Thursday, July 7, 2011

Buy Your Tickets for Free Enterprise Days. NOW!!!

Before we even leave Family Reunion our sack of shit Platinum sends out word that everyone must buy tickets for FED - Free Enterprise Days - NOW even though its July and FED is not held until October.

The reason for this is simple. Some Diamond upline decreed it to be so!

The Diamonds main income is derived from speaking at Amway functions. They are 3 months apart. A lot can happen in those 3 months. IBO’s get discouraged that they’re not making money but they’re sure spending a lot of money and probably going into debt to support their Amway habit. There’s a possibility that IBO’s may quit between Amway functions.

So the Diamonds want to strike while the iron is hot. While IBO’s are still fired up from all the motivational bullshit they’ve just sat through during Family Reunion. All weekend long they listened to one Ken and Barbie after another strut across the stage and brag about how good life has become since they let the great Amway god into their lives. They brag about all their material goods and they bullshit about “helping” others.

Yeah! Helping them to the poorhouse so the upline can get richer!

Buy your tickets for FED now and that ties the IBO into trudging through another 3 months of Amway hell. Sucking another 3 months of Amway purchases out of those poor bastards.

As for us, remember Ambot bragged about the extra cash we were travelling with so I could hit JC Penney and get that skookum cappuccino machine that was on a Saturday door crasher sale. Instead of me getting the machine we had to donate $250 of our money to some fucked up IBO whose reservation had gone AWOL in the fucked up Amway/WWDB computer system and he had to buy another Family Reunion ticket.

They were going to deal with his refund after they got home and someone from the World Wide Dream Builders office was back to work after taking the weekend off.

So the asshole Eagle gets a brilliant idea which had probably come from further upline. Instead of us getting our $250 back, they would put it towards our tickets to FED.

Fuck you Eagle!  

Of course Ambot is all psyched up about that. What a deal! Obviously he was planning to attend FED because he's a serious business builder and he would never dare disobey the Platinum if he ordered his cult followers to buy tickets to FED. We never got our $250 back but we did get 2 tickets to Free Enterprise Days. Gee what a bargain! We have to haul our asses to another shitty Amway function. Can’t wait.....


  1. amway is a joke.

  2. That's exactly how it went down. There would be a break-out meeting (it always seemed like no one ever new where, so we'd mill around forever like lost sheep) in between the major function sessions (geez, can we ever get a break from the rah-rah?).

    After more of the same stuff, we immediatelely handed over our check for the next major. It was a competition to see who could get their check to the platinum the fastest. Wow. And we were 'adults,' too.


  3. Anonymous - Amway might be a joke to the majority of the population but for the owners its a very profitable business. They're the ones laughing all the way to the bank making their millions at the financial and emotional expense of their army of IBO warriors!

  4. CT - that's the way it was in our group too. Who could be the first cult follower to impress the Platinum. What? We're not 6 years old?

  5. Amway's compensation plan is a joke. All they care about is squeezing every penny out of their IBO's and having them attend shitty functions that are a waste of time and money, no matter if it's quitting a job, missing an important class, missing a b-day etc etc.

    1. Just try to nail an ambot down to what the real compensation is about $10/month if you buy 100PV of shitty overpriced Amway products that is around $300. You got it. Waste of time and money and brain cells.


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