Friday, November 11, 2011

Staying In Amway For Fear of Breaking Marriage

Yup, that was the criteria a searcher used and found their way to my blog: Staying in Amway for fear of breaking marriage.

Very disturbing. Not the part about fearing Amway because Amway should be feared.

I heard at countless Amway meetings how Amway saves marriages. And even some bullshit from our Platinum about how WWDB has a lower divorce rate than the rest of the population. How the hell he came up with that little gem I’ll never know. But then all he’s good at doing is spouting off lies and expecting his beloved cult followers to believe every word he says is true.

I think what I have to say about the hell I went through thanks to Amway and what other women have said, some who’ve left comments here, and other comments I’ve borrowed from other web pages speaks for itself.

The wives of ambots are victims in the Amway pyramid scheme.

We have to put up with husbands who are being brainwashed by their cult leaders. They turn into nasty, sarcastic, sneering assholes who are turned against everyone who doesn’t support their Amway business.

As our Platinum used to chant: “People who are not in Amway are stupid.”

Our husbands believe that. They don’t want to be around stupid people. And yes just because their sack of shit Platinum says it makes it true. In their brainwashed minds that is.

In addition to the personality change that women have to put up with from their ambot husband, they can also look forward to not spending much time with him. There will be at least two Amway meetings a week. Maybe as many as four. The upline will be demanding the husband’s attention either in the way of lengthy phone calls, never ending text messages, or being summoned to last minute counselling sessions.

Let me just take a moment to send a big fuck you out to our former upline now that I’m reliving those horrible memories! Fuck you assholes!

Also the wife has to deal with spending no time with the ambot husband. He’s not interested in family get togethers, going out with his wife and family for fun outings, going on vacation. Nothing. He’s not interesting in doing nothing unless its kissing his upline’s ass and going to Amway functions.

Then there’s the finances. Credit cards are being maxed out so the ambot can buy as many Amway products as his upline bullies him into doing. Gotta get that PV up there so some upline fucker can meet that month’s goals! Bank account is dwindling. Bills are not being paid. Rent or mortgage is a few months late and perhaps eviction or foreclosure proceedings have been started. No marriage needs that kind of stress added on to the participation in Amway being the cause of it.

Their credit scores have gone down the toilet.

And just a few months ago their marriage was great. There was no debt. They had some savings. Bills were never overdue. They were having fun together and loving life.

Then the evil monster named Amway took a shit on their marriage.

Wives can tolerate a lot of things from their husbands. There’s always that one ugly piece of furniture they want in the house. Or that Rolling Stones T shirt they had to buy. They always have some dipshit asshole for a friend that the wife can’t stand. They go through weird phases like when they decided buying a 4 wheeler was a good idea.

The problem with Amway is that the wife ends up having all her husband’s new friends turn against her if she doesn’t join him and stand by his side smiling stupidly at him and keeping quiet like a good little ambot wife. The upline ambots do everything they can to destroy the marriage telling the ambot his wife is a dream stealer, negative, unchristian, a loser. What ever those troublemaking bastards brainwash the ambot into believing. They are hell bent to destroy the marriage because she doesn’t support the Amway business and doesn’t want to put any more money into it or go further into debt trying futilely to be part of the less than 1% of IBO’s who actually earn money at Amway. She knows a business with a 99% failure rate has the odds stacked against them from the start. There are better ways to invest their money. Common sense decisions like that and cutting off money to the great Amway gods makes ambots scream out every lie they can to turn the husband against her.

The wife has fallen into a dark place when she has to hit the Internet with the question asking if she should stay in Amway even though its breaking up their marriage.

What does she kick out? Amway or the ambot?


  1. Anna - Here is the transcript of a brainwashing tape entitled: ‘How to Handle Negative Websites’. It was first produced and distributed by the ‘InterNet Services Corporation’ in 2001. This company was owned by ‘Amway Diamond Distributor’, the self-styled ‘pastor’ Dexter Yager. This particular piece of divisive nonsense has only been officially available to the most brainwashed, high-level US Ambots. A copy was given to me by former 'Emerald,' Eric Scheibeler.

    The fire and brimstone preacher who featured on the tape, was Pastor Mark Gorman.

    ‘I'm convinced more and more each day that this (‘Amway’) business was God's idea. What I'm saying is God created this (‘Amway’) business so that we could pull families together and help people — and the Devil does not like that ! If you don't believe there's a Devil, go on the Internet ! Man I'm telling you, there's a Devil ! The Devil does not like this (‘Amway’) business ! - He does not like the unity in this (Amway’) business ! All I want to say to you is: guys, if I were the Devil and I saw a business that was keeping marriages together, where that men learned how to love their wife … they're taught from stage in Leadership sessions how to love their wife … where women are taught how to really integrate the marriage … the husband and wife relationship … where parents are taught how to bring up their children and encourage them to speak life and positive things into them so that those children have good healthy self-images and believe that they can really do anything that they put their minds to do . If I saw a business that was responsible for holding those marriages and families together, and getting people out of debt, and learning how to treat people with dignity, respect and kindness … a business that gave people hope for freedom, hope for their financial future … that a person could not even succeed in this (‘Amway’) business without helping somebody else, and that the more people you help the more money you make… a business that teaches the principles of morals and ethics and integrity, that gives dignity to human life, that validates marriages an institution that should be reverenced that should not be put down or criticised or belittled .… If I saw a business that did all those things and so much more for humanity .… If I were the Devil, I'd hate it with a passion ! And I am convinced that not only does Satan hate the Church, I'm convinced with all my heart that Satan has good reason for hating this (‘Amway’) business. He has good reason for hating Dexter and Birdie and every Leader in their organisation. Satan hates this (‘Amway’) business with a passion, because this (‘Amway’) business stands for everything he hates ! And if you want to know whose behind those Websites, all I ask you is, who could it be… huh ? … Could it be Satan ?’

  2. David - I read about Dexter Yager in Merchants of Deception.

    That sounds exactly like what he'd say. And having to come up with a CD or tape to counteract the "negative" web sites which are really websites with former IBO's experiences shows at how they are desperate to keep the Amway cult followers away from learning the truth and cutting off the money supply.

    Like we need any further proof that Amway is a screwed up religious cult!

    Of course my former upline is convinced I'm the spawn of Satan! I'm sure that any Amway cult followers who show up at my blog think that too!

    There are a lot of fucked up ambots out there thanks to this kind of teaching.

  3. Most females realize it's better to kick out ambot than stay in. Cause who on earth wanna be in so much shared debt?

  4. Anna - When you start comparing the comic-book fictional scenarios that control the personalities and behaviour of cult adherents, they all turn out to be essentially the same.

    I think the best way to explain fanatical core-cult adherents, is to picture them as being the same as fearful and obedient Catholic serfs from the middle-ages - programmed to slave for their wealthy Lords and Masters in the certainty that this is the only way to avoid Hell and enter Paradise.

    In 'Scientology'(although it doesn't seem possible to casual observers), core-adherents (like Tom Cruise) have been programmed to believe that they have successfully cleared clusters of invisible, negative, extra-terrestrial creatures from their minds, and bodies, and transformed into the next stage of human evolution - a sort of enlightened master race that represents a positive force of absolute righteousness and purity - and that they are engaged in a never-ending struggle against an evil extra-terrestrial tyrant, Xenu, who is tryng to take control of Earth's sector of the galaxay.

    It takes years, and many hundreds of thousands of dollars, to learn the complete fairytale known as 'Scientology.' This is far too complex to be fully-understood. Victims of this classic advance fee fraud, have to climb never-ending pyramids of obedience and initiation. Obedient adherests are granted ego-inflating titles and ranks, whilst non-initiates are referred to as 'Wogs.' '

    High-level 'Scientologists' see non-initiates as being sub-humans, slightly above animals, who cannot yet realize that they are controlled by an evil force. 'Scientologists' are convinced that they are the only humans who have access to a secret knowledge recovered from another planet by L. Ron Hubbard, and that disciples of this knowledge, who convert others, are the only hope of clearing planet Earth of Evil and stopping Xenu. Thus, absolutely anything 'Scientologists' do (including running an enormous advance fee fraud to finance their secret Crusade)is seen as perfectly justified.

    If you stop to think, all that the instigator of 'Scientology' did was take the traditional religious myth of God versus Satan, and transpose it into the language and imagary of science fiction. To a Catholic serf in the middle-ages, L. Ron Hubbard's clusters of evil extra-terrestrial creatures, would have been 'demons'. Thus 'Scientologists' are psychotics who are actually engaged in casting imaginary creatures out of their minds and bodies in order to transform themselves into superhumans. But then, the most-fanatical Ambots are no different.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  5. Too much credit is given to satan. he must be amused wherever he is about the sheer fear mongering that is sometimes perpetrated on his name by those who should know best, the pastors. in this case credit is due to a bunch of greedy scumbots like dexter yaeger and co., for doing the act of screwing up other people. sure this satan might have influnced their thinking if anything but i don't see how or why he should take all the credit.

  6. Colin - not necessarily. I think most would rather wait out their ambot and hope its just a phase he's going through and will be done soon. Most wives would likely get seriously pissed off at Amway and the upline around the one year mark of losing money and time and look at kicking him out if he doesn't leave the cult.

  7. David - in Amway the ambots are brainwashed to believe that they are in "the business" to become rich and not have to work again and they will be able to bless others with their Amway riches by showing them the plan too.

  8. ExAmbot - I agree with you. Satan must be very pleased with all the credit brainwashed ambots give him/her!

  9. Anna - As you know, whilst they remain under the malign influence of their group, Ambots believe that they alone will achieve a secure Utopian existence, a form of paradise on Earth, where they won't have to go to work ever again, but the cash will always just keep-on rolling in. In order to achieve this glittering dream-world, Ambots, like 'Scientologists,' have been persuaded to remove all negativity from their minds and to believe 100% that they will transform into superior beings. Once inside this hypnotic mind-trap, it has been child's play to relieve 'Ambots' and 'Scientologist' of their cash. This is why the bosses of these twin, organized crime groups are billionaires.

    For obvious reasons, 100% positive thinking (or unquestioning belief) has been promoted by all sorts charlatans, down the centuries. A story of a secure, future Utopia that never arrives, but which must be believed in at all costs, is a universal identifying characteristic of cults and totalitarian regimes.

    When applied to authentic achievable goals, 100% positive thinking (or unquestioning belief) is not in itself dangerous. However, when you apply unquestioning belief to a swindle like 'Amway' or 'Scientology', what you produce is the almost perfect crime where the victims can be crushed into guilty silence, because they think that their failure to achieve Utopia was entirely their own fault for not believing totally.

    This is without a doubt, one of the oldest and most-successful crimes known to mankind.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  10. Thank you David!

    That is exactly true. i remember when i got interested to find out for myself all i could about scientology, unexpected shocks to my mind's system never ceased. how can anybody, with an iota of a brain, believe all the crap about extrateresial beings? believe in englightment knowledge from an obvious charlatan who said start a religion and become rich, and he did. Believe everybody else is sub-human and a wog? then i watched a tom cruise youtube clip telling matt lauer "you don't understand" with much and extreme conceit. His unspoken words were "you are just a sub-human being not at my level, you don't have enlightment as i do, and so what can you grasp even if you wanted to, you couldn't anyway." OMG. it was so bad he apologized later. Show's you some of us human beings have taken just alittle more time and figured out that most everyone else can be manipulated to believe a certain way and thus, the crux of cultic beliefs and behaviors. in the process of delving into scamway research it led me to scientology and other cults. it was a very interesting discovery - that researching scamway is profoundly tied to other cults such as, scientology. mmh i wonder why that is. perhaps, maybe because scamway is a cult?

  11. David - IBO's in our group were also taught to act superior to other IBO's depending on the amount of tools they bought or how many CORE steps they were faithfully adhering to.

    The problem with the ambots I knew no matter how much they screamed "don't say negative!" were actually the most negative people I've ever met!

    Can't practice what they preached! Ha ha!

  12. ExAmbot- What? Extra terrestial beings DON'T exist???!!!!

  13. Anna, guess youre right with waiting it out. For some females it really depends on how much debt. Gets a little harder to take if their ambot cant afford a burger at wendys. Or starts eating amway bars/drinks as a replacement meal.

  14. Anna - Do you remember the 'Heavens Gate' cult from the 1990s. It's instigator was Marshall Applewhite ( a guilt-ridden former teacher who had sought psychiatric treatment after being caught sexually abusing his students). He persuaded a core-group of his male followers that sexual desire was an impediment to their achieving a higher form of existence. They allowed themselves to be surgically castrated. Later, Applewhite persuaded most of his followers to commit suicide by convincing them that they were shedding their imperfect human bodies to transform into perfect spiritual beings on another planet.

    I have examined many different cults in great depth, and I have come to the inescapable conclusion, that, apart from the length of time they survive and the size that they grow to, they are all essentially the same.

    One of the factors which often protects cultism from rigorous investigation, is that, at first, it can seem too absurd to be dangerous. It doesn't seem possible that adults can become enslaved by what is essentially the same comic-book story of 'negative versus positive', 'good versus evil'. The majority of casual observers remain convinced that the cult phenomenon only harms idiots and weaklings. In reality, we should all be on our guard against cultism, because it is actually much closer to us than we like to think.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  15. Colin - everyone has different tolerance levels on how much they can take.

  16. David - I know of the Heaven's Gate cult though the castration thing is news to me! My aunt bought a 2 bedroom house up in Newport Oregon and was planning to retire there. In the meantime she rented it out. There were problems when it was discovered 26 people were living there and she began the eviction process and eventually had them removed. They were Heaven's Gate cult members. I have no idea if they were part of the group waiting for their spaceship.

    My upline often did the good versus evil comparisons. Of course they're the good. Everyone not in Amway is evil. They know how to draw lines.

  17. @Anna Banana said...
    "ExAmbot- What? Extra terrestial beings DON'T exist???!!!!"

    From the perspective of Scientology, don't say that to tom cruise and company.

  18. Next thing you'll be trying to tell me is Santa doesn't exist.....

  19. Anna - That's very interesting,. It seems that your aunt encountered 'Heavens Gate' when the group was wandering about the USA without any real purpose. Applewhite eventually settled in California where he bought a smart house and concentrated on recruiting IT students. He'd started a profitable commercial enterprise which created Websites for private and corporate clients. In reality, Applewhite's adherents were de facto slaves who were obliged to give their leader everything they owned. Personal wealth was seen as a negative impediment to achieving paradise. Adherents were progressively made completely dependent on their leader and, thus, dissociated from external reality. In the end, the group wore identical costumes, ate virtually no protein in their diet and drank huge quantities of caffein-rich coca cola which kept them awake for more than 20 hours a day. In this child-like, non-thinking state, they were surrounded by televisions which constantly played old episodes of 'Star Trek.' The 'Heavens Gate' faithful saw these as 'scientific documentaries,' but then, their entire lives were ruled by a comic-book fiction - a dangerous game of make-believe presented as total reality by a sociopath.

    'Beam me up Scotty!'

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  20. David - when the story hit the news it creeped out my aunt enough that she sold that house!

    It wouldn't surprise me to hear if my former Platinum did the same thing as Applewhite. He loved the power trip and probably would love commune living with all his followers within easy grasp.

  21. Anna - Applewhite is a particularly interesting psychological case-study in respect of cultism; for, classically, his psychotic delusions infected the minds of the vulnerable persons drawn into his group.

    In sad reality, Applewhite simply cobbled together the most outrageous, and complex, lie to escape from his overwhelming feelings of guilt about abusing young men in the colleges where he was a music teacher. He had been brought up in a devout Presbyterian family, and was apparently well-respected and happily- married with two children, but all the time, he maintained a secret life as a manipulative homosexual. Apparently, he targeted heterosexual kids who were short of money, and lured them into financial dependence. Depressed at being sacked and dropped by his wife, children and former colleagues, Applewhite began delving into all sorts of religious myths. When again fired from his job, he had apparently claimed to have been controlled by voices and, therefore, not responsible for his forbidden sexual activities. Again, his abuse was brushed under the carpet, but, this time, Applewhite agreed to seek psychiatric treatment. Unfortunately, he then encountered Bonnie Nettles, a nurse who was looking after him in a psychiatric hospital.

    If I remember correctly, Applewhite became convinced that the voices he said he'd heard were those of extra-terrestrials, because Nettles was a passionate believer in UFOs and visitors from outer-space. From then on, the two just fed off their own delusions and lies. Nettles was one of the group found dead in California in 1992.

    What made Applewhite all the more dangerous, was the fact that he was a confident, well-educated and articulate man, in his middle-years, who had great experience as a teacher and stage performer. He had directed amateur shows, and had sung in a semi-professional capacity in several operas.

    In a way 'Heavens Gate' was a theatrical presentation, written, directed and produced by, and starring Applewhite in the role of 'patriachal enlightened hero/saviour.'The problem was that this performance went on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Just as in the 'Amway' theater, its brainwashed audience mistook the 'Heaven's Gate' show for reality. Anyone who challenged this game of make-believe, was systematically thrown-out by its divisive rules, and branded a danger to salvation.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  22. Yep that's scamway's MO all over people if you choose no longer to be a brain washed ambot participant - "do not waste your time with people who are not going in life where you are going. They are too negative and toxic and will steal your dream. The best friends you will find in your life are in here!" That's what cult leaders tell their followers and the process of separation from family and friends begins...

  23. ExAmbot - we were also told by our upline to leave behind the people who are not going in life where we're going.

    Let's see. Where were we going? Losing money in Amway. Going into debt thanks to Amway. Emotional distress thanks to Amway. Associating with asshole ambots in Amway.

    Who came out ahead in that deal?!


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