Monday, May 30, 2011

The Motley Crew

People must be wondering was there anyone in our upline who I actually liked?

The short answer is no. With the exception of the asshole who sponsored us, most of the others I was civil enough to have quick conversations with. At least in the beginning before Ambot lost too much money and became too brainwashed. Just because these fuckers were involved in Amway was already reason enough for me to dislike and not trust these people. That alone was a huge obstacle for any of them to try to overcome with me because we’d already been involved in Amway before and I knew it was next to impossible to make money.

I’m sure our upline aren’t all that different from other people’s uplines. Except that mine might be a little weirder and wacko religious than others.

Everyone knows by now that our sponsor was someone I’d despised for many years and had nothing to do with. He quit Amway after we did. Though maybe “quit” isn’t quite the proper term. He didn’t do much with Amway other than the damage he brought to me and Ambot. He rarely showed up to meetings and when he did it was probably because someone upline bitched at him until he did. So whenever he showed up he looked angry. Ugly son of a bitch. Have I mentioned lately that I don’t like him?

His sponsor who’d reached Eagle was over twenty years younger than me. A single guy. Typical of his age. Mostly only interested in getting laid and figured if he got rich in Amway that would attract the chicks. I think he was an appliance salesman or installer. I can tell you I’d never buy an appliance from that son of a bitch. Sucks to be him when we get around to remodeling our kitchen! Because of his affiliation with Amway I’d never buy anything he’s selling because he's a liar and can't be trusted. So this bastard gets involved with another MLM after quitting Amway and he showed up at our house trying to get Ambot interested. I shut him down real fast. No chance of it happening. Fortunately the bastard is scared of me. He’s got good reason to be. He stole one of our cameras and wouldn’t give it back after we quit but Ambot eventually got it a few months later after I rode his ass about it. That fucking Eagle is part of the reason we lost money and I’ll never forget it. He was in Amway for two years. That would be a big no, I don’t like him either.

The upline from there is a little convoluted to me. I think the next one up was another salesman who was earning about $20k a year from his J.O.B. He was a weird guy. Looked like he could have got a lead role in a vampire horror flick based on his looks alone! Talk about a Count Dracula lookalike! I had nothing in common with this guy either. He was always polite and said a few words to me, you know the sickening Amway nicey nicey bullshit thing. Kind of a spooky looking creature. He’s not going to attract any women anytime soon. Maybe that’s why he’s in Amway. To get rich and then find a woman who’s interested in him for his money. I think he’s been in Amway about 10 years. His only active downline was the above mentioned Eagle who has since quit and I think most of his downline legs did too. He has never been able to maintain any level he might have managed to attain during a month. I don’t like him due to his association with Amway.

Upline of him is a couple who are probably closer to my age than just about everyone else who showed up at meetings. I didn’t really have much contact with them. The only bad things I have to say about them are they’re involved in Amway and they’re too religious for my liking. Take those things away from them and they’re probably decent people who are trying to provide a good life for themselves and their daughter. Again I didn’t have anything in common with them and not much to say to them but neither do I have anything against them except they’re Amway freaks. They’ve been in Amway for around 10 years, 2000 to 4000 PV each month, unable to maintain anything, and never able to grasp the Platinum level because downline keeps quitting. Too bad for them they’ve been completely brainwashed. If they had nothing to do with Amway and were my next door neighbors I would probably like these people.

Their sponsor is the sack of shit Platinum and everyone knows by now that I do not like him. Troublemaking son of a bitch. He’s a good cult leader. I’ll say that for him. His wife and teenage son and daughter are decent people. I can’t see what she finds attractive in her husband. Obviously fell under the spell of his religious craziness. They’ve been in Amway for around 15 years and in and out of Platinum level qualification many times because its hard to stop downline from quitting. Most of the reasons I have for not liking him can be pretty much summed up in the Fuck You IBO post.

Upline Emeralds I only saw on a handful of occasions and never spoke with them. A married couple who looked to me to be living beyond their means. No big surprise there! He got “permission” from his upline to quit his job years ago and she was still working. I think she had some mid level government management type job with a good income. I believe they’ve been in Amway for 20 years. So much for the 2 to 5 years to Diamond income theory! I don’t know them to have formed any opinions on them but just due to the fact that they’re in Amway and destroying other peoples lives is reason enough for me not to like them.

I never met any Diamonds. But you have the picture. I wouldn’t have liked any of them anyway because I don’t like people involved with Amway.

So there you have it. The assholes in my upline. Probably not much different than anyone else’s uplines. Except for the one who could get the starring role in the vampire flick!

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  1. And it's certainly an appropriate comparison, as they are indeed blood suckers. They want to drain every dime from those downline that they can.


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