Monday, July 11, 2011

Get Rich Slowly

Get rich slowly or get rich quick? Either way neither will happen for the majority of IBO’s who sign up with Amway.

Our sack of shit Platinum was very careful never to say the words “get rich quick” but everything else he said implied that one would get rich quick. Our Platinum said we could make $100,000 in 6 months. Well that’s pretty decent money to most people and 6 months is a relatively quick period of time to earn that much money.

It would not have made any difference if he’d said you can get rich slowly in Amway - and I have never ever heard any Amway leader say you can get rich slowly. Kind of defeats the purpose of getting the audience all fired up with promises of riches in 2 to 5 years. Very few IBO's get rich in Amway and how rich they are is debatable. Subjective. Everyone has different benchmarks what they think is “rich”. At Amway functions we see slide shows of mansions, luxury cars, and expensive material possessions. For all we know these items are rented for the filming.

Many people would think a person earning $200,000/year is a good income. Is it achievable in Amway? Apparently so. In their literature they say that .0065% of IBO’s earn $200,000/year or more.

Get it? That’s a tiny fraction of 1% of all IBO’s. That would likely be a Diamond income and a good chunk of that would be from speaking engagements at Amway functions not from commissions and bonuses for the Amway products their downline have been purchasing.

Our Platinum was a professional liar. The one thing he couldn’t explain was after 15 years flogging Amway shit was why he wasn’t rich. Or at a higher level on the Amway pyramid. I’d say that the 15 year mark for someone to be rich qualifies for get rich slowly. That sack of shit can’t get rich quickly and he can’t get rich slowly either!

Odd because as a cult leader I’d put him on the same frightening level as Reverend Jim Jones and Charles Manson. Our Platinum has swindled many people over the years directing their hard earned money to Amway products and tools.


Anyway I was going through my computer looking at web pages I’d saved and cleaning up the ones that are dead links or no longer interest me and today’s topic was because I’d bookmarked a web page called Get Rich Slowly. I haven’t looked at in years - probably not since I bookmarked it! I just looked it over again and I have a feeling this blogger follows the advice of Dave Ramsey. I read one of his books a few years ago called The Total Money Makeover. He has 7 steps to achieving financial freedom. There are a lot of people out there who are huge fans of Ramsey and many of them seem to take the attitude its Dave’s way or the highway. Kind of like the attitude Amway IBO’s have about how there is no other way to financial freedom except through Amway! When I read the book I found some of Ramsey’s advice good but a little strict for me. Bottom line most financial advisors say the same thing: incur no debt, pay off any existing debt, save for retirement, invest your money, buy a house, etc, etc. They all have different paths to reach those goals.

Its kind of like your Amway upline. They all have paths to reach their goal and it usually involves abusing their downline and taking their money and destroying their lives. All in pursuit of the almighty buck.

To sum it up. Unless you are a good cult leader, a good liar, and don’t give a shit about destroying other people’s lives, you will never be part of the .0065% of IBO’s who get rich slowly or get rich quickly from Amway. You won’t get rich period in Amway. If you’re a half assed cult leader you might break even or make a small profit but that takes a lot of hours and lots of money invested.

You’d do better taking a second job, even minimum wage, for 5 hours a week. You’d make more money than the average IBO right there and don’t have to spend any money to do so and spend way less time working a part time job instead of working the Amway business. Then take that money from the second job - lets just call it $50/week to work with even numbers - and invest that money and play the stock market. A little fun money every week and if you take the advice of some good investors it could be the path to get rich slowly.

Sure beats the Amway path to the poorhouse!


  1. Of course they (upslime) wants you to dream and think you can get rich quick. But they are clever enough to say get rich slow to avoid the thought that "if it seems too good to be true", it must be a scam.

  2. The only thing that we got quick out of Amway was into debt!

    Amway is a scam!

  3. It's funny how quickly the new recruits forget all the original "promises" when they don't materialize.
    "Work only 10 - 15 hours a week in your spare time!"
    "Make over $100,000 in a short period of time!"
    "In 2 - 5 years you'll be a millionaire walking the beaches of the world and living off residual income for the rest of your life!"

    And yet, the reality is that 99.9% of these IBOs will find themselves either making very little money after years and years of hard work or, worse still (and more likely), be deeply in debt, lose their home and/or marriage.

    No matter how near-impossible mathematically the carrot Amway dangles is to actually reach, no matter how many hours and miles traveled the IBO puts into it, no matter how closely they follow their upline's "advice", no matter how many "tools" or seminars they throw money into as the upline tells them they are VITAL to their success... when they still find themselves hovering at poverty level, the brainwashing teaches them that it is THEIR fault. The Amway master is NEVER at fault. Amway is infallible. Despite the almost 100% failure rate of the so-called "greatest opportunity", they are told the "system" is flawless.

    But, like all mind-control, reality is twisted and they believe what they are told by the cult leaders as those same leaders drain their finances dry with endless tools and "must attend" seminars, each promising to hold the "final answer" to making those millions. Of course, they are all the same smoke and mirrors bullshit, whose only purpose is to further milk money from the sheep for the rich diamonds and keep the brainwashing fresh.

    Amway is the near 100% way to "Get Poor Quickly or Slowly". Pick your poison.


  4. Dave - the IBO probably doesn't forget those lies though they've been brainwashed to believe its the truth. They think they are the reason they haven't got 100k or walking the beaches of the world is because whatever reason their upline has told them it's their fault. Like in our case Ambot would never succeed in Amway was because of me. They are very quick to point fingers and put negative thoughts into their downline's head but they will never admit the Amway system is designed for failure.

    Get poor quickly.

  5. You're right, Anna. How can the IBO "forget" those promises when they are trained to use those same lies to lure in new recruits (fresh meat) for the upline to pick their bones dry, too.

    As you said, they make each IBO think that they are the one exception to the rule, the only one who is losing money because they aren't doing enough. They aren't working hard enough, they aren't "positive" enough (i.e. brainwashed enough).

    This is why they don't allow crosslining. That would give IBO's a chance to "compare notes" with someone on their own level and thus possibly find out "You mean you are losing money, too? I thought I was the only one".

    The "fake it til you make it" is not only to deceive potential new recruits, it's used to fake each other out, too. I'm currently reading the book "Merchants of Deception" (one can google it and download a free readable pdf file of it). In it the author reaches Emerald only to discover on his first check from Amway... little has changed. He is far from the promised $100,000 level Emeralds supposedly were to receive. In fact, barely scraping by. And yet, at the next seminar he and his wife were paraded out amongst the group of the "newly rich Amway Emeralds" as their downline cheered and fed into the hope that they, too, will be "rich" like that someday.

    The book is a fascinating look into the power of brainwashing, and that it isn't only "dumb, weak-minded" people who get sucked into it. It comes in small steps that build.

    Like religious cults, they invoke the name of "God", passages from the bible, concepts like "family" and "integrity", and like the wolf in sheep's clothing, are ready to devour the honest, sincere sheep that wander into their trap.

    Amway is about as evil as it gets. The "greatest opportunity" to lose everything that you have... and be brainwashed to thank them for it.


  6. Dave - its all part of the lines they use the recruit new prospects. Dishonesty. I did a post about those lines a few months ago.

    Usually the upline finds something to use against the IBO and accuses them that's why they're not making money in Amway. Remember the upline wants to know EVERYTHING when you "counsel" with them. They use your dreams against you and accuse the IBO that their dream wasn't big enough. Usually they blame the IBO's spouse and tell them to get out of the relationship. I don't know why they get such pleasure out of destroying relationships but that's the Amway way.

    Merchants of Deception is an incredible book. I found out about it and read it and was shocked to find the truth that most of the money is made from tools and really only available to those who make Diamond. Emeralds and Diamonds make less than a quarter of 1% of all IBO's. Its a nearly impossible feat. About 2 months after I read it I managed to convince my husband to read it and he said it answered a lot of his questions that his Platinum had refused to answer or brushed him off. Never question upline!

    I often include the link to a free download of the book

    Amway is on an equal scale of evil as Hitler, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson. It'll be a hard call to say which of the 4 is the most evil.


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