Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days 2011 Itinerary Schedule

I’ve already mentioned in previous posts that Amway World Wide Dream Builders is holding Free Enterprise Days in Denver Colorado October 21 to 23 2011 and in Portland Oregon November 4 to 6 2011.

Seeing as how WWDB hasn’t yet changed their log on and password information (guest and dream) we can all take a peak at Amway functions.

They’re being secretive (big surprise!) about pricing and hotels making this information only available to ambots who are paying $50/month for Premier Membership. So to get my facts right here I have to look back to my profit and loss sheet. Or more aptly titled - loss sheet!

Tickets cost $125 each. Yeah that was the cheap part. Travel, food, and hotel cost $850.

I’m going to paraphrase so I don’t get accused of copyright infringement. FED is touted as celebrating opportunity and freedom in countries built on the free enterprise system. Hunh? Anyone know what the fuck that’s supposed to mean? Seems kind of discriminatory if you come from a country not built on it! And how do you know one way or the other what your country was built on unless you’re the oldest living person in the US at 500+ years old! Then the usual bullshit about building your own business, staying motivated, and seeing your dreams come true.

Yup. Selling the dream. Selling the hope instead of the soap.

So what happens at FED? On Friday night a big rah rah ceremony celebrating the armed forces. I’m all for supporting our military forces but it comes off totally phony at an Amway function. Nothing wrong with celebrating our patriotism except when its done with a company thats a pyramid scheme. Some “patriotic” dude named Rick Green - does anyone know who the hell he is anyway? - will teach about free enterprise. I guess he’s getting well paid because he’s doing it in both cities. Afterwards Diamond speakers will talk about building “the business”. Well that’ll be a first. They never talked about that at the FEDs I went to! They all jabbered about being poor and then they saw the Amway business plan and set their goals on a mission to destroy people and rip them off and now they live in mansions and walk the beaches of the world while residual income rolls in for the rest of their lives. I don’t recall what time the Friday night bullshit session got under way. Eight? That’s the typical witching hour for ambots. Goes on until about midnight. Then expect your upline to order you to attend at least one night owl. You can either be an obedient little IBO and go to the night owl and crawl back to your hotel room around 4am to catch some sleep or do what I do and say fuck you I’m tired and going to bed. I’ve already spent enough time with you lousy bastards anyway.

On Saturday there’s more of the same except the patriotism. Diamond speakers will share about building a Scamway business. And then as if anyone actually gives a flying fuck a bunch of double eagle rubies will keep the ambots motivated to get to where they are. Where the hell do they come up with these phony ass titles that brainwashed ambots ooh and ahh over? Again I don’t recall what time the bullshit session gets under way. Around 9am? When we arrived huge line ups of brainwashed ambots had been waiting in front of the arena doors for hours like they think they’re going to see Mick Jagger maybe? There is no lunch break. Ambots are expected to bring their own snacks such as XS piss water and shitty Amway food bars so that way they don’t need to leave the auditorium to get food. Yeah to hell with what you cult leaders say. If I’m hungry I’m going out to forage for real food. The session breaks down late in the afternoon around 4 or 5 and breaks until 8pm. Then the Amway warriors are expected to return to the battle zone and listen to more bullshit until midnight or whenever those cult leaders decide to shut the fuck up. Then the upline wants you to go to another night owl. Yeah fuck you I’m going back to the hotel and going to sleep.

So in case anyone is wondering if I can tell them what goes on at an Amway night owl meeting after the function has ended for the night - I can not tell you. Oh I can imagine it all right. Just more bullshit from the sack of shit Platinum like I don’t get enough of that several times a week back home! I’ve never gone to a night owl. Ambot not so lucky. He went once or twice when we attended Amway functions.

Oddly enough on WWDB’s website for Sunday there is no mention of the morning church service all the better for brainwashing IBO’s. Starts at 9 or 10? Lasts until noon? Probably one of the Diamond cult leaders running the religious brainwashing session. Then a break until 1. Sunday is a wrap up that will teach the ambots how to meet their Amway goals. Hmm, gee my goal is to invest in the tool scam and buy more Amway products and go into $10,000 in debt to show my dedication and devotion to my Amway cult leaders.

Things wrap up around 5pm and then everyone sprints for their cars and becomes part of a huge traffic jam heading out of town.

This weekend sounds like a real fucking snoozer to me. Take that thousand bucks and buy mutual funds or go on a mini vacation to somewhere fun (no offense Denver and Portland!) instead of making the greedy upline bastards richer.


  1. Christ sake i cant imagine spending 1k going. People where bitching 20 years ago when it was under 100.00 to go locally.

  2. And now you have to make a pilgrimage to either Colorado or Oregon. You know how those 2 states just scream out to you that they're the convention capitals of the USA!

  3. Anna, since 9/11 it takes forever for people to drive across the canadian-usa border. Sometimes the lineups is 2-3 hours. Asking endless questions unless you're a american citizen. You can get the same experience by buying the dvd on ebay for less than 2.00 two months after the event.

  4. Anna, It seems to me that you got the wrong stuff out of all those meetings. (Yes you guessed it I'm what you call a Ambot), But your coming off as a complainer. So you don't like the Amway way, so what. Seems to me that you acting like the devil loose in a Church, "OH Don't Follow God it is Too much work to have Faith." At these big meeting it is suppose to be motivating.
    They Motivate people to get off there fat ass and work. They can't tell you how to build your business because they are not you. They can only tell you what they have done to build.
    And it comes down to you basically If They can do So can you. On the stage you saw a lot of people that seems dumb or stupid right, Well it sounds like there isn't much of a difference between them and you.

    God Bless and Keep you.

  5. Well hello Duane who found your way here by doing a search for "free enterprise days 2011". I'm afraid you missed the boat on that one son. I'm surprised your upline hasn't been riding your ass and mocking you for missing that function!

    You haven't been paying attention. I don't like my upline way more than I don't like Amway!

    What is it with you ambots quoting religion all the time? I've never had to put up with religion at any business meetings I went to for legitimate businesses. Amway meetings are a bit different. Gotta throw in the religion as part of the brainwashing process.

  6. Ha have you ever thought its not the business thats the problem just weak people who are to lazy to follow some success? See I like rap music and a lot of rappers are successful and make millions at it correct? Yet there are people out there who hate rap and don't believe that the rap music genre can even be called music. So anybody can hate on any form of success and wether you find them worthy or not of success well doesn't really matter because they are there and they worked hard to get there.

    People say that you should go to school so you can get a good job and be so happy. When we all know life doesn't work that way. What Amway does is it give people who are willing to work a little more security by having a little extra income. Ill never be a wealthy rapper,but I can be a great business owner. Maybe if you guys had a better upline you wouldn't feel the same.
    Oh and if you want to talk about legal issues with about the pyramid scheme bs you can save it. no 10.9 billon dollar company is going to stay standing while be running with an illegal system so if you think that you are ignorant.
    I am a college student and I do just fine in the business earning a few extra a month doing so and it helps me out a long way with school expenses. So If I can do it so can anyone.

    Have a good life. Try not to be a hater so much. If you all spent as much time complaining as you did trying you might get somewhere.

    1. You know Jared, its just my week to get besieged by brainwashed ambots.

      I get it that you're in college and you're trying to earn a little side income and hopefully find something better out there to take you the good life you desire, but it ain't Amway. You can't even come in here with anything original to say. That rapper thing? I heard that at every Scamway meeting I went to so that tells me the Amway cult leaders have been using it for at least 5 years and they're still using the rag on the rappers thing. I think there's more people out there who don't like classical music or country music than those who dislike rap.

      Why are you bragging about a company that earns 10 billion? That's good for the owners of such a company but does piss all good for you. And wouldn't you think a company that makes that kind of money that you ambots like to brag about could offer its employees a benefits plan? Cheap ass bastards who treat their employees like shit! By the way Amazon made $40 billion last year and I don't see you going around bragging about that! How come?

      If you really want to earn a side income go out and mow lawns or walk dogs or sell chocolate chip cookies. You'll make more money than wasting your time inside the Amway pyramid scheme. Get out now before you get more brainwashed because they haven't done a good enough job brainwashing you yet. You forgot to call me a negative unchristian dream stealer the way all good little ambots who parrot their upline do.

  7. Like religion I can see the veil of smoke and mirrors used with this so called 'company'. The WWDG are the very definition of a pyramid scheme and they are illegal in the United States. Using 'God' and the church as a support in a business that claims to earn you fortunes is A). Against Christianity to begin with ( You know, a rich man has less a chance of getting into heaven as a camel has getting through the eye of a needle.) and B). Like the crusades where people justified killing innocents because 'God told them to'. Spending more money than you could have on conventions that tell you the same thing but you get heavily scrutinized if you don't attend is just ridiculous especially after they feed you that crap about how you'll be so rich you could hardly imagine it and all you have to do is pay 170 to start the business. I'm already seeing this whole ordeal as an annoying process with the late night meetings. I'm wondering when they'll hand me the black cloak and the sacrificial blade to kill my first virgin.

    1. Anonymous - at every Scamway meeting I attended the cult leaders would spend about half an hour trying to convince the followers that its not a pyramid scheme. If that is such a huge focus of spending so much time defending its not a pyramid scheme then thats a good sign that it probably is! Its like standing in front of Home Depot and trying to convince people walking in the store that its really a Lowes. The signs all say otherwise!

      No other company I have worked for brought religion into the workplace the way Amway does.

      Stick with Amway long enough and go to enough late night meetings and the cult leaders will be able to brainwash you into anything.

  8. Hey, College Boy, er, Jared;

    There's this thing called 'proofing you work.' I learned it in 5th grade. Try it sometime.

    The illiteracy of college studens is shocking.

    Be careful about giving us grief about amway and then declaring your are a 'college boy' as if that gives you credence. If you don't know what credence is, try using a dictionary. Amazing little book.


    1. I think that little ambot bastard is off trying to scrounge up money to attend Spring Leadership!

  9. only losers talk bad about things or business ideas. if you didn't make it don't you say bad things. i will pardon your language. you looking into negative side. i am looking into positive and I found it. it is not only money makes peaople happy. i became more knowledgeble, secure and confident as well as profitable. so in my opinion you need to shut your self and accept the fact that you lost your dream.

    1. Well at least I'm not some fucking Amway asshole from South Richmond Hill, New York going onto Bing to search for "Free Enterprise Days 2011". At least I know what fucking year it is! Those Amway cult leaders got you brainwashed into thinking you have the power to go back in time just because you're in Amway? Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! What a fucking moron you are!

    2. So who is bad-mouthing a business idea here? We're only bad-mouthing Amway. Big difference.

    3. Anonymous - brainwashed ambots can't tell the difference. They're all arrogant bastards who have a sense of entitlement that the whole world revolves around them and their Amway cult!

  10. I was brain washed for 10 years by my mother to be an Ambot and to worship false gods that don't exist. I am sure that if I added all of my investments up into that business I would be over $10,000 and that's a dam shame.

    1. Anonymous - nothing worse than having your mother suck you into a scam because this is the first person you ever trusted in your life and that is a form of betrayal when a parent doesn't protect you.

      You're lucky you only lost $10,000 over 10 years. Many ambots easily drop that much per year. And yes what a shame when you think of everything else you could have done with that money.

    2. That's the frightening power of brainwashing. At the People's Temple in Guyana where Jim Jones had successfully brainwashed a large mass of people, mothers fed their babies poisoned Kool Aid through a syringe simply because their cult leader told them to.

      In Amway, the IBOs are brainwashed to believe their upline are to be worshiped and to follow their "advice" and instructions without question or thought. And while they don't command their downline to kill their babies, they do tell them to take advantage of all family and friends and pull their finances into the cult to help line the upline's pockets.


    3. Dave - it must be a lot harder to shut your mother out of your life after she scammed you than to shut out some arrogant asshole that's friends with your husband!

  11. LMAFAO I was so fucking mad that I couldn't eat any real food and that I couldn't sleep and that I had to constantly be meeting people and pretend I was impressed at their accomplishments and that I was having a good time and learning a lot. I remember my upline passing me a notebook and pen to take notes and I just thought LOL what for? Oh my God you have no idea how much it sucked to think you were finally done for the day and be told you had to go to a night owl to hear more of nothing. The only thing that made that event bearable was canoodling with my boyfriend during the talks, and I was later scolded for that. No one said a damn thing to him about it though and I really didn't understand why I was the one singled out for questionable behavior or why anyone gave a shit. My upline told me that a few people texted her about it and I just thought, really? Well that's what happens when you take two, bored 20 years who very rarely get to spend time together and make it impossible for them to have a moment alone.

  12. Hey Anna!
    I believe you are confused about WWDB and Amway. These are two different entities.
    WWDB is the marketing group that promotes Amway products. They are the ones that make, as you put it, 'AMBOTS'.
    True Amway supports WWDB but they also support 'other' groups that promote Amway products.
    I'm sorry that you had a negative opinion of WWDB.
    I was once a 'distributor' and my experience was positive.
    I was never forced or coerced to attend a function or buy products that I don't need during all the time I was with WWDB. And those meetings that I did attend helped me rekindle my entrepreneurial spirit.
    You see, I was so focused on doing my best to my chosen profession/job thinking that it will make me rich that I forgot about my dream of having my own business!
    I'm no longer with WWDB but I do like Amway products. They're good, they're very good! I hope you agree with that.
    And yes, I now have my own business. And, no, it's not being an Amway distributor.

    1. Hi Anonymous. I'm very clear over WWDB and Amway. The assholes in our upline used that to their advantage when they were teaching us how to scam others. We were supposed to say no it's not Amway it's WWDB. But we douse Amway for distributing our products.

      And no I don't agree with your opinion that Amway products are good but everyone is entitlted to their own opinion. Mine is they're overpriced generic products.

      Good that youre no longer in the cult and have started your own legitimate business.


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