Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eat Snacks Much?

Do you know someone who eats snacks and drinks every day?

At Amway meetings our sack of shit Platinum would ask questions like this to everyone in the room. The old amiable brainwashing approach to get the followers to agree with everything you say.

What does he expect people to say? No I don't know anyone who drinks something every day. Every one I know is dehydrated!

Do people eat snacks every day? One person's definition of a snack might differ from someone elses. There's been tons of articles written about what constitutes a healthy snack. Ambots go around screaming about how Amway offers healthy snacks.

When I want to eat a bag of tortilla chips one of those nasty styrofoam Amway snacks ain't going to do the trick for me. Same if I want a ginger ale. Drinking XS piss water just isn't the same thing!

Then the sack of shit taunts the cult followers by saying how easy it is to find someone who wants to eat an Amway power bar and an Amway drink every day. He then fills in a chart about how much money these snacks costs if you were to buy them from a grocery store or a coffee shop.

Well holy shit I don't know where he buys his groceries but I can buy a box of granola bars from Walmart for around $2 and that's 5 or 6 bars. Amway has a box of 5 or 6 bars too but they cost $30. Walmart granola bars taste way better too. What about that Perfect Water? Costs close to $50 for a case of 24 and the sack of shit tries to break that down by $2 a bottle so that's not too bad about the same cost as buying a water from 7-11. However I can go to Walmart or Costco and buy a 24 pack of water for under $5 so maybe 20 cents a bottle is the breakdown.
It takes the Platinum at least an hour into an Amway meeting before he even starts talking about Amway and the business plan. Once he gets all gung ho on the eat and drink a shitty Amway product daily then he gets all excited about how many points (PV) you get and how much money you make.

The numbers keep going higher and higher based on how many people an ambot can scam into eating one Amway bar and drinking one Amway beverage a day.

Realistic chances of finding other people to eat and drink that shit? Not good.

Realistic chances of finding people willing to pay 3, 4, 5, 10 times more money for a shitty Amway product that they can buy a similar better tasting product in the grocery store? Even worse.

The sack of shit Platinum gets the cult members so focused on the numbers that he is tossing around and all excited about the gazillions of dollars they can earn by flogging the Amway snack plan that before anyone can really digest the bullshit he is trying to brainwash them with he moves on to another topic. That sack of shit gets easily distracted.

Or perhaps its just part of his master plan in the Amway scam.


  1. "When the dream is big enough, the facts don't matter"

  2. Joecool - are you quoting our Platinum? I don't remember you in sitting on a couch in his living room?

  3. LOL, according to IBOFB, you and I are the same person!

  4. I went to visit my mother yesterday afternoon. Came in the door and saw a MonaVie wine bottle full unopened. Asked her if she signed up as a distributor and told me she found it while taking a walk. Apparently she went out for a jog and found two bottles near a garbage can. One half full and the other unopened. Had a laugh cause you mentioned the XS piss water. Funny how companies like amway or monavie can stay in business selling crap. Told her what she found wasnt wine but some berry drink. Hilarious after a drinking less than a table spoon she wanted to dump it also.

  5. Joecool - it must really fry IBOFB's ass when he sees us having a pretend conversation with ourself pretending to be 2 different people! Ha ha!

  6. Colin - why would your mother pick up a bottle of something dumped at the side of the road containing fluids? That's just nasty. You never know what's inside it. Maybe some homeless person was using that bottle as their toilet area! And then she tested it! There's something wrong with this picture.

  7. The bottle was unopened and i it was corked(green top). The one which was half full she left it there.

  8. Colin - people can seal, wax, cork their own bottles at home. No telling what might have been in that bottle. To take it home and taste it? I don't know. Creepy!


    Multi-level industry makes socialism look good.

    My disgust for items multi-level runs so high even if the CEO of mv brought that crap piss to my home in person i would not allow it anywhere nearby, let alone try to taste it. that all mult-level products are excessively over priced (for a reason) is apparent. about $40 for a bottle of mv crap piss is, as is all multi-level products, a system simply designed to transfer wealth from the masses into the hands of a few (insert gathering riches). this system does not discriminate-its pillaging effects are more profound obviously on the financially poor and the already broke. Boy, it makes socialism look good or acceptable, i.e. the inane transfer of wealth from the haves to the have nots.

    I can think of a few other headlines, such as:-

    Multi-levelism rapes capitalism.
    Network Marketing : The sweet spot of socialism.
    How multi-levelism perverted capitalism.
    Mult-levelism : socialism in stealth
    Multi-levelism is How capitalists get fucked up by socialism.
    Multi-levelism, When capitalists choose socialism

  10. Good ones ExAmbot! You need to write something to go with those titles and sell them to the New York Times! or USA Today!

    I don't know for sure if I've ever tried Monavie. A couple of years ago we were at a seminar and several local businesses had tables set up in the lobby. One of them had a drink and I don't remember if I tried it or not. I also don't remember if it was Monavie or maybe Xango.

    I agree that I wouldn't let it in my home either. I have this really bad feeling that one of my friends has gotten involved in it. She was in Amway around the same time we were but signed up earlier but the group she was in jumped ship to Monavie and basically she was doing nothing but renewing her membership so maybe she's joined her old buddies. She posted something on Facebook about Platinum car club. Do they call them Platinums in Monavie too? Then she said something about Crush and I could swear I read something on Amthrax's site about Crush. I meant to call her today and find out what's up but I forgot. What can I say? Old age creeping up!


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