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Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days in Portland November 4 2011

Coming up this weekend November 4 to 6 2011 is the second Amway WWDB Free Enterprise Days being held in Portland Oregon. Usually this Amway function is held in October so it would appear that someone working in WWDB administration fucked up and was too late booking the event!

This post really serves no purpose other than to misdirect IBO’s who are frantically searching for information on how they will be brainwashed by their cult leaders. Unfortunately WWDB and Amway are secretive about the information and my blog has high hits for just about every search imaginable so IBO’s can come here to read the truth. Some of those ambots are gluttons for punishment and find it necessary to post a brainwashed amspeak comment. Makes one wonder what they’re doing hanging around a website that their cult leaders would consider negative. A huge no no for ambots. They must not find out the truth about their beloved cult!

The ambots will make their pilgrimage in whatever transportation to Portland and likely violate hotel rules by packing a room with cult followers bunking together to save money. They’ll put on business suits and head to the arena early so they can stand in line for hours to make sure they get the best seat in the house. They’ll turn off their cell phones and turn on their recording devices and play make belief that they are important business owners. They’re losing their money, losing their sanity, and losing their families. Their cult leaders will tell them that they are winners simply by the fact that they showed up. The Diamonds must keep their cult followers motivated so they’ll keep spending their money on useless functions that provide fake training that never results in more Amway sales or recruiting more ambots. At the very least the cult leaders must convince their flock to buy their tickets to Dream Night. NOW. The Diamonds can use a little extra Christmas cash.

The ambots will spend the weekend being brainwashed - check out some of my posts over the past couple of months for FED reviews. This post is just to throw in some key words to screw up the brainwashed ambots who can’t find the information they need from World Wide Dream Builders or Amway.


  1. Anna- did you sit through the FED event? The one free one i went to i sat there watching till 1:30am

  2. Colin - I've sat through 2 FEDs! They weren't free though. The last one we paid $125 each. They went on well into the night on Friday and Saturday. I think we were out by midnight. Or maybe we left early! It seems to me I was in the hotel room by midnight or so and Ambot had to go out to the hotel the sack of shit Platinum was staying at for the Night Owl. Better known as useless "teachings". The ambots are so tired they are easy to brainwash and this is when they are told they have to buy tools to succeed in their Amway business. They are motivated because they've spent several hours in the arena listening to how the Diamonds overcame all kinds of bullshit to become millionaires in the Amway business. They'll believe anything when they're tired.

  3. Anna- if the ambots werent so brainwashed you can get tickets at the door for next to nothing. Many of the platinums & core distributors overbuy tickets.

  4. Colin - not at the FED I went to. These things are money machines. Though I guess if some bozo bought extra tickets because he likes to invest heavily in the tool scam and make his cult leader rich and had extra tickets he'd be willing to give them away free at the door. That is if he found some lost soul wandering around outside the arena! Nothing is ever free. That free ticket would likely cost the prospect a few hours of their time and stuck in a late night meeting in some hotel room.

  5. Anna

    Mass, pay-through-the-nose 'Amway' pilgrimages like these, were once regularly held in Britain at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. However, the profits never appeared on the books of 'Amway UK Ltd.,' because they were organized behind other privately-owned front-companies; particularly, 'International Business Systems Ltd.'

    At various points during the year, fifteeen thousand bedazzled British and Irish 'Amway' pilgrims used to travel (at their own expense) to the NEC, each time generating a capital sum in excess of $2 millions. Most of this was being collected in the UK by two British 'Diamond' under-bosses, Messrs. Jerry Scriven and Pat Gregory, who then shipped it to Dexter yager in the USA. Much of this money was being collected in cash and it wasn't being fully-declared to the UK tax authorities.

    When, after more than 30 years without any regulation, 'Amway UK Ltd.' finally faced UK government civil investigation in 2007, 'International Business Systems Ltd.' was immediately closed down by Scriven and Gregory, and the pair were excommunicated from the 'Amway' flock for breaking the 'rules.'

    A corporate officer of 'Amway UK Ltd.'subsequently gave a deposition to a UK High Court Judge in which she claimed that the company had not been aware of what had been happening and had not approved of the sale of network-supplied motivational materials. She also claimed that as soon as the 'Amway' company was made aware of the abuses that had been happening within the ranks of its 'distributors,' steps had been taken to stop them.

    Yet, I had complained about these widespread abuses 10 years previously, and I had been threatened with a malicious defamation lawsuit by 'Amway UK Ltd.' for my pains. Thus I was a major witness to the fact that this deposition of 2007 was a pack of lies, but I was not asked to testify, and the deposition wasn't even challenged in Court by UK government prosecutors. Laughably, 'Amway' company officers had been regular guests at the mass-pilgrimages which they later, claimed to know nothing about.

    According to the organization's own figures, it is possible to extrapolate that, between 1973 and 2006, at least one million British and Irish citizens were churned through the 'MLM income opportunity' fraud known as 'Amway.' I estimate that a total of up to $1 billion was unlawfully taken from these persons via the secondary advance fee fraud a.k.a. 'tool scam.'

    Although senior UK law enforcement agents and tax compliance officers are aware of exactly what happened (because I have informed them), no criminal inquiry has ever been pursued into these disturbing matters in the UK.

    With one or two notable exceptions, the mainstream British media has also remained strangely silent.

    You will also notice that 'Amway's' (usually-aggressive) echelon of attorneys never attempt to refute my analysis.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  6. So David are you saying that those ambot bastards are still trying to find their way to the Sinai?

    The Diamond cult leaders would show up to preach to their followers at a local arena about once or twice a month and we had to pay by check payable to cash $10 each for the privilege of listening to their lies. All tax evasion because the checks were not made out to an actual person. My best guess is that there were at least 500 in attendance at these cult meetings so a cool $5000 in the pockets of the cult leader just for showing up for a couple of hours to flog the Amway business plan. Same thing with the Emerald, $10 each check payable to cash, though his meetings were smaller 150 to 200 in attendance, maybe up to $2000 that he didn't have to declare on his income tax because it wasn't traceable back to him unless Uncle Sam does a huge audit of his bank accounts.

    Perhaps the UK government will eventually take notice because other countries seem to be taking action against Amway and how this evil company is financially destroying their citizens.

  7. Anna

    'Amway UK Ltd.' is still registered in the UK, but the titanic frauds it fronted, have been effectively blocked in the UK - no thanks to government regulators. However, other 'MLM income opportunity/advance fee' frauds continue to steal from countless Britsh citizens using the identical, blame-the-victim system.

    'MLM' fraud is a can of worms that no one, least of all politicians and lawyers, wants to open fully. Indeed, there are various politicians and lawyers who should be facing serious criminal charges for their paid-role in protecting and promoting what they know to be a danger to democracy and the rule of law.

    US government attorneys are aware that the US government itself could be held legally responsible for failing to protect millions of US citizens, like you, from this form of organized crime. British government attorneys were aware that US-based 'MLM' bosses have given huge quantities of stolen cash to the Rebublican party and to Republican politicians. How much has been handed over in secret, is anyone's guess.

    In return, 'MLM'-friendly attorneys were appointed by the Bush (Jnr.) administration to head the FTC. These shysters removed the FTC's lawful duty to enforce Section 5 of the FTC Act against endless-chain frauds. The Obama administration has not yet restored the rule of law.

    Apart from MLM' bosses, the people who have made the most cash out of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud, have been attorneys and politicians. There is no way that these greedy traitors will ever voluntarily kill their golden-egg-laying 'MLM' goose.

    It's not difficult to imagine what the founders of the American Republic would have made of this situation. Unfortunately, the USA has been led by conveniently deaf, dumb and blind moral weaklings for generations. The result has been a corporate coup d'etat.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  8. David - Amway ripped us off. Our upline acting on Amway's name also ripped us off.

    If we can't get our officials to take action against this MLM evil then all we can do is take to the Internet and tell other people what happened to us, how much money we lost, and how we were treated.

    Unfortunately people tend to sign up first all hyped up on the lies the upline have told them and then they do their research later.

  9. Actually Jan Severn passed away recently so they held off the event in respect of her and her family. You're wrong.

  10. Anna

    You are right. Like those of 'Scientology,' the bosses of various 'MLM' cults have been trying to maintain an absolute monopoly of information about the shameful results of their crimes, for decades. They have tried, but failed, to dominate the Net by flooding it with black propaganda and, particularly, false arguments and accusations. In fact, the Net has quickly become the biggest threat to many cultic groups.

    At one time, the unmasked 'Amway' Lord Haw Haw, David Steadson a.k.a. 'IBOFB,'posted a lengthy article on one of many propaganda Sites, in which he pretended that there is an 'Internet War being prosecuted against Amway' and that persons like me, Shyam Sundar, Quixtarisacult, Joecool, etc. have all been 'the deluded members of an international anti-capitalist cult.'

    Most free-thinking observers now realize that this comic-book character, Steadson, is actually the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth in disguise.

    It is an honour to be on the 'Amway' black list.

    David Brear (Copyright 2011)

  11. AnnaB you are right, hype and signing up, followed by research later after hundreds and/or thousands of losses later. and that is a good deal being a lesser of the two evils. oh the other is still of course continuing to buying into the scam.

  12. @AnnaB you are right, hype and signing up, followed by research later after hundreds and/or thousands of dollars lost later. and that is a good deal being a lesser of the two evils. oh the other is of course continuing to buying into the scam and clinging to it. stupid.

    @colin said...
    "Anna- if the ambots werent so brainwashed you can get tickets at the door for next to nothing. Many of the platinums & core distributors overbuy tickets."

    ha ha i remember that one. we were always impressed upon no cajoled is more like it, to buy extra of everything on BWW menu. the extra ticket would be so you commit to bring another person with you. if unsold you would try to sell them off at the event's or bww would setup a resale desk and you hope yours sold otherwise you paid more for the same event. i would buy an extra or two for the regionals cost was $12 +/-. somehow there wasn't enough allure for me to stand to lose about a $100 the then cost for a major. my uplines proudly espoused how the "ate" the cost of the unused tickets. even as a brainswahsed ambot then i never thought that was sexy at all. or maybe it's because i was broke, more aptly a broke amway ibo. don't wonder where my cash used to go to-my upline diamond and his ilk had a lifestyle to support and guess who forked over the cash - me, another guy i see here called wes is doing it now and others. dumb.

  13. Anonymous - are you saying that WWDB cancelled this weekend's FED in Portland because somebody died? It doesn't seem logical they would cancel a cash cow like this. Their website doesn't say its cancelled either.

  14. David - long before I ended up on Amway's black list I was on my upline's black list!

  15. ExAmbot - of course continuing to buy into a scam is stupid. Unfortunately brainwashed ambots don't realize they are inside a scam machine. They've been brainwashed into a cult and that's why they keep buying into it.

  16. FED is on this weekend. Right out of the Ambot's own mouth:

  17. Anna

    Back in the mid-1990s, French network television broadcast a hour-long documentary exposing exactly what you describe, but happening in an 'Amway' spin-off 'MLM' cult, known as 'Le Groupment' or 'GEPM.'

    'Amway' itself had been widely-exposed as a brainwashing cultic-fraud in France during the 1980s, and to dodge criminal investigation, the company officers and attorneys followed the same Mafia-style procedures in 1989 as were later followed in the UK in 2007.

    In brief, the company officers of 'Amway France' pretended that they had not been aware of, or responsible for, the 'tool scam,' and the 'Diamond' under-boss who had been shipping all the 'tool scam' cash to Dexter Yager in the USA, was excommunicated along with an entire 'Amway' network of 8000. This guy, Jean (or John) Godzich (a Franco-American)then created various new (apparently independent)French front-companies known as 'GEPM' which were used to continue to perpetrate the same 'MLM' fraud and related 'tool scam' on behalf of Dexter Yager and another guy, Doug Wead, during the 1990s. Eventually, after at least 300 thousands French hopefuls had been churned, 'GEPM' was partially investigated by the police and prosecuted by the State as the corporate front for a pyramid fraud, in 2000. However, this low-level case was allowed to fizzle out (mainly because the 'GEPM' organization had been exposed by the media, and was already bankrupt).

    Prior to this, around 1500 core-adherents of 'GEPM' staged a violent demonstration at the Paris office of a French cult advice association which had collected the complaints that led to the prosecution. The building was invaded and staff were held hostage for hours until one guy agreed to make a video statement in which he appeared to accept that 'GEPM' was not a cult. The demonstrators had carried placards claiming that the cult advice association was an 'anti-capitalist cult trying to destroy legitimate business.' Amazingly, Godzich had once tried to corrupt this respected association with a donation of approximately $200 thousands (this was refused). He also told a French television reporter that he believed 'Amway' to be behind the complaints against 'GEPM'.

    Ironically, at the time of this demonstration of deluded 'MLM business owners', Godzich had already run away to the USA with millions of dollars of 'GEPM' social funds. He was later convicted of this major theft, fined heavily and sentenced to a prison term (even though he did not attend his trial). As far as I'm aware, there is still an international arrest warrant pending, but the USA does not extradite its citizens.

    Godzich, and his long-time partner, Doug Wead (a former White House, religious-adviser to Bush Jnr.), are currently involved with yet another, absurd, Right-Wing, quasi-Christian 'MLM cult in the USA, called 'XanGo.' This is just one of thousands of 'Amway' copy-cats.

    If you watch this video, it's not difficult to deduce that, former 'Amway Diamond,' Jean Godzich is mentally ill.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  18. Wow David. I don't know how you manage to retain all this information. I'd never heard of any of this. Very interesting taking over that office in Paris. Sounds exactly like something a bunch of brainwashed ambots would do.

  19. Anna

    I have always had a computer-like memory for events.

    I collected a lot of my information about 'MLM' fraud, originally to give to my Ambot brother's attorney in the UK, in the vain hope that he would convince my brother that he was being defrauded. From 1995 onwards, my information was also given to UK government trade regulators, who refused to take any action against 'Amway' until 2007. Certain UK officials blocked complaints about 'Amway.'

    The UK Minister for Consumer Affairs (in the 1997 government of Tony Blair), sent a defamatory letter to my family's Member of Parliament, in which he stated that I must be 'paranoid' to suggest that 'Amway/MLM' is a fraud or a cult, and that the 'DSA' was part of a conspiracy to hide the truth. This twit had been advised by 'Amway'-friendly officials. He'd also been visited by smiling 'Amway' adherents and 'DSA' crooks.

    At the time all of this was happening, I went to meet and interview most of the persons involved in exposing 'GEPM'; including the French television journalists who made the documentary on 'GEPM,' and the cult adviser who was forced in front of a 'GEPM' video camera.

    The French journalists, described the French 'MLM' adherents they'd interviewed as being very similar to gambling addicts. All claimed to be earning money, but when asked simple questions about their losses/expenses, they behaved like evasive children. Some became extremely aggressive and were shepherded away by their 'Upline' handlers. None of them would reveal their accounts. However, distressed 'GEPM' victims were interviewed who could prove that they had lost over $100 thousands. They openly confessed that they had been brainwashed by a cult that had progressively taken over every aspect of their lives.

    The French documentary crew managed to get a hidden camera inside a Pentacostalist Church in Phoenix Arizona, the 'First Assembly of God', where core-'GEPM' adherents were secretly receiving full-immersion Baptism. Former-'Amway Diamond,' Jean Godzich, controlled a Belgian-registered travel agency which peddled French 'GEPM' adherents these weird pilgrimages to the USA at thousands of $ each. His brother, Leo Mark Godzich, was the Pastor in Phoenix.

    I also attended the trial of 12 leaders of 'GEPM,' in 2000 (several of whom were members of the French National Front). The 'Amway' bosses managed to infiltrate these farcical proceedings with a self-styled 'expert' on 'direct selling' from the French DSA, Prof. Henri Temple. Amazingly, this guy testified on behalf of the prosecution. When I challenged Prof. Temple outside the Court about 'Amway' (after he'd given his reality-inverting version of 'MLM'), he looked me in the eye and lied, claiming that 'Amway' was contraversial, but it was not a member of the 'French DSA.' Later, in a telephone conversation, the Prof. admitted his error. However, he told me that I was 'paranoid to imagine that MLM/direct selling is largely fraudulent,' but he couldn't answer my questions about how many people in France can prove that they have earned money lawfully by regularly selling goods directly to the public for a profit, as part of a so-called 'MLM' scheme.

    In reality, the French government has been infiltrated by 'DSA lobbyists', like Henri Temple, representing US-based MLM' racketeers. Consequently, much recent French legislation on so-called 'direct selling' competely fails to address the problem, because it has actually been written by the de facto agents of criminals.

    This disturbing situation is pretty much the same all over the world. Wherever the 'Amway' fraud exists, there exists a so-called 'DSA' to shield it and to infiltrate government.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  20. David - that's pretty impressive. Stuff I've never heard of before.

    I would imagine it would be easy enough for Amway to infiltrate almost anywhere and they have the money to make donations so officials will look the other way if any complaints are made about them.

  21. Anna

    You are right. Since the 1980s, 'MLM' has become a multi-billion dollar global racket. Thus, it has been child's play for the agents of the billionaire 'Amway' bosses to infiltrate government in the USA. The US system is so morally bankrupt that it has allowed almost any individual, or corporate structure, to give money openly to political parties. Members of the De Vos clan have even bought key positions in the Rebulican party. However, 'Amway' has also employed senior US politicians to speak at rallies. I believe $100 thousands has been the going rate. The list of famous people (particularly members of the Bush clan) who have had their share of this mountain of stolen 'MLM' cash is astonishing. Indeed, Neil Bush was a regular visitor to France to speak at 'GEPM' rallies during the 1990s.

    The classic move made by 'MLM' racketeers was to take control of the old 'Direct Selling Association'- an existing, American trade body that once comprised authentic door-to-door sales companies with salaried, and non-salaried, commission agents. 'DSA's' (which themselves are registered as commercial companies)now exist all over the world. Their members are mainly counterfeit direct selling companies fronting organized crime groups, like 'Amway', 'Herbalife, etc., running income opportunity frauds and secondary 'tool scams.' In the light of the abuse that these criminogenic organizations have inflicted on tens of millions of victims, the 'DSA's codes of conduct,' are a sick joke.

    Since the late 1960s, DSAs have effectively been just more corporate-fronts controlled by the 'Amway' mob. Their minority of members which have pursued only lawful enterprises, have been a red herring.

    In the UK, the 'DSA' infiltrated the 'Office of Fair Trading,' by getting a handful of brain-dead officials, led by a nice-but-dim guy called Colin Brown, to give approval to a 'Code of Practice.' Consequently, 'UK DSA' publications have carried the logo of a UK government Dept which is supposed to protect UK consumers. Colin Brown has been fully-informed by me as to what lies behind the 'DSA,' but he has done nothing to correct his mistake.

    All this, is just the tip of an iceberg of world-wide 'MLM' infiltration and corruption, which the mainstream media has failed to expose.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  22. David the media is too busy covering Kim Kardashian filing for divorce after 72 days of marriage to expose corrupt MLM's!

  23. The fastest way to scare an IBO?

    1) Know someone who works for Procter & Gamble.

    2) Let said IBO give P&Ger The Spiel.

    3) Watch IBO sweat as P&Ger brings up The Scandal.

    (Context: My mother worked for P&G for 27 years and almost had a heart attack when I mentioned Amway. This was her favorite thing to do when my uplines came to visit. Needless to say, she was pretty excited when I woke up and left The Business.)

  24. Hello Secret Agent Fabulous! That sounds like a good way to scare an IBO! Most of them have probably never heard about it.

    Or you could tell them you just heard on the news that Amway headquarters exploded!

  25. In the 1990's a couple we hardly knew approached us about this Amway business opportunity. Then they brought another couple into our home, allegedly a doctor and wife. The thing that stopped us cold is that the business plan was to make money off of friends and family. First, you don't do that. Second, if that's the plan, why are you strangers in my living room trying to sign me up? You Amway people can put on suits and ties, but that don't make you respectable.

    1. Anonymous - that is typical in Amway. The person doing the recruiting always brings along their upline because they're the ones experienced at closing the sale.

      When you're in Amway you lose contact with your friends and family real fast who are fed up with hearing about Amway and will avoid you. Also part of the brainwashing techniques used in the Amway cult is to separate the new recruit (IBO) from their friends and family because these people are the ones who may hold some influence and able to convince their loved one that this is a scam and they'll lose their money - like over 99% of all other IBO's who have gotten reeled in before them.

      Why would they wear suits to your house? Are you that formal? Ha ha!

  26. Interesting!!! A bunch of people (who they believe they will be the saviors) talking about evil. How many times did we see this on the TV, read it on books, heard it on the news. Can you please tell us what is your current lifestyle, and what you have achieved in life?(off-course you can post it in the evening- or after work hours). Good luck with everything you do.

  27. You idiots and Godd for nothing craps, If the company is a fraud as u all idiots mention, then it wudnt nt have survived for a long 52 yrs. U useless, idiots, lazy bugs, better do something useful or atleast dnt spoil others who like to come up in life..... d...u...m...........b...jkjkjjl

    1. You shithead Amway moron looking for Amway FED shit. Keep looking asshole!

    2. Well, that certainly was an intelligent post by anonymous. What a moron. The mafia has been around for 52 years, so does that make it a good business model? They fail to mention it's the folks at the TOP who have been in business a long time, but milking the wallets of those at the bottom of the pyramid.


    3. Dave - what else do you expect from a dumb ass Ambot!

  28. John Godzich aka Jean Godzich is now involved with Eric Masson (also an old AMWAY and GEPM member) They are both owners of a new MLM company Natura4ever. M. Godzich is a "hidden" partner. M. Godzich did go to prison and he is there for 3 years.

    1. Anonymous - that doesn't surprise me. Another pyramid scheme that needs to be shut down. More f those MLM scammers should be doing jail time for causing financial and emotional distress. If they can put Bernie Madoff in jail how come they can't put those Amway kingpins away too.

  29. All of these MLM scum should be in prison.

    1. Yup. Totally agree. Those MLM scammers should all be rotting in jail.

  30. Godzich with Former President Bush's brother another AMWAY connection possibly?

    1. Don't you know according to Amway Ambots in India George Bush is an Amway salesman knocking on the White House door. As for that link, it was in another language, I'm assuming French. Either way I couldn't read it! LOL!

  31. if you open the link on google chrome it will auto translate or ask you if you want to translate sorry

    all these MLM company's need to be shut down

  32. Justice.

    Jean Godzich, the former American boss of the European Group of Marketing Professionals based in the Eure, is again tried today in the Evreux Criminal Court for abuse of property, bankruptcy, recel and forgery in the Ninety years. In 2006, absent at his trial, he was sentenced to three years in prison, 500,000 euros in fines and 20 million in damages.

    Ten years later, Jean Godzich reappeared. Ten years after his conviction by Evreux Correctional Court in 2006 to three years in prison, 500,000 euros in fines and 20 million in damages, this American naturalized businessman at the head of the former Groupement European Association of Marketing Professionals "(GEPM), sought a warrant of arrest, was placed in pre-trial detention last June.

    Partners had been tried for "pyramid selling"

    Now aged 67, he opposed the 2006 judgment because of his absence from his trial. The new hearing to be held last July was postponed until today. This defendant, whose company had made a great noise both locally and nationally in the 1990s, was prosecuted for "abuse of the assets or credit of a joint-stock company by a manager for personal purposes" Bankruptcy "," recel of good from a bankruptcy "and" false ". Jean Godzich is accused of moving to Arizona (United States) with 36.8 million euros. Established in 1987, this company based in Fleury-sur-Andelle in the Eure and which at its peak 800 million francs turnover had filed for bankruptcy in 1995 to be dissolved in 1997.

    Commercial enterprise, the former GEPM had been accused of "pyramid selling". Jean Godzich's three main partners had been tried for this illicit system by the Correctional Court of Evreux in June 2000. This process consists of a seller mandated by a parent company to attach the services of other sellers Who themselves will recruit other sellers and so on. " In this system, the chain of distribution is a lure : the pyramid arrives at saturation, only the people at the head of the system will benefit, " said the prosecution at the hearing of the time.

    The GEPM, suspected of being a cult

    The ex-GEPM, which sold a wide variety of items, from jewelery to laundry to clothing and cosmetics, counted up to 400 employees, relying on a "web" of 40,000 sellers. The company made itself known in 1994 by buying the team of cyclist Luc Leblanc. But, accused in numerous press articles of sectarian practices, she had filed for bankruptcy in 1995. The Grouping had been pinned by the 1995 Gest-Guyard parliamentary report on sects.

    The businessman, who ran his Phoenix empire in Arizona in the United States, was sometimes referred to as a " guru " . Some employee testimonials collected by the press at the time were talking about "brainwashing". After a few months of indoctrination by reading books such as " The Magic of Belief " , " The Greatest Miracle of the World " , " Rendezvous at the Top ", or audio tapes that were purchased Of the employees to the Groupement, new recruits became followers.

    In 2006, three French executives from the former GEPM, who were prosecuted for complicity and who had attended the hearing, were sentenced to between eight months and two years' imprisonment, with suspended sentences. They also received fines ranging from € 10,000 to € 80,000. Today, it is the turn of the ex-boss to respond to the prosecution of which he is accused.


    NB: contacted, the defense attorney could not be contacted.

    1. Hi Anonymous. There's usually no justice when these MLM criminals steal from us. I'd love to see Amway's fat cats sitting in a jail. That book should be called Rendevous at the top of the pyramid! They left the last 3 words out!


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