Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What is there to do in Portland Oregon during Amway WWDB Duncan Family Reunion 2011?

Seeing as how I did a travel blog about the things one can do in Boise instead of attending Puryear Family Reunion 2011 I thought it was only fair to investigate Portland’s tourist attractions that one can go to instead of attending the Duncan Family Reunion 2011.

If I can find out who Nelsen is and what city they’re holding their family reunion I’ll give the tourism in that town a boost too.

A Google search tells me that Portland has a lot of museums and Oriental inspired gardens and parks. Not really my thing but certainly if someone held a gun to my head and told me to choose between going to the Amway WWDB Family Reunion or a museum, I’d go to the The Hat Museum.  Admission is $15, way cheaper than being bored to death by a bunch of aging Diamonds ripping off IBO’s.

No one will want to miss the Church of Elvis. Its in the store window of a shop in Chinatown. Has a coin operated movie that you can plug from the sidewalk. So I’d call it nearly free. Spooky coincidence that the poor bastards attending Family Reunion will also be up and about pretty much 24 hours a day because the brainwashing techniques work better on sleep deprivation. I’d rather hear what the Church of Elvis movie has to say at 2 in the morning than the sack of shit Platinum!

House Spirits Distillery tour and tasting. Yummy! Have to be 21. There is a fee for tasting but if you buy a bottle it will be waived. This will make you forget about those nasty Amway IBO’s!

Widmer Brothers Brewing  Free tour. Free beer. Need I say more?

The Oregon Zoo  Adult admission is $10.50. A little cheaper for other age groups. It’ll be fun to visit the bear exhibit and imagine feeding your upline to the grizzlies!

For anyone really interested in visiting Portland, Oregon and doing tourist attraction things see Trip Advisor for suggestions. Most attractions are museums and parks.

As best as I could figure out Portland does not have a water park. There are 3 or 4 within a 2 hour drive of the city.

July? No water park? Yikes! Can anyone say find a hotel with a swimming pool?


  1. I personally enjoyed Burgerville and the Lloyd shopping mall. Oh yeah, and the sports bar near the Rose Garden Arena.

  2. Joe - you must have been quite a rebel going out for burgers instead of eating Amway meal replacement bars, going to a shopping mall instead of browsing Amway's Internet mall, and going to a sports bar instead of drinking one of Amway's sports drinks!

    Actually all of that sounds like WAY more fun than attending an Amway function!

  3. Sadly, in bygone years, I have attended many WWDB FED and Puryear Family Reunion functions in Portland, OR (bona fides: I have a home-made tape of Ron Puryear bloviating into the wee hours on how Isaiah 61 is a prophecy about Amway dominating world affairs). I can still see the sea of white dress shirts and smell the stale popcorn).

    But the silver lining is I got to sample a lot of what Portland has to offer as a city, and it's a great town. Best burger in I have ever had, IMHO, is McMenamins Pub - recommend to Ambots that they bail on the function, get a refund, and spend some of it on the food and drink Portland has to offer.


  4. Daniel - I've never heard of McMenamins Pub but sight unseen I'd much rather go there than to Family Reunion. Hell, I'd even buy the house a round! Still be cheaper than going to Family Reunion!

  5. I've been to portland Oregon once and never going back. There was absolutely nothing to do in portland. Im going back to vegas next week and a return flight is less than 100.00. Found a really cheap hotel nothing ritzy this time for 25.00 a night called imperial palace. I cant believe how the family reunions cost so much to go to and so lame

  6. Colin - I couldn't find too much to do in Portland that interested me but others might disagree and think its the cultural capital of the Pacific.

    There's a reason Las Vegas is so cheap right now. Can you say 100 plus degrees?

    I've stayed in the Imperial Palace - got 3 nights free. When its slow season - think summer and first half of December - many hotels offer free or hugely reduced prices on rooms just to fill them and hope people are going to stay in their casino and gamble. I'm not sure if the Imperial Palace has changed their color scheme but it was really ugly colors like puke green and shit brown the strategy that it was so ugly no one would stay in their rooms and instead they'd go downstairs and gamble. There used to be a bartender at the Imperial Palace who made the best grasshoppers. They used to have a pretty decent show there called Legends in Concert with some good impersonators. And there's a good car museum there. Hmmm, I wanna go to Vegas.... Maybe wait a few months for it to cool off.

  7. I love the heat and staying by the pool all day with a cold drink. I guess im not going to stay at imperial palace then(since youre comment on here lol). Heard harrahs and some of the smaller hotels have renovated their rooms. Wonder why the cult leaders dont have any seminars in vegas during slow season? They always charge people up the arse.

  8. The Imperial Place is in a good location. I have no idea if they've redecorated the ugly rooms. How much time do you plan to stay in your room? You're not on a honeymoon are you ha ha! The pool there is a good size, good for swimming laps. For hanging around a pool I liked the Rio Suites with the sand and waterfall and misters. But its not a good location. You can see the back of Caesar's Palace but not walk there unless they've upgraded that overpass and put in a sidewalk but they had a free shuttle bus to the Imperial Palace I think.

    One of the spring leaderships was held in Las Vegas. They did hold a Platinum convention there in December that our sack of shit upline attended.

  9. Actually, the last time i stayed in vegas I went to my friends planet hollywood hotel and used their pool. The ugly rooms dont bug me that much. I do alot of sleeping at the pools during the afternoon. Yes the location is awesome for imperial palace. Even though the hotel is crummy.


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