Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quixtar Amway tools video

To pay homage to the Amway warriors currently get sore asses at the Puryear Family Reunion here is the real reason why your upline wants you to attend all Amway WWDB functions.

Keep buying those tools! Make your upline Diamonds richer!


  1. Hi Anna: I ran across something you should be interested in and may want to post on your blog.
    As we know, there is the Amway-Kiosaki connection, where a book of the month was Kiosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Another book that Kiosaki co-authored was "Why we want you to be rich." Also, Kiosaki's "Cash flow quandrant" was used at Open Meetings for new Amway recruits to lend credibility to the Amway Opportunity and make it sound like a business.
    The Better Business Bureau has received numerous complaints from those who have attended Kiosaki's "Rich Dad Poor Dad Seminars" that have recently been held around the country. These people have lost tens of thousands of dollars from these seminars, due to policies set forth by Kiosaki's Company. One specified in the news report aired by KSDK, Channel 5, St. Louis pertains to the 3 day money back option, or the 3 day cooling off period that is standard business practice.

  2. Despite claims that diamonds are open about the tools profits, I still call BS and I believe that tool profits are still downplayed by uplines.

  3. David - I've never read "Rich Dad Poor Dad". We used to have it on the bookshelf - undoubtedly Ambot snapped it up on one of his tools purchases - but I don't know if we still have it. I managed to sell 2 lots of Amway required reading last year. 10 books for $10 each. So $20 back on what - a $200 Amway investment! I don't recall the upline using a cash flow quadrant at the board plan meetings. Not saying they didn't. I usually zoned out so whether or not it was part of the "teaching" I don't remember.

    We did attend one of those intro seminars for Kiosaki investing run by one of his flunkies. Mostly they were trying to sign people up for a 2 day seminar cost $300? $500? We didn't sign up. I did win a free book while I was there but not written by Kiosaki though I think he might have signed it. Don't know what happened to that book either.

  4. Joecool - I bet even Uncle Sam doesn't know how much profits are in those tools!

  5. I've read most of the rich dad poor dad from the local library. Bunch stories about him growing up and bs he made up(which doesnt really help anybody). Also seen a tv documentary where they said Robert Kiyosaki never had a rich dad and it was all made up.

  6. Colin - I think it would only be a problem if Kiyosaki wrote false things about someone to the extent that it would be considered libelous. Most likely his dad didn't care if readers were under the false impression he had money. Whether or not it was made up only questions his integrity and credibility. Whether or not his financial advice works or is dangerous is another matter.

  7. Anna, in his books and seminars he claimed to have two dads. One which was rich and his own bio dad which was poor. But a tv documentary went looking for the rich dad and there wasnt any.

  8. So he made up an imaginary father to increase his book sales? Probably nothing illegal about that but it is kind of scummy. Makes him a perfect fit for Amway!

  9. I heard he makes upward of 5000 plus expenses to speak for mlm companies. He'd be a perfect fit to make it as a cult leader for amway.

  10. Colin - I'm sure he makes more money than Diamonds, has more spare time, and has residual income from his royalties rolling in for the rest of his life. Why go backwards and become an Amway cult leader? Too much hard work convincing your downline not to quit!

  11. Anna, we both know he's not actively building the scam. Wouldnt be worth his time to try and make 100 a month or lose money. I agree he makes more than most diamonds ever dream about.

  12. Love the analysis on Kiyosaki here:

    where John T. Reed tears him apart for talking rubbish. When I read the book originally I was pumped up about the riches to be made but confused by the maddeningly vague advice - kinda like Amway eh..

    Also, the way to riches is a $1000 board game to teach you how to be rich..


  13. Thanks for posting that Al. I'm sure Colin will enjoy the link.

    I like the part where he won't disclose his financials. Just like the Amway upline refuses to do!

  14. Saw this on tv awhile back and here's part one on youtube. They have part 2 & 3 also. Thanks for posting that AL...the info was very informative.


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