Friday, July 8, 2011

Amway WWDB Family Reunion and Ganesh and Neha Shenoy

So what does the Amway WWDB Family Reunion and Ganesh and Neha Shenoy have in common?

They are the top two searches for Anna Banana’s Married to an Ambot blog.

First of all I want to say that until about 6 weeks ago I’ve never even heard of Ganesh and Neha Shenoy. Those names means nothing to me. I never heard of them when we were in Amway, don’t know nothing about them, never met, and I have no idea why they have split up or getting a divorce or what their situation is.

I know nothing!

Most of the searchers are ending up at this topic where I posted a video on Youtube. One of the people who posted a comment mentioned Ganesh and Neha Shenoy are divorced and another commenter says s/he knew them but has no idea why they split up.

I have been getting tons of hits and I’m not really all that high on the Google search engine depending on what the searchers types in for their search criteria.

For “Ganesh and Neha Shenoy split” I am the number one hit on Google.

For “Ganesh and Neha Shenoy divorce” I am #36. That tells me somebody is obsessively going through all the links to find information about the Shenoys.

Though I think after I post this I will drastically climb on the search engine!

The only thing I have to say is that apparently Ganesh and Neha Shenoy were (are?) Diamonds. That tells me they stomped all over a bunch of IBO’s to get there. If they reached Diamond that tells me they are good cult leaders. They bullied their downline to buy Amway products and buy Amway tools. They likely left a path of destruction in their wake: IBO’s destroyed financially, IBO’s destroyed emotionally, divorces, bankruptcy, debt, destroyed families, destroyed relationships.....

All I can say is KARMA!

As for the tons of Family Reunion hits, that’s about par for the course whenever any Amway function is coming up. I write about it to misdirect IBO’s to my blog because they find more information from me than they do from Amway or World Wide Dream Builders because I’m higher up the search engine. Same thing happened with Free Enterprise Days, Dream Night, and Spring Leadership. I picked up many strays who were horrified to discover the truth.

I get hits on all kinds of search criteria:

Amway Family Reunion
WWDB Family Reunion
World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion
Puryear Family Reunion
Puryear Amway Family Reunion
Duncan Family Reunion
Boise Amway Family Reunion
Portland Amway Family Reunion
Amway Portland July 23
Duncan Family Reunion website
Amway Convention Portland

I’m sure you get the picture. You name it I’ve probably seen the search criteria as a hit to my blog. I forgot to mention 2011 and July may or may not be part of the search.

There’s one searcher not getting the picture: “2011 wwdb spring conference”. Hmmm, some poor sucker not aware its summer? Time warp?

I hate to think that if we were still in Amway and WWDB we’d be two more warriors making our pilgrimage to Puryear Family Reunion 2011 in Boise. There are probably a huge army of cult followers enroute right now as I type this desperate to be in town for tonight’s trade show.

Let the brainwashing begin!


  1. Fired up! Ain't it great? Some will, some won't, so what? You are so so smart and are winners to be here at Amway WWDB Family Reunion - listen to us, The System! you know. We feel sorry for you negative nabobs!


    p.s. don't forget that upcoming is WWDB Free Enterprise Days. Also, if you missed Puryear Family Reunion, you may still be in time for Nelson WWDB Family Reunion or Duncan WWDB Family Reunion. Whatever you do, make sure to spend your time and treasure on WWDB Family Reunion.

  2. Daniel - "fired up" = brainwashed IBO.

    You are winners just by showing up!

    Within an hour of posting this topic I had a dozen searches find their way here doing searches for Ganesh and Neha Shenoy and dozens more hits since. I don't know what the fascination is about whether or not they are divorced or split up or what their status is.

    Still lots of searchers for Family Reunion though specifically Puryear Family Reunion is slowing down and Duncan is escalating. The spouse of some brainwashed IBO who went along to Boise for the trip spent most of yesterday reading my blog. Seeing as how the temperature there is around 90 you'd think they'd have taken my advice about going to the waterpark!

  3. You are brain washed to remain poor. Dont try to pull others into your morass. Continue to Blabber.

    1. Which Amway ambot were you directing your comment to?

  4. Buying Amway products and tools to build business is optional. They clearly specify that. I'm sure no body put a gun to your head and forced you to buy anything where the return on investment is far greater then what you can imagine.
    You will spend on products till you die anyway, why not buy from your own business and have some tax advantages. Oh and not forgetting you will learn something in the process. ..
    To check any business credibility, check with BBB and
    Good luck

    1. Ifitkar Ali - I agree it says right on Amway's brochures that buying "motivational tools" from their line of sponsorship is optional and that the upline still has to work with the IBO even if they don't buy the "tools". However at every Amway meeting I attended the cult leader said if you don't buy the tools they won't work with you. Direct violation of Amway's policy. We complained to Amway head office and they didn't give a flying fuck. Their solution? Talk to the upline and work it out with them. That's Amway for you. Refusing to take responsibility and enforce their own rules.

      And don't be such a dumb fuck and say nobody put a gun to your head. I mean really. Why do you Amway losers have to go around being dumb fucks all the time. There was no gun involved. Just brainwashing.

      I see Amway is still teaching the same old bullshit about buying from your own business. Well if you own a business and you're the only customer then you're a dumb fuck running an unsustainable business.

      Isn't it a violation of your Amway IBO agreement to yap about any imagined affiliation with the BBB. You could get fired for that and here you are using your own name when Amway's head office regularly reads this blog. Whether or not they'll look at a comment from a post that's 6 years old is another story. The BBB doesn't report on any businesses credibility. They handle consumer complaints and forward them to the business in question with a timeline to respond. The business does not have to respond in favor of the customer, just meet the BBB's time frame to get a rating.

      Again why do you Amway Ambots have to be such dumb fucks. Read up on the BBB's website to see their role is as a moderator of disputes between customers and businesses. They don't recommend business or rate their credibility or anything else that you Amway Ambots go around bragging about.

      Good luck to you too. Not everyone wants to get involved in a scam and go through financial and emotional distress.

  5. Buying Amway products and tools to build business is optional. They clearly specify that. I'm sure no body put a gun to your head and forced you to buy anything where the return on investment is far greater then what you can imagine.
    You will spend on products till you die anyway, why not buy from your own business and have some tax advantages. Oh and not forgetting you will learn something in the process. ..
    To check any business credibility, check with BBB and
    Good luck

    1. Sure sign of an Amway Ambot is they go around duplicating themselves.

    2. Buying tools is NOT optional in their eyes. When I left the business and wanted to treat my business as "residual" one of my upline (who I will not name but is a top earner) straight up lied to me and said "LEGALLY I have to SUPPLY and MOTIVATE my group weekly." To receive compensation from Amway you have to do your standard of PV but the leaders in WWDB will try to pressure and strong arm you out if you stop paying for tools and motivating you group.

      Was a gun involved? No. But two men who make far more money than myself each month tried to force to me to give my "company" away. That's when I lost it. Everything in the plan is a bunch of BS

    3. Anonymous - of course they lied to you. Being a liar is one of the qualifications of working for Amway.

      It says in Amway's brochure that buying "motivational tools" is optional and the upline still has to work with you. I can't tell you how many times the fucking assholes in our Amway upline said if we didn't buy the tools then they wouldn't work with us. And you heard it too. So violating Amway's rules is something those lying scamming Amway losers have no problem doing.

  6. Lying is especially important in WWDB (World-Wide Douche Bags).

    1. How do you know when someone in Amway is lying?

      Their mouth is moving.


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