Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ambot Kibbutzim

Our former Platinum is a very religious man, no work on Sunday the lord's day, yet he is an arrogant sack of shit who worships money. He didn’t care about us or our success. The only thing he wanted was to sell us websites, voice mail systems, books, CD’s, standing orders for Amway products, and buy tickets to functions. And preach religion like the good cult leader he is.

At every meeting he brought up God. He peppered the first hour of every meeting with religious references before he’d even get around to mention Amway. The next hour or two or however long he decided to torture us with his brainwashing session also had a good religious mix.

I’ve been to business meetings most of my adult life. Nowhere else have I ever been forced to endure someone else's religious beliefs in a professional business setting.

But then Amway is not a professional business. Its a pretend one. Part of the brainwashing process involves the religious teachings whether you want it or not because that’s how a cult operates.

Our sack of shit Platinum had a screwed up definition of friendship. His true friends signed up as Amway IBO’s and purchased to above mentioned websites, Communikate voice mail, books, CD’s, put themselves on ditto standing orders for Amway shit, and bought tickets to every Amway function and event. The sack of shit offered his undying friendship and assured the cult followers that he would always be their only true friend who understood them and supported them and loved them.

The Platinum is a friend who only loves you as long as your money flows in his direction. Shut the bank down and he shuts down his friendship.

That sack of shit Platinum was one of the biggest bastards around who couldn’t mind his own business and forced his personal beliefs on everyone in his LOS and ordered them how to run their lives.

Ask permission. Submit to upline.

It really bugged the shit out of that bastard that we had extra bedrooms in our house that were going unused - in his opinion. In reality the other bedrooms in our house have been assigned other tasks of our choosing. Spare bedroom for guests and an office. It works for us!

It didn’t work for that meddling sack of shit Platinum. He thought we should open our homes and our hearts to transients, ie IBO’s inbetween accommodations.

Uh no I don’t think so. There are homeless shelters in this town for people who need them. We don’t need our lives disrupted by brainwashed ambots taking over our house.

I have no idea why that sack of shit had such a bee up his ass about our house other than the fact we were one of very few downline who actually owned a house. He could count on one hand how many of his cult followers owned their own homes and still have fingers left over. Perhaps the bastard was brought up in a kibbutz.

That kind of living ain’t for everyone!

And neither is Amway for everyone!

And neither is belonging to a cult for everyone!

And neither is submitting to a sack of shit Platinum!


  1. Anna - As you have already deduced, one of the greatest weaknesses of 'Amway' proselytizers, is how predictable they are. The term 'Ambot,' perfectly describes them. They are unthinking and unfeeling machines, completely dependent on a self-gratifying delusion to maintain their self-esteem and related psychological function. Once you know exactly what their delusion is, you can predict what Ambots will say and do, with a remarkable level of accuracy. However, I've also heard Ambots described in Britain as 'Jackpot Witnesses.'We all know what 'Jehovoa's Witnesses' will say and do when they appear on our doorsteps.

    Although it's often difficult to imagine, no matter how loathsome Ambot machines might seem, at one time they were diverse individuals, and they will certainly not remain bonded by their Ambot group-delusion for much longer. Most former Ambots remain silent, the few who manage to break with 'Amway' and confront the ego-destroying reality that they have been systematically deceived and exploited, are invariably destitute and dissociated from all their previous social contacts. For many years afterwards, recovering former-Ambots can suffer from various psychological problems (which are also generally indicative of the victims of abuse).

    'Amway Platinum Distributors' used to be known as 'Direct Distributors.'They correspond to Pastors and their deluded little flocks to parish congregations.

    According to the sacred mathematical formula of the 'Amway business building plan', in order to acquire their ego-inflating title, contributing 'Platinum Distributorships' (which comprise married couples) have to create, and maintain, at least 50 more contributing 'distributorships' (usually comprising couples) for a 12 month period. However, around 60% of 'Amway' converts quickly stop contributing and never renew their first annual contract. Thus, in order to maintain their dream of future salvation, 'Platinums' will say, or do, anything to make a convert or to keep an existing convert from leaving. What they cannot see is that each reality-denying little 'Amway' congregation is just one part of world-wide reality-denying organization that has been in a constant state of collapse for more than half a century, but which has been steadfastly presented as constantly expanding.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  2. Oh oh David too many words I didn't understand!

    Yes at one time ambots probably were diverse individuals with lives and interests and hobbies and families and friends. They probably got involved in Amway under the false belief this is how they can make a better life for themselves and others. Under the cult leadership they turned into loathsome individuals.

    My husband believed everything the cult leaders said. He believed it was his fault he didn't make money. He believed he would be a loser if he wasn't involved in Amway. He hated to lose the friendship of some of the ambots when he quit Amway. He suffered problems afterward. Me not so much other than being pissed off enough at the abuse we took from our former upline to blog about it. Making it real. Amway executives probably hate it when people blog about how Amway is a poor business opportunity, how the products are overpriced, how their food tastes like shit, etc. But someone who blogs about the emotions of dealing with typical ambots is another story. My upline could be anyone's upline. They're a bunch of assholes and we tell it like it is. It moves to a personal level and how we were victimized by the associations we had from being involved in Amway. I tell how the upline treated us. Our story is no different from lots of other stories I've read. This is what IBO's have to look forward to if they get involved in Amway, dealing with horrible people who force their religious and personal beliefs on you and tell you to ask permission to do anything and submit to upline. CULT!!!

    I had to check the intellectual level of your post. Readability: grade 16. Way out of my league. That's why I didn't know some of those words!

  3. The words that David uses may be on a grade 16 level, but at least the sentences are grammatically correct and intelligible. There are no spelling errors of everyday words and there is no profanity. That is a lot more than you'll get from an Ambot's comment!

  4. David - the other David must be a learned scholar! On the other hand I don't got no learning so my sentences might not be correct, spelling no good, and lots of profanity! This is how I really talk!

  5. You make a lot more sense than an ambot. The reason I mentioned profanity is that use of profanity is against the code of conduct that all ambots are supposed to adhere to. When I was in, there was something I had to sign stating I would adhere to the code of conduct for IBOs or face discipline that could lead to the termination of my IBO ship.
    I read some of the letters Scott Larsen received from former IBOs and current ambots. Most of the letters from the ambots were poorly written, leaving me to really have to think to figure out what they were trying to say. I read a letter from Dexter Yeager on that site. In that letter, he used the word asshole. I thought ambots were supposed to be above using profanity anyway, due to their anointing from God.

  6. David - I might make more sense because I'm drawing on what I went through during the Amway Dark Days, how much money we spent, the shitty products, dragged off to meeting, upline abuse, and watched what was happening to my husband and I write about how it happened.

    Ambots are brainwashed to believe everything their upline says and that everyone else is a negative dream stealer liar.

    They arrive at my blog and are outraged that someone could curse out their upline the way I do and can barely spit out a coherent canned amspeak response.

    You had to sign a code of conduct saying no profanity! Hell I could never sign something like that! Ambot used to try to tell me I had to put a dollar in the jar everytime I swore. Yeah good look trying to enforce that one! The jar would be overflowing by the end of the day!

  7. And these are the supposed Christians who, even though "it's a business, but really it is a ministry" to reach out to the masses. Who, in their right frame of thinking, wants to follow such cult leaders? Following these people and their self induced gods like a-hole uttering, all-pious-Christian charlatan like Dexter Yaeger will lead to 2 hells - 1st one courtesy of scamway right here on earth, the other as per Christians' good book that they pretend to read. Watch out scambots.

    BTW Thinking is too much work for ambots. Upline does that, their part is to do. Unbelievable as it may seem that is the truth. It is couched in one of the 3 cardinal rules "to submit to upline." Cult! I remember when this was being "eased" on me my upline used to give me examples of how he did not question upline. Same story was ditto for all the uplines I had access to. Did you notice another subtle but powerful scamway cult strategy? That all uplines had the same way of thinking, cult called same thought process. So you realized quickly oh ok everyone has a position and the top dog was the supreme thinker. To be "helped” by them to "build your business" you had to conform otherwise they would brush you aside and look for someone else who was ready for them to work with.

  8. ExAmbot - my upline had a screwed up version of Christianity. Actually its our upline Platinum who is the scariest because I think he has a copy of Jim Jones's manual and it wouldn't surprise me at all to find him with his own breakaway little religious cult and looking for sanctuary in some 3rd world country where he won't attract a lot of attention.


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