases and afflictions according to ambots that is.

      A collage of their goals? Don't you mean a collage of the worldly possessions they hope to acquire?

      I'm going to copy your comments into a post sometime soon because my comments gadget isn't working Blogger thing broken nothing to do with this blog and people might miss it.

  13. Now my girlfriend wants to get into Amway. And I think its because she is so depressed that the idea of working a 9-5 sounds too hard. She is not in the right state of mind to work a full 8 hour day. And I understand this. I hate working my 9-5 and I have a dream to own my own business and I'm taking small steps every day to get there. I understand what it is to be depressed an not be able to do anything. At first I tried to help her get a job, because I knew it would help her feel better. She likes to be financially independent, she likes to be productive so a job is really the answer, but right now she is too depressed for that. For the past 6 months I have just tried to be supportive. I told her, take your time, feel better. I'll keep working, paying for everything, my expenses and all her expenses, all her bills, everything.
    And I have been doing this for the past 9 months. I told her, all I ask is that you find the strength to get yourself some help. For the past 9 months, maybe longer she has been searching. I really don't know what to do because I love her so much. And because of that I feel like by being there for her I am actually hurting her. I am not letting her hit rock bottom so she will never get help. But I am willing to stick out the depression.
    But this Amway situation, I cannot deal with. I told her, Amway is not the answer. With Amway you will work more than 8 hours a day. It takes so much more energy to sell people bullshit, especially when you are a moral person like my girlfriend and know you are selling them shit they do not need. You are in the business of hurting other people.
    And frankly its making me furious, I can understand that my girlfriend is depressed and so cannot work. But she has no problem going to Amway meetings. So am I punk, am I getting suckered? Is she just feeding me that B.S. so she does not have to work? We are not even married, I’m in my mid 20s and I’m supporting someone who is possibly just living off of me. Still, most of the time I think she is really depressed, she cries a lot, can’t get out of bed some days at all. But if she is going to get out of bed for something its going to be Amway. That makes me feel like I am being used. That’s my feeling, logically I know its not true. But it seems that Amway is more important than dealing with the depression, more important than me, more important than everything.
    But Amway has an emotional hold on people. This cult preys on people who’s rational thinking is not working. Amway is at this very moment killing my girlfriend’s mom. Killing her mom by convincing her not to take her medication. Sure, most Amway people will start out by stating they are not doctors, but they will then pretty much tell you that they know what they are talking about. My gf’s sister convinced their mom to stop taking the blood thinners and if you are a sick older parent what are you going to do, not trust your children? Hopefully lol.
    You guys all have a lot of experience with this and I know that reason has little to with Amway. Its all emotional. People buy on emotion, people sell on emotion. Its all about the dream. I know I have written a manuscript (taken 2 posts). Hope you will forgive me. Please give me some ideas of how to reach my girlfriend on an emotional level. To help her see emotionally that this is not the right choice. She understands logically, she's told me herself. But emotionally I cannot reach her.

    1. Anonymous - you need to get your gf into a therapist ASAP. Do not allow her to "counsel with upline". They'll just counsel her to buy more Amway products. Go the library or search on Amazon for books on how to start up your own business or books that cover 50 or 100 home based business opportunities and see if she finds something that interests her that you can support her on.

      The other thing you need to do is get out of that sick living environment. If she moves with you great. If not then you'll have the answer you don't want to hear - what does she live more Amway or you.

      You've got feet and no matter how hard it hurts you you might have to use them to walk out of that house and her life.

      Amway is the worst evil you will probably ever encounter in your lifetime. Good luck to you!

  14. Amway was a fanta-bulous opportunity for me and a wonderful experience. Were it not for Amway I would have never met my beautiful wife of 16 years, nor would I have my precious daughter and son. So sorry your experience was not nearly as positive. If you really wanna take control of your life, then you gotta do yourself a favor and check this out. You can make money simply by blogging and writing just like you did above, so try it today. Thanks, Steve Runningman Findcash Martinezshopper of

    1. Well Martinez it looks like one good thing did happen to you thanks to Amway! Clearly you're no longer in it or you'd be bragging about your riches.

  15. Any advice on how to tell your upline you want to quit?

    1. If you couldn't find the answer here or in the comments all I can suggest is you send a text to everyone in your upline and tell them you're looking for funding in the next gay porno movie you're producing and see who wants to invest. Those Amway prudes will leave you alone for sure after that!

  16. I fell in love with a woman that had two kids and no papers years earlier, over 10yrs. Father was in picture also, no papers.abd not married. Thought she just wanted papers so I didn't pursue. Present day got reaquainted. Now she's in amway, totally different now. Through the years she paid to get married for papers. Now has citizenship, no job and has lost condo. Family is split apart. When we reaquainted ourselves she invitd me to a mtg. I didn't fall for it but I felt sorry for her.I think we're still dating but as I try to help her financially I feel that I am facilitating her amway dream. Your post are dead on. Her upline pltnm don't like me. And I beleive has told her to stay distant. We spend no time together anymore.I want my re 'll ation ship back. Advise.

    1. Sadly, as long as the cult masters (her upline) have her in their grips, she is not the same woman you fell in love with originally. There are so many posts in here from people who started a happy relationship with someone but saw them change dramatically once brainwashed into the Amway cult. They become impossible to reason with as their upline controls every aspect of their lives and you can almost hear their words coming from her lips. And trust me.. they will have more influence on her than you will. Part of brainwashing is separating their victim from friends and family that could talk sense into them and pull them out of the cult spiral. Despite her losing her condo and being in financial straits, I'm sure from throwing all her money into the Amway pit, the brainwashing keeps her thinking that "success is around the corner, but only if you believe". It's sort of like the one I'd hear as a kid "Santa Claus only appears in your house if you believe" "But I don't see him" "Well, then you must not be believing hard enough". As simplistic as that sounds, that's how the whole "dream" mentality works. Any logic and statistics and math is considered "negative thinking" and the followers simply must put blind faith in their upline. And you can see where it's gotten your lady friend.

      Helping her financially is, of course, only enabling her Amway addiction. And until she breaks free of her upline's spell, your money is only falling into a pit the same as her's did. And you have to take a step back and remove your past feelings and take a good hard look and see if she sees you as the same man she did in the past or, as so many Ambots do, sees you as another source of money to feed the Amway fix or a potential "recruit" to make her upline happy.

      Good luck to you.

    2. HI Anonymous. Sorry to hear about your ambot friend. I'm starting to get a few readers saying its the woman involved in Scamway. Usually its more male dominated and the women who show up here letting us know they're married to an ambot. And can't take it anymore! Amway being mostly a good old boy's club where a women's job is in the house and to sit on the stage looking at her husband adoringly while he gushes out bullshit. Yup you are enabling her Amway dream. Most ambots would quit after losing their job and their home. Assume you've given her a place to live and covering her expenses plus her Amway expenses. Cut out the Amway expenses for a start. Don't buy any Amway shit or give her money to buy it. The job of a sack of shit platinum is to destroy relationships. You can be certain she's getting the screws to break up with you because you're an unsupportive unchristian dreamstealer. Their words not mine. I've just heard them a million times.

  17. I signed the registration, am I obligated to pay or can I just ignore? I want out!

  18. I signed the registration form, am I obligated to pay? Or can I just ignore them?

    1. Hi Anonymous. I don't know what the current IBO registration looks like. There is probably something on there that says you can quit like maybe a month. But I'm surprised you haven't paid anything. That's not like an ambot to have you sign up and not get your money. Are you sure you didn't give a credit card #? There was one instance where I had a reader say their sponsor was so desparate to sign people up that the sponsor paid the sign up fee. I'm not sure what it is these days to sign up with Amway. Around $200? Includes a sample kit of shitty Amway products. At any rate most states have legislation to protect people when they sign a contract for a product or service and change their mind. Its called something like a cooling off period and every state has a different time period.

  19. I'm so glad I'm out of Amway. This "business" took up all my precious time, and didn't give me anything in return. My recently ex girlfriend was brainwashed into believing that anything that doesn't benefit the business should be cut off, including close friends and activities. Unfortunately we broke up, but it was just what I needed to be rid of that damn cult. Hundreds of dollars I spent driving across California to attend meetings with uplines preaching on how they were so wealthy from Amway. And, like every other person here said, these people would dodge questions on how the actual business works. So, ultimately, a gigantic weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I can finally get back to my life and make something of it.

    The only remnants of Amway that I have left are a case of CDs I never gave back to my upline (Oops, no regrets), that he paid for, and instead are sitting in my incredibly hot car, and the boxes of Amway products that I received for free after the company f'd up an order. Only time will tell how I destroy these useless objects.

    Btw, great blog haha! Made my day!

    1. I know what you mean about Amway taking up all your time. It's all part of the cult thing to separate IBO's from their friends, family, and other activities. Seems to have worked on your girlfriend. Too bad.

    2. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you're enjoying the blog. Come back sometime and let us know what you did with those CD's and Amway products. Most of ours were tossed in the trash but you might want to put those melted CD's on the front step of your upline. They'll frantically try to salvage them I'm sure!

  20. Amway followers are insane and need help both psychologically and emotionally and I genuinely mean that. Its down right scary that in today's age the cult (its far more than a scam) continues to feed on weak fragile minds. The unity amongst ambots and continual support for each others dreams, goals, mindset.. whether it be diamond, billionaire, etc is whats frightening.
    From an outside educated perspective a simple observation of amway yells scam and begs the question of why in the world would anyone even consider this? what kind of living/ purpose or sense of fulfillment does this provide? yet it somehow infects people like a disease. It attacks those who have a upbringing in a family that did not have wealth or figure that held a job, education, or had/sought any financial knowledge (investments, retirement, insurance). Those who are consumed by amway I believe have no idea where wealth comes from, how its earned, and how it can be maximized. They have conceptualized and are drawn to this idea that one simply becomes a millionaire over night, within a short time period, or to those that think right.
    It baffles me that they both listen to "millionaires" with zero credentials and believe they are learning a mindset and travel thousands of miles and spend thousands of dollars to do so? excuse me but do lawyers and doctors and government contractors the list goes on and on ... have millionaire mindsets? NO they work hard at their professions and logically save money, invest long term
    The fact that leadership (not a word deserved) deter individuals from socializing with friends, encourage them to doubt higher education, and resist society is absolute EXTORTION. The company (not a word they deserve) literally and I mean literally brainwash individuals. They display wealth (vision), a path (means), and a goal (outcome) to weak minds that buy into this non sense. To combat society, friends (above mentioned) amway develops phrases, monologues, speeches as weapons and if you know an ambot you can recite this shit word for word.
    It leaves me speechless and angry there absolute denial of reality focus on money money money money and future success with none thus far scares me. There constant badgering of education, society, is pathetic. I dont understand how grown adults fall prey to this has no function of a real company... (staff support, offices, managers, HR, dude these are basic...)
    Where does it end... I wonder. I have never done amway or ever considered it period. I simply had # great friends who have joined and I can barely recognize them now through there social media, etc.
    I personally without releasing details have a BBA and hold an analyst position for XX company. I net a substantial amount of money but who cares, at the end of the day its about job fit, enjoyment, and loved ones. I hope this rant did not offend anyone whose been attached to amway at anytime. I simply came across this forum and felt obligated to comment.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. You thought this was a rant? You've never been in the same room as our sack of shit Platinum! LOL!

      This is an old post so I'm probably going to bump it up to an upcoming topic so readers don't miss it.

      Originally Amway just seems like a bad idea. The ambot isn't making money but they're sure spending a whole lot of money buying shitty overpriced Amway products. OK the ambot got scammed, quit and move on.

      That's lucky if all that happens in a period of a few months. They got scammed.

      The worse thing is if they got fully indoctrinated into the Amway cult. Then its no longer just getting scammed out of your money. Its getting fucked up and brainwashed by the Amway cult.

      And yes those fucked up brainwashed Amway ambots show up here screeching and throwing hissy fits and showing how insane they are.

      Some ambots show up here and spout off their brainwashed Amspeak yawn we've heard it all before. Like they're trying to convince us Amway is a good thing.

      And then you get the insane Amway ambots who have deep psychological problems thanks to Amway and vent their rage that former cult followers are hitting the Internet with their true stories about what its like inside the Amway cult. Like how dare us.

      As you've noticed with your friends, they get sucked into the Amway cult and they're no longer nice normal people. They are angry ugly ambots whose job is to heap loving praise on their employer and the assholes in their Amway upline. Lie, deny, distract, and defend is now the whole life of an Amway ambot.

      I've never had a job where I had to spend so much time defending my employer to the extremes.

  21. Hey, I recently just went to one of the Amway information sessions and without any further research being completely blinded by all the facts of money being thrown at me I decided to sign up with the person who contacted me to join.
    I got sucked into it and when it came time for money I felt embarrassed and was put on the spot and so I paid.
    I went home did lots of research and found out what the company is.
    I wanna have a refund on my registration costs of about $170.
    I emailed amway and my referral/up line person.
    Thankfully I realized fast and it has been less than 24 hours since I registered! Does anyone know if it's possible to get the refund!?
    I'm a student and $170 is a lot for me.
    I hope you can help!

    1. Hi Anonymous. At least you figured out your mistake in time. That $170 is only a down payment. If you're in Amway you're expected to buy monthly membership to the cult sect you're signed up to. If thats WWDB that'll be $50/month and I expect the other cult sects are similar price. You have to buy Communikate your "personal assistant" LOL around $35/month. You have to buy 100PV in Amway products every month around $300 or get a shit kicking from the assholes in the Amway upline. And then buy tickets to Amway meetings, buy books, CD's etc around $500 to $700/month in Amway expenses. Bet the assholes you met at the Amway meeting didn't disclose all those costs did they. Amway is a scam that makes people in your upline richer while you do all the work to make a few pennies commission. Good on you for figuring out Amway's a scam.

      Too late for me to tell you don't contact the assholes in your Amway upline. They'll beg & plead with you and tell you you'll be going real big real soon in Amway. Success is right around the corner, they can feel it. You'll be making gazillions of dollars a month in residual income rolling in for the rest of your life. Just stick to your guns about quitting and then they'll start insulting you and Amway assholes are really vicious. Just tell them to fuck off. People in Amway are prudes and get offended by swearing and will leave you alone.

      Phone Amway's head office. The people answering the phones are a bunch of useless bastards but 1 out of 5 might be grudgingly helpful so hopefully you'll get that one. Assuming you used a credit card for that $170 so tell them you've changed your mind and want a refund on your card. Hopefully they'll do it. If not, call your credit card company and launch a dispute based on Amway's refusal to issue a refund.

      Each state has a law called something like a "cooling off period" the number of days might vary with each state so I don't want to give you a wrong number. It protects consumers against high pressured sales pitches commonly associated with gym memberships, time shares, and pyramid schemes. You know where you feel pressured to sign up right away and then later on that night when you've done some research or thought about it some more say what the hell did I just do. You can get a refund within the time specified by your state's cooling off period law.

      Hopefully that helps and thanks for giving us an update on what it currently costs to get into Amway! Good luck to you in your education. Look at almost getting scammed into Amway as part of your education process. And don't do it again!

    2. Hey Anna, yeah I was found through linked in and studying business I've been on a hunt for a decent part time job of some sort to do with business for the summer. I was approached with an entire bs about it being a business opportunity by a world class marketing company.
      I fell into the bait and I am where I am now!
      Luckily I spoke to my parents about the session when I got home and they explained to me about what bs I am putting myself into. They have never done it but have been invited to many of these sessions, so they are knowledgable about the entire thing.
      I did lots of research on the company after my parents spoke about it and saw what they really do and how they cash your money instead of giving you money.
      It's a terrible scheme and even though it's been only a day, I've learnt a lot already.

      I do wish I read about it more before contacting the upline agent as well, but what's done is done.
      He kept trying to set a time and date to meet up and "sit down and sort it all out".
      Having my research done (a lot thanks to your blog) I explained to him that there is nothing to sort out except for the fact that I'm not doing the business and that's all. I told him I'm never free and can only speak via email with him.

      I did happen to email the customer service of amway last night and got a quick reply early in the morning. They explained to me that I needed to contact another email address for the "resignation and refund request" and they clearly explained all steps and instructions in order to cancel the membership and receive a refund.
      They also told me that i will be able to keep the welcome package that I will receive for free, however I have not received an email back from the other "rules and conduct" email address yet and so waiting to here what is happening.
      I emailed them in the morning and I'm still waiting for a reply.

      I was scammed into it and I'm glad I did my research quickly.
      The costs were $166.42 from what I can remember, so roughly around $170 including the welcome start up package.

      Thanks for your help and thanks for having a blog like this. It really helps!!

    3. Anonymous - you can report the user to Linked In as a spammer/scammer because this person is undoubtedly trying to reel in other victims. All the social media outlets take a dim view on any MLM scammer prospecting on their program.

      Amway scammers post fake job ads all over the place. I had a post up not too long ago on a Craigslist ad the Ambot posted. To be succesful at Amway you have to be a good liar, no conscience, no morals. Fake it till you make it. Not too many people have that low life criminal instinct in them and don't stick it out too long in Scamway.

      So there you go - even your parents knew better! Most people have been prospected by an ambot at some time and many have gone to Amway meetings after being tricked into thinking they were going to a party or something else. Amway will bring you nothing but emotional and financial distress.

      Keep after Amway for the refund. What they do is dick you around long enough so that the refund period ends and then they say too bad its too late for a refund now. These scammers got every trick in the book down.

      I'm glad this blog was able to help you and stop you from making a big financial mistake.

  22. My girlfriend was in amway before I ment her she has been in for 6 to 8 years now she is no better off then when she was before she started it in here house she has made stuff like homemade pictures of living the dream and 70% of what she buy come from amway she never told them people or her team about couse I think she knew I would never fall for that bs so a year and half later she calls me and tell me that her feelings has change for me a broke up with me she was crying and all up set . Just the weekend before she done that to me she was at a golf thing for amway I just leave her alone and hope she don't lose everything in the future what do you think happen at the golf thing did she bring me up to them and they told her to get rid of me

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for sharing your story. Amway is all about destroying other people's relationships. The Amway cult motto is you're either with us or against us. If you don't support the Amway cult they launch a battle against you and work on your loved one demanding they end the relationship. Amway is all about burning bridges, sick evil perverts. They're the biggest troublemaking bastards around who can't mind their own business. Other people's relationships are none of their business but the Amway cult makes it their business anyway. Repulsive sick bastards. Most people quit Amway after a few months when they realize they got scammed. Others hold on a little longer. After 2 years they're pretty much going to be a lifer in the Amway cult unless something drastic happens. They pretty much have to hit rock bottom to smack the brainwashing out of their heads. Yup all ambots stick photos of material items they want on their fridge or around the house. Amway the cult of greed where money and material things are worshipped. I'm sure you can meet a much nicer girlfriend who's not in a cult and whose friends treat you much better than Ambots treat others. And someone who's not throwing their money away tithing the Great Amway God. Find someone who's financially responsible. No Amway Ambots need apply!

  23. What is the email address I should be contacting if I want to cancel everything (account, future affiliations and possible charges, items, and all that other random crap)?


    1. Anonymous - you should be able to find that information on your Amway literature and your WWDB literature and your Communikate literature, etc. No email. Phone the bastards and say you quit. And you might have to call your credit card company, cancel your card and ask for a new number, otherwise those scammers will keep trying to bill you for random charges. Good luck.


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