Monday, November 7, 2011

Amway is the Best Business Opportunity in the World! According to one IBO....

So what did you all do? Go back to jobs without any security? Amway is the best business opportunity in the world.

The above gem is part of a comment a brainwashed ambot left on my post about Amway CDs and tapes

His entire comment was full of the usual amspeak bullshit that every brainwashed ambot who feels compelled to leave a comment on my blog uses. How original. Not!

As for the “Amway is the best business opportunity in the world” promotion I included it here so that everyone can shake their heads at his stupidity. Also I think his quote is something that I can see brainwashed ambots searching for. Seeing as how my blog gets thousands of hits a month and I’m high on the search engines for just about everything some brainwashed IBO can possibly search for, I’m taking advantage of these key words to propel myself to the top of the search engine pages for this one too. Probably not what that little bastard had in mind but oh well. That’s what happens when you leave a comment anonymously you can’t go back and delete it.

Hmmm....I went back to a job without security after we quit Amway? Nope. My husband and I now had more time to concentrate on our own business and have more free time together instead of wasting time at Amway meetings and being bored by ambots. We also have more money in our bank accounts and no longer have to worry about running up more credit card debt trying to fund the Amway dream of financial independence.

That comment about jobs with no security came straight from an Amway meeting. Full of doom and gloom. There’s nothing else out there except for the Amway business opportunity (gotta get more keywords in!). To further punctuate it the Amway cult leader preaches that there are no jobs out there with job security. Certainly there are occupations out there where job security is a thing of the past. With the computer age and technology jobs have been eliminated. Some industries shut down and have a trickle down effect to other jobs in the community. There are many people in service positions whose jobs likely won’t be eliminated. For all that rotten little ambot knows I drive an ambulance and as long as people need to be transported for medical attention I have a job.

At least 95% of IBO’s who sign up with Amway lose money and quit within the first two years. What kind of security is that? Paying your Amway employer hundreds of dollars every month and barely making any money back in commission. Always at a net loss.

What kind of security is there in getting involved with a scam?

It never fails to amaze me how every ambot out there thinks that everyone else, especially me, has a job. And how they always accuse us of working a job for someone else like that is a horrible, evil thing to do. As far as I’m concerned nothing else could be more horrible or evil than Amway! It is apparently inconceivable to brainwashed ambots that there are people in the world who do not have jobs working for someone else. Many people do have employers and there’s nothing wrong with that, unless of course you’re an ambot and sneering at them. Other people are self employed, own businesses, unemployed, medically incapable of working, or live off their investments. Amway ambots refuse to accept that there are tons of reasons why not everybody has an employer and is working a job.

When ambots quit Amway they better hope they have a job or your own business or some other kind of income to support them and pay off some of the debt they accrued thanks to Amway.

As for going back to a job without any security, if I had the choice between finding a job or getting involved with Amway again I’d take the job option. Its called choosing the lesser of two evils.


  1. Anna

    I had many conversations with UK trade regulators about the non-rational mind-set of Ambots like my brother. At first, certain regulators just couldn't accept that there were so many people in the UK who could be brainwashed into believing that an obvious fraud with an effectively 100% failure/drop-out rate is 'the best business opportunity in the world,' or that 'Amway' should be compared to notorious cultic/totalitarian groups like the 'Peoples Temple', 'Scientology', the '2nd KKK', the 'Order of the Solar Temple' the 'Nazi Party,' 'Aum,' etc.

    After recovering the documentary evidence proving that it is effectively-impossibe to make any money by participating in the so-called 'Amway business/income opportunity,' senior UK regulators finally began to understand that Ambots are genuinely psychotic, and in some cases, paranoid and potentially violent.

    As in any cult, the Ambots' unquestioning belief is genuine, but the self-gratifying story they believe in, and which constrains them to modify their personalities and behaviour so radically, is wholly-imaginary. This has been the case for countless millions of constantly-churning Ambots over a period now in excess of 50 years. What's more, the evidence that this has been so, is massive and conclusive.

    Each time a psychotic Ambot posts his/her non-rational model of reality on your Blog, is just further evidence proving my analysis to be accurate.

    We should really thank all these economically-sucidal Ambots for assisting us to prove our case.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  2. David - I also never realized how so many people could get brainwashed into the Amway cult until I was in it and observed everyone around me. The people came from a wide range of backgrounds. Some were university educated, teachers, policemen, welfare recipients, new immigrants, car salesman.... All of them seemingly believing everything they heard about how they were all going to be rich within the next 5 years and walk the beaches of the world while residual income and plenty of it came rolling in for the rest of their lives. Working the Amway business, something so easy that anyone can do it.

    In addition to the usual psychotic ambot that shows up here to leave behind their words of wisdom occasionally I get someone who is almost convinced that Amway is the best opportunity of their life but after some research is starting to question it. The brainwashing is clearly there but obviously they're having doubts. More disturbing is a couple of recent ambots who've actually made calm statements that don't come straight from a CD. The brainwashing is not complete yet? They might hang on for a few more months in the make belief land of Amway.

    The only ambot I've ever seen who makes threats of violence is an anonymous Canadian visitor to Joecool's blog. He showed up here a few times last year to make some dumb ass comments but he doesn't find someone trashing their upline as infuriating as someone analyzing the Amway business opportunity. Its just proof how some of these brainwashed ambots go over the edge and threaten violence to anyone who is not completely immersed in Amway just like how Eric Scheibeler mentioned in his book.

  3. IBOFB also thinls Amway is "the bomb"

  4. Anna

    Often, the more highly-educated a person, the less likely he/she is to want to admit that he/she can be bedazzled by a dissimulated cult. My brother is a university-educated teacher, but he fell for the Prosperity Gospel/'MLM Income Opportunity' lie, hook, line and sinker, because he was desperate to escape from his detested-job and he had no other means of earning a living. Typically, he became psychologically violent towards anyone whom he saw as threatening his salvation. However, no matter what form of salvation it is that people might need, there exists a cult which pretends to offer it (for a price).

    The extraordinary thing is the number of pernicious cultic frauds that have been allowed to exist without challenge, despite timely attempts to warn the authorities. Furthermore, the popular press generally doesn't like to apply the word, 'cult', until significant numbers of adherents wind up in psychiatric hospitals or on mortuary slabs.

    Cult leaders have bought, and/or duped, a clique of academics who have all claimed that 'there is no such thing as brainwashing.'Yet, this is the equivalent of claiming that all of history's many, narcissistic demagogues, tyrants and charlatans were imaginary.

    A good way to explain how it is very easy to drive someone into a psychotic state, is to ask how would you go about making a young girl anorexic? Obviously, you would choose a vulnerable subject and then bombard her with 'positive' images of skinny, happy models and keep telling her that she was fat and worthless, whilst isolating her from all 'negative'(i.e. rational) voices.

    A group like 'Amway' bombards its vulnerable recruits with 'positive' images of wealthy, happy role-models and keeps telling them that they are poor and worthless, whilst isolating them from all 'negative'(i.e. rational) voices. The result is what can be described as 'financial anorexia,' a self-destructive, non-rational state in which chronic sufferers become blind to external reality and enthusiastically continue to empoverish themselves, and others, in the deluded belief that they will eventually all become rich.

    David Brear (Copyright 2011)

  5. Joecool - that is very true. IBOFB stops by regularly to read my blog but he's no longer dumb enough to post here about how great Amway is!

  6. David - I think most people whether or not they're well educated hate to admit that they've been scammed or unwittingly joined up with a cult.

  7. Anna

    I agree, once most people (no matter what their level of education) have been duped, it's human nature not to want to admit it. The point I was trying to make was that it is more often than not quite well-educated people who fall deeply for cults, because they are convinced that they cannot be fooled, and this ego-protecting existing-belief can be used to dissociate them from external reality.

    Unfortunately, we always live in an age which many educated people believe to more enlightened than the past. This means that, contrary to what they might believe, such persons have actually become increasingly gullible throughout history.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  8. David - its probably the same reason IBOs do not go to the cops to complain about their upline and the money they lost in the Amway scam. They do not want to look like a bunch of losers that got scammed by the Amway cult. Amway must depend on that go away quietly mentality of former cult members.

  9. Anna - again, I agree. A lot of ex-Ambots continue to lie to protect their self-esteem. Many have also remained silent - frightened of getting themselves, their friends and their relatives into trouble. However, the vast majority of all frauds go unreported, because they are maliciously designed to incriminate or embarrass their victims.

    Even former Ambots who start to tell the truth, don't want to tell the whole truth.

    One former UK 'Diamond' whom I interviewed at length, had approached UK and Irish government trade officials, UK and Irish police, UK and Irish tax compliance officers and journalists. He had explained how the vast majority of money being made in 'Amway' had always come from peddling the so-called 'tools'. He even described how, and by whom, bags full of undeclared cash had been regularly shipped as hand-luggage to the USA. However, during the civil prosecution of 'Amway UK Ltd.' in 2007, the British government did not produce this insider as a witness, reasoning that he would be seen as unreliable, because he was still suffering from uncontrolable anger and he been one of the self-righteous liars perpetrating, and hiding, the 'tool scam' which he was now describing.

    The same ex-'Diamond' also admitted to me that he had been party to how some apparently-successful UK 'Distributors' had fabricated their so-called 'Business Volume.' Their 'customers' were all members of their own families/gangs or non-existent. In effect, through regularly buying piles of unsaleable wampum themselves over a 12 month period, and booking this activity down as 'sales,' persons from the world of organized crime had acquired an impressive title in the 'Amway' hierarchy (apparently, against 'Amway's' own rules). These crooks had actually tried to recruit others into 'Amway' by openly telling them it was a risk-free pyramid scam. The idea being that anyone could buy lots of products and acquire a high rank, because 'Amway' never checked on who was actually the end consumer, or enforced its own 'retail' rules. Recruits were being told that, at this point, they could bail-out of the pyramid scam, and receive residual payments for the rest of their lives.

    Even after admitting all of this, the former UK 'Diamond' kept insisting that some 'Amway' products had been good value and that he had always retailed 'Amway' products and that he had always emphasised retailing 'Amway' products to his own groups. When I asked him what quantifiable evidence he could produce to support these dubious claims, he became violently angry. When the subject was dropped, he became friendly again.

    David Brear(copyright 2011)

  10. David - I don't know that a lot of people don't report getting scammed by Amway because they're fearful of their upline or just don't realize they can do this. I certainly was not frightened of a bunch of people I don't like but reporting them to the police didn't occur to me. In this part of the world the cops are busy with major crimes and likely wouldn't give a lot of time to someone who filed a complaint against their Amway upline and said they'd been ripped off.

  11. Anna - I have made detailed complaint to the police in the UK about the 'Amway' fraud, and I was told that the problem I described, was 'too complex and on too large a scale' for them to tackle. I also complained to the UK Serious Fraud Office in 2008, and this contraversial government agency (tasked with investigating and prosecuting high-value, complex fraud and corruption) refused to take any action, but could not supply a coherent reason why this was so. However, the former Deputy Director of the UK SFO, had been one of the attorneys who defended 'Amway UK Ltd.,'in 2007. This guy now holds a highly-paid post with a firm of lawyers, Crowell and Mooring LLP, that has disturbing links with 'Amway.'

    Current, conservative estimates are that fraud costs the UK economy more than £40 billions each year. The UK SFO cost UK tax-payers more than £30 millions last year. However, it was reported that the SFO only managed to recover around £4 millions for UK fraud victims in 2009.

    'MLM income opportunity' fraud is not included in UK government estimates, because it has never been officially recognised.

    Like the 'Mafia', 'Amway' is a criminogenic organization that has been designed to prevent investigation and isolate its bosses from liability. Although most ordinary Americans knew that organized crime had been rife since the 1920s, the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover, did not recognise the existence of the Mafia, or National Crime Syndicate, until the 1960s. Hoover was certainly being bribed, and probably black-mailed, by 'Mafia' bosses. The US federal government did not pass specific legislation to tackle the 'Mafia,' until the 1970s. No one was convicted under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, until almost the 1980s. The man who drafted RICO is Prof. Robert Blakey.

    The 'Amway' bosses have reached a point where many Americans know that they are running a scam, but the full-explanation of what they have actually been doing, has become unthinkable to all casual observers. 'Amway' hides a reality-inverting racket that has been allowed to grow so large, that no US law enforcement agent wants to tackle it. However, RICO legislation could be applied.

    The 'Amway' bosses have infiltrated and corrupted the US administration to such a degree, that they have become convinced that they are above the law. In reality, the 'Amway' bosses should have been jailed years ago and ranked amongst the most-notorious racketeers in history. What they have done, makes the Mafia look like a bunch of amateurs.

    The threat which 'Amway' and its many copy-cats, now poses to democracy and the rule of law in the USA and elsewhere, cannot be exaggerated.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  12. @David Brear
    -So eventually what became of your brother?


    -That anorexic girl analogy BY David is dead right on target about scamway! Check 1!

    -Immigrants falling hard for it, that's true too. Check 2!

    -It is true ambots are psychologically violent more so to anybody who questions scamway and are proud of it. I was too. Check 3!

    -As far investigating & prosecuting scamway and all of multi-level ilk these scum pranksters buy protection from our self-whoring gubbers of politicians. Their money is in bed with them, it is sickening! It is the old adage of money buying access over and over again. Imagine that even the butcher Gaddafi had a lobby representing his interests in D.C.! How low do these politicians have to go? Then again, Gaddafi will make scamway look like saints, won't he?

    -The cult leaders do a good job of pre-preparing ambots about the assault or questions ahead. Such as that they are not a cult, will hear people tell them that and in any case if it was (a cult) they are better off being brain washed to become rich anyway! Therefore, if you talk about scamway to an ambot they check it off "yes we were told you will accuse us of being a cult" and they either laugh or become violent. They are known to speak from both sides of their mouths. They could also tell you "scamway is too big and has a battery of very good lawyers so I will not attempt to defend it, them lawyers are paid to do that." This is an obviously deflection tactic to direct questions about scamway.

    -Again, the comment about scamway being a dissimulated cult explains how people fall for it. Check 4!

    Picture this - a guy stops at a house to drop off someone, a friend of one of the roomies. He meets a guy there whose finances and job are shaky and vulnerable (read, "looking" by ambots). Looking guy was to be elsewhere but decided to chill a bit, as Texas sun was not doing anybody a favor that day. And boom, fate is that one decision. Visiting guy strikes a friendly conversation that leads to a STP next day at night at this house for about five guys. Only one gives an interest and takes time off to attend an open Tuesday night. Guy checks out internet and comes across bad scamway rap. An invitation to larger rah rah meeting that Saturday (a regional rally) is quickly secured. Meeting opens with a word of prayer complete with God talk, Jesus and all. A very excited diamond is all pumped and talks up conservative values, does God/Jesus talk, family and country, capitalism/money/entrepreneurship. Next day Sunday at church pastor's talk is imploring people to do more, become more, establish businesses, etc., you know motivational kinda stuff. And voila! looking guy has a confirmation that God is tight with him on this. Therefore, it's on baby! Ambot comes for follow up later that night and brings two uplines and their wives; it is a whole slew of them for one hot prospect. Prospect asks in a cursory manner whatsup with the internet stuff? Top most upline says he does not know anything about all that. Prospect, having had heavenly confirmation earlier that day, signs up (i.e. amboted!) and gets hooked into the cult and never looks up at the internet “negative” again for seven years. Talk about wearing blinders! That is my story, short version.
    So Check BIG!

    In fact in the beginning, I had many chances of questioning hard about scamway and backing out but I didn't. Scamway was dissimulated and wrapped up with faith to look like an answer to my situation. God gave me a confirmation and my goodness that meeting started with a prayer, God and Jesus, how in the world could this be a scum? I guess I wanted to believe so bad it blinded my critical thinking; that lasted for seven years! Check Really REALLY BIG!!!

    Sorry Anna for being long-winded.

  13. ExAmbot - don't worry about being long winded. This is the place to come to vent!

    Share your experiences no matter how long or short you make it. Everything you say another reader can look at it and recognize the exact same thing happened to them and they know they're not alone. Quitting Amway is a smart business decision. There is no sense in buying all these overpriced useless products to please your upline and so that they'll still be friends with you. Once you quit Amway these people who once proclaimed they were your only true friends will turn their backs on you and call you a loser at the next cult meeting.

    I feel bad though for someone like David who writes such long, well thought out and well researched posts that are way over my head. Too high on the intellectual scale for me to entirely grasp so I never know quite how to respond.

    Easy to read romance novels are more my speed!

  14. I'm glad I found this blog! I was approached by my termite guy telling me his wife does "internet marketing". I asked specifically what she does and he was extremely vague, but punctuated with "she was able to raise our kids from home". I thought, hey I've heard of companies hiring shills to promote their products via social marketing. I'd be a comment troll to make money and stay home (My husband and I are also trying our hand at breeding and I'd like to raise our kids at home). I gave him my information and she called me a few days later. Instead of directly telling me what she did she had me watch a video on her website that was again, extremely vague with buzzwords like "business opportunity", "marketing", and "team oriented". Not once did the video explain what the opportunity was or the company involved. Her website was filled with vacation-like images of beaches and palm trees. After searching her website I discovered one blurb about Amway and I went AH HA! After doing a quick internet search on the company I found out a few things 1) you must pay for training materials. 2)Their respresentitives are taught to locate and treat anyone as a potential victim er team member and 3) Most people fail at making any money at all. I also searched out the positive and I discovered one eerie similarity between all the sites I visited. They were all like clones of each other with the same buzzwords and imagry of people on beaches claiming to have an ideal utopian lifestyle. This is what I would call an obvious red flag. Your blog solidified my concerns. No, ambot, I will not be attending your information seminar.

    1. Hi Anonymous! I'm glad you found my blog. Yup you were Amwayed! Good on you for doing your research before getting sucked into this cult.

      PS - Amway has already hired a comment troll!

  15. Let me show you where your flawed. I am in amway, not a robot ambot, or a zombie of any kind. I am a personal trainer, nutrition specialist, Physical Therapist assistant, and I build a business.

    So let me start by saying this, I have gone to school, I have seen the same movies you have, probably read more books then you have, and have the most old fashion parents you can have. I am 21 turning 22 with a mind of a 28/29 year old. I have played college sports, I have done X,Y,Z. My point is I have lived outside of this business. I have done things that the average person does, and I have done things that only a few people have done.

    Let me get to my "AMBOT" speech part now. The reason why you, the blogger and all you posters have had mild or no success with Amway is the same as your shitty lives. You QUIT. You quit everything and anything you get your hands on that is different then a 9-5pm gig. Listen to what I'm saying to you. Amway is a business.... What is the success rate or all businesses in the United States?

    You take those stats and READ THEM. You know what the problem is with you Anti-AMWAY people is you suck at sports what do you do? You go home and your friends make fun of you, you cry and you move on. You suck at school they kick you out you go home you cry parents rip your ass apart. You move on. The point here is if you SUCK at Amway, you renew your license 1 maybe 2 maybe 10/20 times. You never make a dollar. You NEVER INVEST. Not just INVEST money, invest time. If you never invest time you never can expect a return. So you resume your 9-5 gig. Your problem is you don't think. Maybe your intentions are to become a Billionaire in Amway. Or maybe just make a substantial income, or maybe to supplement your income so that your spouse doesn't have to slave all day and you can go out put in an honest 8-10 hours and come home making 2 salary's at the end of the year. But maybe you expected to join get a kit and be rich... The problem isn't the business model The problem is you. Your probably a mediocre minded person who thinks life will never get better, every day is just another passing 24 hours. Your life is miserable and your to blame. I never promise blue sky when I register a business owner, when I contact a prospect I tell them if you get in you will make NOTHING, if you treat this like a get rich quick. Just because you had a bad experience with AMWAY. Don't attempt to devalue a 13 billion dollar corporation who has contributed more to charities and foundations then you ever have. Because at the end of the day you may not like this business model you may not have made any money in it you may have had a shitty experience and it may have turned you off to the business forever. But Amway has helped me pay my student loans off. Their are no jobs to help me do that right now. So I thank god every day that I was given the opportunity to grow this business. I will have cleared enough this year with Amway **If I continue to do exactly what I have done thus far without change** I work as a personal trainer because their are hardly any jobs out there... So between personal training and Amway I will hopefully pay off my student loans in the next year and a half. So I apologize that it didn't work for you and you didn't have a bad experience but stop ruining it for other people who like myself have taken it upon us to build it like we were told too.

    I truly don't care what AMBOTS say to you. They are humans and have been born with the right to explore whatever business opportunities they want. Just as you have or maybe haven't. The point is your aloud to go to jail, kill someone, curse at a cop, own a gun, smoke, do what ever you want. But to people who the stereotypical "ITS A PYRAMID!!! DON'T DO IT!!!" kind of person someone attempting to try Amway is worse then a murderer on death row to you. What is wrong with you people? What ever happened to constructive criticism and opinions to your selves?

    1. Holy fuck Amspeak!!!

      Like I've never heard none of that before! You ambots are so UNoriginal!

      But kudos to you Frank. Most ambots past or present don't use their real names because they're too embarrassed to admit any affiliation with Amway.

      Do you know what it's like to run a real business? Have a business plan? Have professionals you consult with or take over some of the work such as a lawyer or accountant? Do you have a business license issued by your city? Do you have insurance to cover anything bad that could happen to your business, your employees, or customers? Do you own or lease a place where you operate your business? Do you have a business bank account?

      Most ambots don't do the above. That's the difference between a real business owner and some child playing a game of make belief pretending to be a business owner. Employees and commissioned salespeople don't need to take the same steps that a business owner does.

      As a business owner I don't go around insulting people who don't have the same business I do. I don't call them losers, lazy, or quitters if they tried to run a business and had to close it down which can be a very traumatic event for a real business owner.

      I don't go around trying to convince people that they should have the same kind of business that I do and if they don't then they'll be doomed. If I can give someone advice I'll do it. Mostly I tell people to find a business they'll like. Something they're good at or something they're passionate about.

      If you're passionate about being a low paid commissioned salesperson working for a company that sells overpriced generic products then you follow your passion.

      Oh and thanks for giving every female who reads my blog a good laugh about the part that you're 21 with a mind of a 28/29 year old. Us women know it takes most men until their 60's to have the mind of someone in their 20's! Up until then most men have the mind set of a 12 to 15 year old and it takes them decades to get to an emotional level of their 20's!

      Good luck to you.

    2. Aww. I think young Frank's post is the cutest thing ever!

      Let me show you where you're flawed.

      your = belonging to you, you're = you are

      their = belonging to them, there = place or position, they're = they are


    3. Its Frank Again, Yes I understand the difference. This is an informal blog and therefor formal speech in my opinion is absolutely not necessary. Punctuations abbreviations and all that aren't worth a re-read.

      As for the actual content, 1 your posting based absolute ignorance. Yes I have 2 registered LLC's. One of which is actually Very Successful I say that modestly. I personal train, as a day job and do that because I enjoy helping people. 2 I have since dropped out of school because my parents can not afford to pay for my education so I will pay my debts and then re-enroll to finish my degree.

      As for being affiliated with Amway, I apologize that you had a bad experience but ill tell you straight like it is and all the "Women who read your blog" ... You are most likely unsuccessful in what you do. You are most likely making less then $150,000/year after taxes and as a result, you are sour about the business model. As a result you write negative posts online. My organization and affiliation with the company is successful through and through as are my other 2 LLC's. Actually one of which is about to be purchased and taken off my hands for a nice chunk of change.

      At the age of 22 now only a few months difference since the last time I posted. I have completed 2 new steps in my business and will be a qualified Platinum in the Amway Business by the summer of 2013. That means I will be making an EXTRA $35k Per year "On the top of what I am already making" Lol.... I have been in the business for less then a year. Just letting you know...

      As for you stupid comment regarding generic ignorance on the male gender and their maturity levels as far as mind/emotions go I am glad you had a good laugh. Mainly because when I read your blog I can clearly tell you are speaking from experience.... Actually if you could not tell though written print that was 100% sarcastic. Please explain to me a scientific study, something of valid proof that men progress slower then women. Show me substancial irrefutable proof. Lol Show me any study to back any of your claims on your entire blog. Seriously I will take it easy on you because I do know that this is your blog you are entitled to your opinions and to voice them to what ever small following of people you may have on this.... But you are top 10 most uneducated people I have ever heard speak.

    4. The only reason why you actually write this garbage is because seeing your opinion in print makes you feel like it actually bears some weight.

      Also to anonymous, Thank you for thinking my post is cute because you think your 5th grade grammer lesson was going to educate me. I am actually an honor student, have been all my life. I scored outstanding on my SAT's and was accepted to a few pretty reputable schools. Im glad you payed attention in 5th grade though.

      Anyway in my closing statement. I am a 22 year old kid likely making more then you. Not to say that the level of ones income determines how successful you are in life. I absolutely do not believe that. Money is not the most important thing to life and I find fault in a lot of things that are preached by amway mentors. But on the contrary I also find a lot of fault with people who I work with and bosses for whom I have since stopped working for... But I continued to go until I found a new job. Understand something, BWW and Bill Brit Have put in place a system that has produced more financially free people then ANY other business system this world has ever seen. Having said that BWW is a perfect business tool to grow ANY business not just the amway business. Since I have subscribed to BWW tools and technology and have educated myself in the ways of the books and CD's my other 2 businesses have drastically increased profitability.

      I can credit the mentorship in this business as the number 1 factor for why I defend the business so much. Not saying that everyone in amway is created equal. Absolutely false it requires a special personality to even register in this business never the less build it. It requires a special personality to perceiver, though something that may seem not worth it. But thats what jobs are for, people like you and your followers. So Thank you anonymous for your support! I appreciate it. Also I apologize that you misinterpreted my lack of caring to proof read a post on a blog, for inability to differentiate grammer and spelling errors. But see the truth of the matter is I will secure emerald ship in AMWAY, before the end of 2014 at that point my girlfriend and I will be able to purchase a home. I am not speaking this because it "might happen" It is already half way done... An emerald income in amway is conservatively $150k per year. How do i know? My upline is one. I have seen his tax returns and checks. PERIOD no discussion to be had lol. With an extra $150k part time plus my job salary I will be able to afford my girlfriend to NEVER HAVE TO WORK.

    5. So excuse me for saying that amway is the best business opportunity I have ever seen but I just so happen to run into a guy who made about $1million/year for about 40+ Years owning conventional businesses. With little to show for it. He joined amway about 15 years ago and decided he would go emerald and I actually met him at my gym and had no idea he was in amway until he saw me drink an XS. He told me his story and he told me how he ran into a ton of people like you and how he actually decided to quit for about a year. He was able to survive terminal illness because of the business he built in Amway. Because the checks never stopped coming in he was able to afford to treat himself on his Emerald income. Without it he would be dead today and his family of 4 would be without a father. Tell me its still a stupid business...

      LOL this will be my last response here. I just so happen to accidentally click on my history when clearing my computer out and it brought me here. But understand something here.

      God created us all in his likeness. He is not a respecter of persons he judges on purity at heart. Intentions, actions, thoughts, desires, and influence on others. He does not care how much you lie to yourself and those around you he knows your intentions. I tell all my new people in my business if you are to be in anyway successful in life read the bible. I never tell them what religion but I tell them read the bible. In the bible it tells how to deal with stupidity like yours. Blogs with misinformation like yours, and people who think they are genius but are clueless. I hope you lead a successful life in all that you do. I wish you the best and god bless. Just understand that what you are doing is feeding poison to internet. More then is already existant on the internet.

      You are entitled to your little miserable because you have earned that right. Sadly enough you have earned that right somehow. again sadly enough your freedom of speech affords you that right as well. Just understand that your opinions to those who require any sort of evidence are invalid. I have proof pay stubs and checks and a business that continuities to grow despite my efforts now. Your claims are invalid your opinions are unintelligent and mis informed. You had 1 mad experience and cried thats ok your aloud. Just know with or without your blog my business is still growing lol and money is still being deposited into my bank account. EVERYDAY lol. good for you though you keep writing this blog... lol and anynomus please spell check this whole thing I made sure I typed It super sloppy for you!!!

    6. Hello again Frank. Well I guess this is the last well be hearing from you then. I mean you don't see me running all over the Internet leaving comments an Ambot blogs. Everyone has different experiences. And way to go to your upline emerald making 150k plus. That's pretty good seeing as how Amway literature says that's how much an average diamond makes.

    7. This Frank Poveromo (a trainer from New Jersey) meets somebody in a gym who tells him that he made one million bucks a year for forty years, and who decided that it was better to join Amway.

      Can Poveromo really be that naive and stupid? Somebody who makes a million dollars a year on a regular basis wants to be in a dipshit nickel-and-dime MLM like Amway?

      Maybe Frank Poveromo also believes in the Tooth Fairy. You say you're a trainer, Frank? Perhaps you should give your brain some exercise.

    8. LOL Anonymous. Sign up to be an Amway loser and take a severe pay cut. Unless your last name is VanAndel or DeVos you ain’t making a million a year in Amway.

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    1. Fuck you jesi k for not thinking its already a decent post!

    2. A decent post is one that doesn't include broken English, automated, generic and vague comments and a link to a scam as bad as Amway itself.

      Go shove your crappy scam up the hole you sit on, jesi k.


  19. Hey Frank, What a fucktard. You don't mind if I use that language since you were so rude and vulgar in your language although you espouse to reading and clinging to the bible. You lash out at Anna and other contributors because you know quite well Amway is a scam. You know you are failing and refuse to accept that you have been deceived. Don't fucking come on here spouting your bullshit about how Amfuck is a good business opportunity. Also asshole why the fuck did you drop out of school because your parents couldn't continue to pay? You sound like an entitled millennial brat who thinks their parents owe them the world. How about paying your own way since You know everything! You sound like a fucking lowlife self righteous narcissist. You got scammed and yon u refuse to accept that fact so you seek out Anna's blog to lash out towards her and other contributors who know that AMWAY IS A FUCKING SCAM!!!

    1. Hi Living a Nightmare. Thanks for stopping in with an update. That’s too bad your brainwashed daughter hasn’t left the Amway cult yet. Yeah too many Amway Ambots leave angry comments and of course deny Amway is a scam. It’s really embarrassing for anyone to admit they were dumb enough to get scammed. Accepting we’re sharing our true stories here also means accepting their beloved Amway cult leaders lied to them. If we’re able to warn people away from getting scammed by Amway or leaving the Amway cult then we’re happy to help. Bottom line is it’s no skin off my ass if people want to throw their money away at a. bunch of liars and scammers. It’s not like anyone pays us for everyone we can convince not to sign up to Scamway.

  20. Hey Frank, What a fucktard. You don't mind if I use that language since you were so rude and vulgar in your language although you espouse to reading and clinging to the bible. You lash out at Anna and other contributors because you know quite well Amway is a scam. You know you are failing and refuse to accept that you have been deceived. Don't fucking come on here spouting your bullshit about how Amfuck is a good business opportunity. Also asshole why the fuck did you drop out of school because your parents couldn't continue to pay? You sound like an entitled millennial brat who thinks their parents owe them the world. How about paying your own way since You know everything! You sound like a fucking lowlife self righteous narcissist. You got scammed and yon u refuse to accept that fact so you seek out Anna's blog to lash out towards her and other contributors who know that AMWAY IS A FUCKING SCAM!!!

  21. Hi Anna.I sincerely thank you for your blog and the release it has provided for us who have loved ones entrenched in this cult. I appreciate your dedication to keeping this going. Unfortunately, my daughter is still in the clenches of this cult. I will have to admit though, my daughter is a follower and know it all and was an easy prey for these fucking prick bastards. Anyway, I'm heartbroken still. Although I have decided to accept an opportunity to separate from my daughter because it has been pure shit living with her and supporting her. It's even deeper than this. Anyway, I hope you know dear Anna and any helpers you have...You have a great ministry here. You put out great information and provide a forum to expose this evil hazard cult.


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