Monday, August 8, 2011

Amway IBO’s Don’t Care

A recent searcher was looking for information on this phrase:

“some will some won’t who cares Amway”

This is probably a quote from this ambot’s upline Platinum because it sounds exactly like something our sack of shit Platinum would say when referring to prospecting or begging people to purchase something from your “own” Amway store. What’s the success rate? Instead of saying something like “for every 800 people you talk to one will come to a board plan meeting” he would answer something like “some will and some won’t”.

Mostly that post was dedicated to the shitty attitude IBO’s have towards the environment and conservation and ecological footprints.

Do your part to save our planet for fuck’s sake! Saying things like who cares about the price of gas, who cares about the price of electricity, who cares about the water meter proves you are irresponsible citizens! The message is out that Amway IBO’s don’t give a flying fuck about energy conservation whether or not they have no problem affording the prices. Shitty attitudes!

If someone was just searching for the phrase “some will some won’t who cares” it could apply to a lot of things. The fact that “Amway” was put into the search leaves no doubt that some uncaring IBO is the searcher.

When it comes to owning a business whether you sell a product or provide a service not everyone will be in need of seeking out your company. If you own an apartment building the business plan is to fill all the units with tenants and that they pay their rent on time. An apartment owner doesn’t go around with the attitude some will some won’t who cares when its time to collect the rent. I would add unless you’re an IBO but I doubt that any IBO’s own a revenue source of that size. If they do we’d all want to live there because they have a who cares attitude when the rent is due so we can all live there for free.  

With the exception of IBO’s and their who cares attitude and their sneers at potential clients most business owners care very much about attracting customers and customer retention.

Of course there are definitely some customers we don’t want. Whiners and people who bounce checks come to mind. Nobody needs customers who are troublemakers.

Most business owners don’t usually do anything to burn bridges or give themselves a bad reputation.

Not so with Amway IBO’s. Their lousy attitudes and anger directed at people who will not come on board with Amway plus the bad reputation of those IBOs ahead of them pretty much seals their fate.

Get a clue! Almost everyone in North America has dealt with Amway and an Amway IBO with a who cares attitude at some point in their lives and it does not leave them with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Its disturbing to have searchers show up at my blog who because of Amway’s influence have become uncaring members of our society.

Even my Ambot developed a who cares attitude. Everything I did or asked him to do he’d question with a “how is that going to make me money in my business”. That is the way that Amway ambots think. They look at everything with that greedy selfish attitude. “How is doing that going to make me money or grow my business.” Lovely! Even more sickening is that pre-Amway these people actually did care about others.

How about if an Amway IBO is the first person to drive along after a horrendous car accident. The IBO looks at the accident and says to himself “if I stop to help how is that going to make me money in my Amway business. It won’t so who cares. Some will stop some won’t who cares” and keeps on driving. Another IBO is driving along and sees a stray dog running down a busy street. If the dog isn’t taken off the road it might be hit by a car causing its death and maybe injury to the car’s occupants. Does the IBO care enough to stop and try to get the dog to safety? Nope. That’s because the IBO doesn’t care about anything unless it makes him money. There’s an Amway meeting going on at a hotel. The meeting room’s windows look out on the swimming pool. Many IBO’s can clearly see a small child walking around the pool no adults in sight and the kid falls in. The IBO’s make a decision over which is going to make them more money - staying and listening to the cult leader or running outside to jump in the pool and rescue the kid. A room full of who cares attitudes they all stay where they are.

One day I saw a car hit a boy on a bicycle about a block ahead of me. I did not have a good view of what happened but there were about 20 cars that must have been full of Amway IBOs ahead of me who all drove past the injured boy using the Amway attitude of some will some won't when deciding to stop and offer assistance and how that was going to make them money. I stopped and the kid had a foot injury and I called 911 and then his dad. The driver who hit him did not have a cell phone and was quite shaken up. She was not an Amway IBO with a who cares attitude or I am sure she would have kept on driving.

How would an Amway IBO with a who cares attitude have felt if that was his kid and car after car full of Amway IBOs and their who cares attitude kept on driving past and no one offered assistance? Would the IBO still have a some will some won't who cares attitude?

Amway greed destroys people and turns them into apathetic people who fling off the phrase “who cares”.

Avoid any Amway IBO who says “who cares” when questioned or confronted about anything. A person who does not care about others is the type of scum normal people don’t want to associate with. Amway IBOs care about material things and they don't care who they fuck over to get what they want.


  1. "Who cares?" is a useful mantra if you're trying to get a group of followers to turn a blind eye to very real concerns. Who cares about mounting credit card debt, stacks of unpaid bills, deteriorating relationships, bankruptcy? Maybe if they say it often enough it quells the little voice of reason in the IBO who's whispering, "I do care, because I'm fucking up my life."


  2. Who cares? Once you have residue income rolling in forever from Amway and you're rich you don't need to care about anyone or anything anymore. That's one of the joys about being a brainwashed ambot. We'll tell you what to care about.

    Most IBOs who get involved with Amway are probably decent people who were scammed into believing Amway is their path to financial freedom. Once they figured out the truth and stopped going to brainwashing sessions they turned back into caring people. Caring about others, caring about getting their life back on track, etc.

  3. As an IBO, I do remember our upline telling us to think before we made decisions. We needed to think about how this will affect my financial future, as if nothing else matters. This is sad but spot on.

  4. They use to say "some will,some wont,So what"? at the amway functions. Guess it's now Sw Sw who cares.

  5. Joecool - our upline never told us to think before we made decisions. They said they would make all our decisions for us and we had to do what they said. And then we'd be rich and have residual income coming in for the rest of our lives without ever working again.

  6. Colin, so what is kind of an off the cuff response like who cares when someone is backed into a corner facing the truth and trying to figure out their way out of that jam. Denial thing.

  7. This person i knew who spent over 3k in tools,seminars etc. After he quit the scam confronting his platinum & diamond was told "monkey see monkey do" with him purchasing and supporting the system. Also later on in the conversation told him that the key wasnt buying the stuff but to show the plan and spending very little. When his platinum was dying of cancer and ran into him in the street trying to talk to him. My friend just walk by and didnt say a word to him or acknoledge the platinum

  8. I don't know Colin. That guy's attitude is more consistent with a current IBO who does not care than someone who is no longer involved in Amway.

    If I ran into our former Platinum and he was dying he probably wouldn't say anything to me because I am the traitor who left his cult and took my husband and his giving money to the upline away from him. But if he apologized to me for the hell he put me through I might stop and speak with him for a minute.

  9. I ran into my diamond not that long ago in vegas. He was with his group of cult members ibos. I did say hi but he didnt reconize me. If i lost alot of money id probably really embarass him infront of his group. But when you're in vegas your there to have a good time.

  10. Anna Banana, you dummy, the lady who hit the kid was more likely to be in Amway. she was thrilled to have the opportunity to meet his dad and STP him, and then you, too. plus the cop and ambulance driver.


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