Thursday, May 26, 2011

You Get What You Pay For?

Anyone can sign up with and get a free account to write a blog. This month has seen some service issues. Blogger was down for a few hours here and there early in May for maintenance and then on May 12 for about 24 hours. It was on read only status so we could not post new blogs nor could any readers post comments. I had a few comments in moderation and they went missing but showed up a week later so I could approve them.

This week has been more issues with blogger. Seems to have something to do with interacting between Google and Blogger. I could sign in and out of Google OK and in the past that would also sign in/out of Blogger. However I was unable to sign out of Blogger. In their help forums bloggers are complaining they can not sign out of their blog. Others are saying they can not log in to post comments to blogs. It defaults to Anonymous, then when they try to sign in, it takes them back to the Blogger page where they’re already signed in and its a never ending circle.

Some people can post comments to some blogs but not to others.

Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason. Everyone uses different web browser programs. Some say clearing the cache and cookies work, others say it doesn’t.

We get Blogger accounts for free so some might say we’re getting what we paid for. If I was paying money for this blog I’d be pissed off.

So then I started thinking about the comparisons to Amway and do we get what we pay for.

I paid around $20 for a box of Amway’s dishwasher soap pucks. After I finished doing a load of dishes I would have to check them over before putting them away. Sometimes up to half the load would be what I refer to as dishwasher rejects. This meant extra work for me because I know had to wash them by hand using Amway’s Dish Drops which I didn’t like because the suds didn’t last very long. Today I buy a bag of Wal-Mart’s dishwasher packs for less than $10 and the load comes out clean. I maybe get one or two items in a month that the dishwasher doesn’t get clean enough with the Wal-Mart soap and I have to redo by hand. Huge savings! And better results. So that would be a big NO I don’t get what I pay for when it comes to Amway’s dishwasher soap.

What about Amway’s Perfect Water? A case of 24 bottles costs around $50. I was in Wal-Mart a couple of weeks ago and they had 24 packs of water on sale for just over $3. I bought 2. I should have bought more. I went back a few days ago and they’re nearly $5 now! Even at $5 its a much better deal than Amway’s water. So once again that would be a big NO I don’t get what I pay for at Amway.

I can go on and on about every Amway product out there and the answer would be the same - NO I don’t get what I pay for.

What about Amway tools? The upline makes you buy books and CD’s from them. Some of these books are not distributed anywhere else but through Amway but there are others that can be purchased from Amazon, Ebay, or Craigslist. Same with the CD’s and tapes. I checked Ebay and someone has a lot of over 60 CD’s and actually has one bid of $100. Other sellers have various CDs for $5 each. Like get real! That's what they cost to buy them from your upline! A Google search will find sellers of Amway CD’s for various prices. There are a lot of former IBO’s out there who want to unload that shit. The trash works too but perhaps they want to try to recoup some of their losses.

What about Amway functions? Are they worth it? Now that’s a laugh! Although I enjoy road trips, staying in hotels, and eating out, it kind of wrecks the vacation when you have to add anything Amway into the equation! Functions are only held to earn the Diamond speakers money. The real money they make as Diamonds comes from tools particularly speaking at functions. They don't call it the tool scam for nothing! The Diamonds yap about their lives - wife was usually a waitress and the husband did menial labor and now look at them - and try to motivate the audience not to quit Amway. Another waste of money. One of the best motivational speakers I ever heard travelled to us - we didn’t travel to him - and he spoke for free! Though he did ask for donations to help cover the cost of lunch that was catered in, sandwiches, cookies, and juice sort of thing. Fair enough. So I would say for that motivational speaker I really got my money’s worth! Add up all the Amway speakers and they collectively didn’t do a fraction of the goodwill that he did. So that would be another big NO for getting my money’s worth at Amway functions.

So hang in there everyone who is having problems with Blogger and logging on. They’re working on it. We’re getting our money’s worth!


  1. Amway cds are a load of cr@p. yeah it's amazing how drastically they drop in price once you are out. i am selling mine on ebay - about 20 for $30. i just want to offload them, use the cash elsewhere, the darn things are occupying space in my garage, can't a man park in peace without this amway crap being in the way! jeez.

    i am amazed i never bought perfect water - one look at the price and my wits way, after all i already have an espring! and to confirm once during team calling at my uplines place i requested the water and never felt a difference within. amazed i saw thro' that one, yet i marched on and didn't see the bigger lie then or sooner.

    money part of the functions is a well hidden gem of amo kingpins' incomes. most ibos have no idea of the magnitude of this scam. they are high on kool aid. i remember we worked security etc for free, were praised as servers and we considered it a privilege to be asked to "serve" the team. man!, i was on double-xed kool aid. i never saw it nor heard it at the time. but boy...never ever again.

  2. I hope you sell those CDs.

    I wouldn't have bought Perfect Water aka snake oil. The miraculous cure all for every terminal illness around. Really scummy the way it was promoted. Ambot bought it like it was the best thing since XS!

  3. Amway should adjust the pricing for perfect water to 1.00 a bottle. They'd still be making $ if they where to make it cheaper

  4. I never listened to much of the tapes. So many that's why i didnt become as brainwashed as your ambot was. Remember not being in the business for years and seeing a ad on a bulletin board of a shopping mall. He was a ex distributor in dexter yagers group and was selling the tapes for 5.00. Called this person to see if he would reduce the price to 1.00 and got alot of he paid 5-10.00 per tape. Only reason was there was no internet back then and i wanted to see if other groups where as screwed up as wwdb

  5. Colin their marketing strategy on the Perfect Water to overcome objections was to say break it down. Price divided by 24 is $2 and that's what it would cost for a bottle if you went to the convenience store and bought one from their cooler. Not everyone buys their water that way. Most buy a 12 or 24 pack. I still wouldn't buy Perfect water for $24/case. $4/case would be more reasonable. But when you're running a business to screw everyone over with high prices what do you expect.

    I know I posted something last year about listening to tapes. Blasting at top volume it comes across a fire and brimstone sermon.

  6. The 7-11 convience store or macs charge only 99cents per bottle water. Funny the stuff they say about how superior their water is. They have tex believing double x and espring is far superior. You know the old saying...there's a sucker born every min lol

  7. We threw boxes packed with CASSETTE TAPES into the garbage barrel when we were done. I pulled the ribbon out of every one and gnarled it beyond repair. I would have felt terrible if some poor unsuspecting soul had stumbled upon it in the dump and taken them home.

    I can just see him on stage: "It's a miracle, I tell you. I was searching thru the dumpsite trying to find dinner for my wife and 15 children. I was desparate. Something touched my foot and an electric shock when thru my body and a voice from the heavens told me to pick it up. I obeyed. I had to find a CASSETTE TAPE player in the dump b/c no one uses those anymore. And there was a CASSTE TAPE player sticking out of the garbage. It was fate.

    We didn't eat that night but we didn't care. The wife and I and our 15 kiddies stayed up all night listening and crying and hugging as we realized this was the answer to our forclosure prayers. We had been saved.

    Look at us now. We're rich (barely hanging on - this function had better bring in the bucks or we're doomed back to the garbage dump). Our kids go to the best schools (hey, public schools aren't so bad), we have six Saturdays and a Sunday (thank God, it gives us 6 days a week to work side jobs to stay afloat), just keep doing what you're doing and someday soon you will walk the beaches of the world with us (sure hope the little wife kept all that great cardboard we got from the dump, we're gonna need it to construct a shelter at the beach - we'll just tell the kids it's an extended beach vacation - no negative) FIRED UP!


  8. Colin there's a lot of false testimonial out there about the magic properties of Perfect Water. Not everyone believes it.

  9. CT that's very funny! I might borrow that sometime!

  10. Further to the Blogger issues some bloggers are leaving comments about the gadgets not working. For example the follows come and go. Right now they're not showing but they always come back! Also recent comments gadget is not currently showing. Lots of people have reportednthese problems. So far Blogger doesn't have a fix on it.

  11. Hi, Anna;

    I know I'm a piss ant. I just don't care anymore.

    My silence can be bought for an extremely large price by amway.


  12. Soap pucks ! Too funny. I'll have to remember that one!


  13. CT - interesting choice of words. I'm working on something right now. Not fast enough of course!

    Yeah Amway pays out people all the time. A few million here or there is only a drop in the bucket to them. They should spread it around.

  14. I also wanted to add that my followers have dropped in again and right now the latest comments are showing.

    Anyone still having trouble with Blogger some users are saying to log on here
    and don't check the keep me signed in button.

  15. Anna, did your hubby throw out his old amway dvds?

  16. Hilarious i just went to ebay after reading your blog. Looked up amway and there are still people trying to sell audio tapes. I think it's the same people trying to sell the same tapes which they cant get rid of 10 years ago lol

  17. Colin - yeah they were all tossed. It's really weird but every now and then we come across one that slipped into some paperwork or in the bookcase or somewhere weird. I think we've come across 2 Amway CDs in the past 2 or 3 months. It's like a never ending horror story!

  18. Colin you better send those eBay links to IBOFB! You know how he's got such a hard on for those cassette tapes! Ha ha!

  19. CS

    That was funny. i can totally see them on stage gloating with self importance, while ambots nauseously slaver at their every word and adulate them in a grosser than gross worship of these fake amcult gods as they do. repulsive and repugnant, ah! better i stop me now.

    if you don't mind my askin how long were you in? what group? just curious. i'm ex bww-same bad.

  20. Crap, Anna, just about choked on my biscuit. Good thing I didn't have coffee in my mouth.


    WWDB 1995 - 2002 (worked it like slaves 24/4) from 2003 to now, we're still IBOs but do absolutely nothing. I have wanted out for about 13 years but hubby won't stop renewing. I truly don't understand why.

    We got notice over this past year that all of our down line have quit (surprise), and then just recently, our upline did not renew.

    Our upline have always been very dear friends of ours. It would seriously break their hearts to know I've been on these blogs b/c they would feel responsible for my feelings about amway.

    I do not hold them responsible for anything. They figured out the con long before I did and quit building it. They just serviced their customers. But that has come to an end, too.

    The emeralds still in town are very cool to all of us. Very sad.



    I am posting this here so you will be sure to see it. Your point is well taken re: ss benefits payouts. Inestment vs. return.

    I got that info from a Tucson talk show on Saturdays. It is an investment firm and they take callers. Someone called in with that exact question and I was very interested in the answer. They explained it with math. I'm sure my delivery sucked. Gosh, maybe that's why I'm not an ambassador to anywhere!

    Anyway, it was an eye opener. It would serve the public well to really see the math and understand what an incredible gift ss is.

    We all need to be very grateful for ss.

    But I thank you for your input. I admit I am wrong often and welcome correction. I truly do want to remain humble when necessary.


  21. CT - you need to stop renewing your membership. What's the point? Your sponsor quit. All your downline quit. You're only helping the owners of Amway get richer by throwing $50 at them every year.

    You have a different experience than me. Your upline are good friends and are people you like and I assume still socialize with. I met our sponsor about 10 years before the Amway fiasco. Didn't like him when I met him. Grew to really dislike him over the years. Refuse to have anything to do with him now because of Amway. He's an ugly arrogant son of a bitch. I have nothing nice to say about him. He's not allowed in our house. Did anyone upline not see recruiting people who don't like you as a recipe for disaster?

    And quite rightly your upline should be responsible for your feelings about Amway. When we quit 10 years ago that was the end of it. I didn't like Amway. I didn't like our sponsor back then either but like so many others I just walked away from it ate our losses and forgot about it. This last time around was the problem. I was involved in a cult. Brainwashing techniques that worked on my husband. Huge losses. Emotional distress. Now I can't stand Amway. I absolutely blame our upline 100% for the way I feel about Amway because I didn't come out feeling this way the first time around. What changed? Not the overpriced shitty products. It was the cult we belonged to.

    As for social security the point was not to make anyone feel wrong or right. Well its OK to let the Amway cult leaders be wrong! Most people don't understand how social security works. Its like a little investment business within itself. I was watching a news segment and they were discussing one of ss investment's that made a lot of money. I don't recall the exact amount, though between 100 and 500 million profit is the range. I thought wow they're doing really good at managing our ss. Amway cult leaders would have you believe the opposite. I'd say I've heard more about ss from Amway cult leaders than from the government or news sources. Most of what I've heard from Amway sources was all doom and gloom. You know how they like to spew negative. Saying ss won't be there when we retire. I never believed that because I knew about the financial reports. Its just another Amway scare tactic.

    We all need to be grateful for ss. Most countries do not have social systems in place for taking care of their citizens. I wonder if any of those Amway cult leaders will opt out of taking ss when their time comes. I doubt it!


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