Thursday, March 15, 2012

Is $75,000 the Magical Platinum Income?

When we attended Amway cult meetings our sack of shit Platinum sometimes asked who in the room earns at least $75,000/year.

It must have pissed him off to no end that my Ambot was the only person to raise his hand because he stopped asking that question after a few times of us attending his cult meetings. And it must have really pissed off that bastard that my husband makes more money than he does!

I think $75,000/year is the bragged about Platinum income, give or take a few thousand. Through research since I quit Amway I know that income can not be earned at the Platinum level. Nor the $125,000 an Emerald is supposed to earn, again give or take a few thousand depending on who is bragging about the money amount. I found this out by reading Eric Scheibeler’s book Merchants of Deception that as an Amway Emerald with a thousand people in his downline, he was only earning around $30,000/year, again give or take a few thousand. Also I saw a Youtube video of a former Emerald who said he only made between $2000 and $3000/month when he was with Scamway. He couldn’t afford to stick it out any longer in Amway and now makes a better income.

I doubt a Platinum can earn $75,000/year unless he’s running a lot of retail through his business which is nearly next to impossible to find regular customers willing to buy overpriced substandard Amway products.

So that “who makes $75,000/year” question probably brings another question to mind for everyone reading my blog. The same question that went through my mind.

Why in the hell would someone who already owns their own business and earns at least $75,000/year be interested in an Amway business and taking a cut in income?

I couldn’t figure out why my husband would want to shelf his legitimate business to get into a business where he makes less money a year. On a business built on a lies.

Fucking crazy!

Until I understood that my husband was being brainwashed by an evil cult.

And that’s when it became terrifying. The hold this evil cult has on its victims. Driven by greed. The Amway cult demands full control over their cult members money and their sanity.


  1. $75K per year?? I make way more than that at my J.O.B, and I have evenings and weekends free, plus haven't alienated all my friends and family.

    1. Connie - either as employees or business owners it is possible for people to earn at least $75k/year all without Amway and all without alienating friends and family. A concept that is foreign to ambots! There is nothing else out there except Amway according to them!

  2. Isnt amway short for american way? If it is they should change it to comway: the communist way

    1. I think they got beat to the punch by Scamway!

  3. Anna & Connie - Don't forget that, overall, former'Emerald' Eric Scheibeler lost around $100 thousands in the course of his 10 years of 'Amway' de facto slavery, but he passed around $4 millions to his 'Diamond upline' handlers - deriving mainly from the fraudulent cash sale of publications, recordings, tickets to meetings, etc., on the grounds that these materials contained the 'secret of success.'At the height of his secretly-insolvent 'Amway Emerald' activity, Eric counted his own secretly-insolvent 'downline' in thousands. They all firmly believed Eric to be fabulously successful, and even when he confessed to the world that he'd been living a lie, many liars in his own groups, refused to believe him.

    Whilst we are on the subject of lying:

    Would you and your free-thinking readers agree that it was a lie for Doug DeVos and Steve Van Andel to have claimed, in a recent interview posted on the Net, that 50% of 'Amway' products are retailed to the public, and that all 'Amway' products are sold for no other reasons than 'value' and 'demand?'

    Furthermore, would you also agree that it was a lie when the interviewer, Dennis Berman of the Wall Street Journal,' claimed that it is 'easy to make a bit of money in Amway?'

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. Um. David. Where have I heard that cult brainwashing technique used before?

      Would you agree.....

      At every Amway meeting I went to!

      Its all part of the subliminal brainwashing technique for the cult leader to say things that are fairly logical to get the followers to agree with him.

      "Would you agree our country is in the middle of a serious mortgage crisis?"

      "Would you agree that earning an extra $2000/month working part time 10 to 15 hours a week in your own business would help pay down your debt/go on a vacation/buy a new car, etc."

      "Would you agree the man sitting to your left is wearing a blue shirt?"

      "Would you agree that Starbucks charges too much for coffee?"

      "Would you agree that having thousands of dollars in residual income coming into your bank account each month would help you out in your retirement years?"

      I think you get the picture. I think Merchants of Deception also talked about that do you agree brainwashing. Its all part of the group think that is used in the Amway cult. To agree with the cult leader and believe everything he says.

      Everyone in Amway lies.

    2. Ah yes, the good ol' deception "if you can't dazzle 'em with brilliance, baffle 'em with bullshit" game of "Do You Agree". To sneak in the bullshit statement folded between non-related truth statements. "Well, yeah, I guess Wal-Mart is a successful business". Sort of like using two slices of bread, some mustard, ham and cheese and then slipping in a nice dollop of spit, then handing that sandwich to you. Presented that way it looks like a proper sandwich, but it still has all that spit in it. And Amway is quite the loogie they are trying to get you to swallow.

      Even if it was 12 noon on a cloud-less day and an Amway person told me the sun was out, I would still feel inclined to check for myself and not take his "word" for it.


    3. David: I read Eric's fascinating yet heartbreaking book several times and to this day correspond with him. His book is a true-life story of how the "Amway Opportunity" ruined his life and that of his family and friends, despite Eric's superhuman effort to make it work. It also details how, when he discovered and tried to bring to Amway corporates' attention that the real money is made from tools, NOT from selling product, he was harassed, hounded and persecuted to the point of receiving death threats from his 'love you forever' friends" in Amway. It's a blood-chilling, page turning story that should be read by anyone either considering Amway, in Amway or who has friends or relatives in Amway. It's a real eye opener.

    4. Dave - I'd almost forgotten about that whole "do you agree" thing until David brought it up! By the time I'd had more than enough of putting up with the bullshit from our Platinum I'd hit the Internet to find out the lies he'd been telling us. And lies that might not have been related to the Amway business, but just other news going on in the world. With the whole Amway spin on it of course!

    5. Well said Connie. You should have been used for writing a review of Merchants of Deception!

    6. "Would you agree that the job market is bad?"

      "Would you agree that spending little upfront money to start a business is a good thing?"

    7. Anonymous - I wrote a post about that common cult tactic "do you agree". Thanks for the reminder. I'll dig it up and run it again. And of course you know how to answer the "do you agree" - always answer NO because that really fucks up the Ambot! Ha ha!

  4. Anna - Sorry if I hit a raw nerve, but on this occasion, my use of the 'yes' question technique, was meant to be ironic.

    'Getting people to agree with you,' is one of the chapters in the classic little manual of coercive behaviour modification, sold to 'Amway' adherents, and which bears the name, Les Giblin.

    You do agree this comment makes sense, don't you ?

    1. David - I'm going to sit on the same fence as Dave above and say I'm not going to agree with anything unless I've checked it out myself and no without any doubt that I have the right answer before I commit to anything!

      But thanks for making us remember that portion of the ScAmway meetings!

  5. When I heard the pitch, it was $40K. Many young folks earn less so it can sound attractive. For the higher earners, it was pitched as a side income where the extra $40K is your financial security until you can go diamond and live large forever.

  6. Joecool - I think the first time I heard the pitch it was $50 or $60K. The last time I was in it was $75K and of course it kept going up from there!

    Maybe Amway WWDB have to increase the amounts to make becoming a self employed commissioned salesperson more attractive because with minimum wage and wages in general increasing over the past 10 years its not uncommon for people to be earning close to $40K at their jobs these days.

  7. I know someone who says they're gonna make millions in WWDB/amway and trying to get me in...

    are they totally full of crap? I see some posts saying you can make decent income but NO ONE in amway can prove their income per tax returns. Sure you can say you make 100k, but how much did you spend that year for your business? And not to mention all the time dedicated...

    I just want honesty on this company...

    Right now I am in the mortgage industry and spend a lot of time networking for my own job(which i love) and don't really like how rehearsed and fake amway people sound

    How worth it is this business?

    1. In Amway's own literature, in the fine print that they have to declare, they say less than 1% who get into the "business" have a chance to make any money. It's basically a pyramid scheme based on self consumption of the product and trying to get others to do the same. Ultimately 99% of people lose money in order to feed those at the top of the pyramid. They talk about how to recruit people (lying and deflecting and talking about "dreams") but not how to KEEP them in your downline when they realize they are losing money like crazy.

      Seriously... stay far away from this scam. Those at the very top make money by constantly finding new suckers to drain bank accounts and max out credit cards.

    2. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for the giggle! Everyone in WWDB always say they're going to be making millions in 2 years. Then they'll just sit back on their asses and do nothing while gazillions of dollars keep rolling in every month.

      Welcome to Scamway!

      As you pretty much figured out they're full of shit and they're all fake. Especially all that nicey nice stuff and yes they have every answer rehearsed. That's the only stuff they teach at Amway meetings - how to overcome objections.

      Has anyone asked you what your dream is yet? If they do tell them its to produce and star in gay porno flicks. Amway ambots are prudes. They do not have a rehearsed answer for that one and will probably back off you real fast especially if you start hitting them up to be investors on your next film project. Probably the only way you can get rid of an annoying Amway saleman fast!

      As the other Anonymous already responded to you, take a look at the Amway literature the ambot is required to give you. Amway's own figures say something like only .0000367% will make money. That's a tiny fraction of 1%. You're in the mortgage business. Would you invest in anything with over 99% failure rate that you had to pump in $500 to $700 of your money every month (probably through credit card debt) only to make back a commission of around $10/month.

      Yeah, stay away. And if the Scambot keeps bugging you fall back on the gay porno flick investment!

      Check out some of the links on the upper right side of this page. Those sites deal more with how Amway is a bad business opportunity. Here I'm more about cursing out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline for their abuse and how they bring emotional and financial distress to others as some sort of kill sport because they have no morals or conscience and nothing brings those bastards more happiness than destroying other lives.

  8. Actually, Platinums make $45,000 at least annually. That doesn't include their customer sales. It's simple math, you're considered a Platinum if you generate 7,500 PV which puts you in the 25% criteria. Now, that's 25% of your BV which is always roughly double your PV so that's 15,000 BV. 15000 x 25% = 3,750. 3750 x 12 (because there's 12 months in a year) = 45,000. I doubt the person made $75,000 as a Platinum, but your numbers aren't even close to being correct. What is your source?

    1. Anonymous - Amway is all about throwing numbers around that look good on paper but in reality pretty much impossible to execute. Its all about confusing others with the numbers. My source is a former Amway prosecutor who interviewed Platinums and posted how much they lost every year, no income, they all lose more money than they make or just break even. The website is called pyramid acheme alert and there's a link on the right side of this page under more Amway information. Who's YOUR source? A lying scamming Amway asshole?

    2. My source is coming directly from Amway. I'm not too sure what you're being told but I promise it's incorrect. Lets say you have an IBO that attends every single function and lets say that pay $1000 into their own business on products (which is absurd and they would have no reason to buy that much and should rethink how they're buying stuff) 1000 x 12 = $12,000. Also, don't forget you wont be spending as much money in stores because you're getting all out of Amway, but I'm doing worse case scenario. There's an OPITIONAL weekly meeting which you help pay for a room at a max of $5 per week. 52 x 5 = $260 annually. There are 4 huge seminars per year and lets say it's $100 per seminar which is more what it really is 4 x 100 = $400. There's also the hotel when you go to the seminars, I never paid more than $50 for the whole weekend by sharing rooms but lets just say it's $150 for the weekend (and it is that cheap because your business team makes a deal with the hotel, I'm actually saying more than it really is) 150 x 4 = $600. There's also the tools you can pay for that's also OPTIONAL, the most premium you can get is $80 per month, 80 x 12 = $960 annually. I'm not going to put in the gas cost to travel because you can claim that in your taxes at 57.5 cents per mile which makes the trips profitable. So that all totals to $14,220 a year from the $45,000 (at least) that you're making. You can believe your friend who claims they interviewed platinums is telling the truth, but numbers don't lie. But yes, I do have friends that are platinums and their wives are retired and spend time with kids. But I didn't get this information from them, this is directly from Amway, don't believe me? Look it up.

    3. I just realized that you would take my word by listening me so I'll give you the link to the PDF about the compensation. You should NEVER take someone's opinion as facts just because they present it like it's facts

    4. Anonymous - so your source is coming from liars and scammers and untrustworthy sources who have no problem breaking the law. We've all seen the circles at Amway bored plan meetings with all the gazillions of dollars you can potentially make working 10 to 15 hours a week. The reality of executing it and making those riches is unlikely. Its just like Powerball this week with a potential jackpot around 70 million. And they use circles too don't they! Its possible I might win the Powerball but its unlikely to happen. Though its much more likely I'll make more money at the lottery than I would at Amway and I wouldn't spend as much money.

      And do you really think I'm going to look at a Scamway link? Think about it. I have no interest in Amway so I'd have to be a dumb fuck to look at something that doesn't interest me right? No different than if people aren't interested in cursing out Amway assholes and poking fun at them they wouldn't read this blog either. They'd have to be a dumb fuck to read something that doesn't interest them. Right? Not interested in Amway propaganda so you need to shovel that shit somewhere else. Check out some of the bloggers on the top right of this page. They're more into writing about the bad business opportunity and I'm all about cursing out Amway bastards.

      What we want to see is a chart from Amway that lists how many IBO's there are. Then list how many make less than $10.month, how many make up to $25/month, how many make $50 - $100/month and so on. Amway's writing out checks. They have the numbers. We want to see real documentation not a bunch of circles about what might be possible. We want to see real profit and loss statements of every IBO out there. Not a bunch of circles with possibilities of money. Come back and provide us that link.

      We want possibilities of making big bucks we'll run out and buy Powerball tickets not buy shitty overpriced Amway products and hope to flog them on suckers.

    5. No my source comes from a $11.8 billion company that does business with companies like Nike, Apple, and Disney (Disney by the way doesn't do business with anyone without sitting down with their hundreds lawyers to make sure it's a legitimate business that Disney wants to be affiliated with, all whom will know far more than your friend). Who is also is 23rd in most profitable private owned in business in America. Not to mention one of the owners is the current Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce (recently re-elected, by the way). And your source is your friend, who supposedly was a former Amway prosecutor, what's his name anyways?

      And if you went to a boring meeting, that's the first I've ever heard of that. Not saying there's not boring Amway meetings, but they're rare enough where I've never heard of it.

      I've been to Emerald's houses, their paychecks and their lifestyles. And it's what anyone would want. But again, this is my word of mouth on the internet so I don't expect you to believe me.

      But no I'm not expecting you to click on the link but I'm showing that I have real credible sources and your only source is a word of mouth. Which I know is not credible at all because 95% of what you wrote on this blog is untrue (if not all). I'm on here because I was curious what people are writing nowadays and I'm just a curious person. I thought you misinformed but considering how untrue everything is, I'm noticing everything you're saying is so far from the truth that you honestly have no idea how Amway works.

      I've never heard of anyone making less $10 a month whose working the business and I've certainly never been under that. My lowest paycheck was $69 and some change. People who took a loss in Amway did the business incorrectly or just didn't work the business. Amway is go-getters, not people who sit on their butts after being at their full-time jobs. I have no idea how many people take a loss or who is barely making money because those people don't come around and work the business, they're at home hating the business because they have to get up and do something in order for it to work.

      And the link is no shape or form propaganda, it's a reference guide for IBOs to know how much they're going to get paid. And yes people do want to see it because it's facts, not your uneducated opinion. Get real credible sources to prove your opinions because I'm just going to triumph you with hard factual sources.

    6. Anonymous - why don't you just say what 11.8 billion dollar company your "credible" source comes from. We all know its not Amway because they don't make that much. And how do we know how much they make? Because Amway like all over retailers and businesses files taxes and there are various reporting agencies for retailers who make this information public. If you're being a typical sneaky Amway bastard and this not to be mentioned company is Amway you figure out how "credible" your "credible source" is and go to the IRS web page and look for the report tax cheaters link and follow the instructions and report that Amway is AGAIN cheating on their taxes, declaring one sales amount they make public when the amount they're telling their "credible sources" is much higher. Amway is no stranger to tax evasion fraud. Did your "credible source" tell you about the fines Amway's paid for tax evasion? Report them to the IRS hotline for cheaters and then tell us how it went.

      Lots of companies do business with other companies. We have outside vendors we purchase from. And your point is? A buck is a buck. In Amway's case they have some outside stores their IBO's can buy from. Generally low PV so ambots don't purchase from them and no special deals. Out of all those companies you mentioned how many of them have a reciprocal link back to Amway so their customers, say Disney customers, can buy overpriced useless shitty Amway products? I've never seen a link to Amway on any of those websites that I've looked at. Does Amway report how much ambots spend on these other companies websites? I've never seen it. Just another Scamway secret.

      Seeing as how former Amway Emeralds have written books and made Youtube videos saying they earn between $2 and $3,000/month from Amway I'd hardly call that a lifestyle that's any different than the average income at other companies. I doubt you say actual paychecks. The Amway strategy to fool brainwashed ambots is to show photocopies.

      Earning $69 commission isn't something to brag about. If you put in the minimum 10 to 15 hours/week at Amway, that's 40 hours though you probably worked a whole lot more hours at Amway. That means you made $1.73/hour. Surely you can find a better paying commissioned sales job out there. Hell you could work part time flipping burgers at McDonalds and make more than at Amway. And you neglected to say how much your monthly Amway expenses were. If you're average it would be between $500 and $700 to earn that commission. Net loss still in the hundreds of dollars.

      You aren't keeping at profit and loss book are you? Because that's frowned on in Amway so the ambots don't realize how much money they're making.

      Let us know how it went reporting to those tax cheaters to the IRS.

  9. Actually, Amway are the ones who said that they made $11.8 Billion. Also, Forbes, Fortune, and CBS. But good job making Amway look even better by forcing me to give it even more credibility. And the tax evasion was in Canada when they shipped products there because there' used to an extra tax when you ship things for a business from a foreign country. That tax doesn't even exist anymore BTW.

    And it's not just any companies, it's companies that hardly do any business with anyone else. Disney doesn't do business with just anyone and Apple hardly does business with any companies at all. And they do have special deals on some of the products, which is more than none of the products when you go directly to the site. But I wasn't mentioning the other businesses because you can generate PV from it, I was mentioning it because the companies are prestige. And you don't get to Amway by using a link on Disney, Nike, Apple, etc sites, you go to those companies through the Amway site. You can't even purchase anything from Amway unless you know an IBO so that makes no sense to advertise it on their site. Shows even more than you have no idea how it works. So you're just making yourself look even worse, good job.

    And I said that $69 was the least amount I've ever got, that was my very first month. I'm well beyond that. But I spend about $150-$300 on products (I claim half of it on my taxes, by the way). But I don't spend that money just to help support my business, I do it because I need the stuff (love the XS Drinks, meal bars and I always take a multivitamin) and I don't have to spend as much money at the grocery store. And if I didn't make a profit from my business ( I make $500 - $800 a month) I wouldn't spend that much money on the products. No where it says that you have to spend so much money of products, people overspend on products thinking that's what they're suppose to do and they're morons. I didn't spend any money on my business (besides the essentials such as shampoo and cleaning products that I would of spent money on anyways) until I was in profit (which took a month when I was making over $150 but I didn't sit on my butt). And I've only been in since February, not everyone moves that fast and some have done it faster, but I'm not a lazy person and I enjoyed making more money than sitting on my butt watching TV.

    BTW where did 10 - 15 hours come from? I work 7 hours a week on it MAXED. And I haven't worked that much since I first got in. So all in all, I make $200 - $500 a month and gain the product that I love (even if I wasn't in the business, I would be a customer, just look up information about the product, Nutrilite is quite literally the best in the World). And my business is still growing, like I said, I started in February making $69, now it's $200 - $500. And I can't wait until tax season! But of course I keep track of profit and loss, I was in the military, they ingrain that into you! And the profits are up and are still increasing! Now that's just me because I wasn't an idiot and bought everything I could when I first started and by nature I'm not a lazy person so it came easy for me.

    And where are these books and youtube videos at? I've been looking everywhere for them and there is none!

    1. Anonymous - like I said before if you have proof that Amway is making more money than they're claiming, then go to the IRS cheater tip line and report them.

      There's about a billion dollar difference between what your "credible source" tells you that Amway makes and an interview Amway's owner gave talking about their losses about a billion a year for the past couple of years. It doesn't take much to do a google search for Amway 2014 income and the owner's name to find that interview. So either you or Amway's owner is lying. Oh you're both probably lying but take your proof to the IRS tip line. You're just making yourself look like the typical lying Amway asshole by claiming Amway makes more money than the owners have reported.

      10 to 15 hours a week is on Amway literature plus said at every Amway meeting out there. Good for you for cutting the time to only 7 hours. My Ambot put in at least 100 hours a month and got nowhere near your level of Amway success.

      You'd looked everywhere for those books? And there are none! Liar! For starters look on the right side of this page under more information about Amway and the first link is for a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. See how easy that was? So easy I know there's no way you looked at Youtube. The video was a former Emerald standing on a balcony of a hotel room in Mexico saying his best month in Amway was about $3000 and he was flogging the MLM he's in now.

  10. What's the matter? You don't want to post my comment because I completely discredited you and made you look silly? I'm seeing other people comments that you approve on this forum and they posted it after I did, so you can't make it seem like you're busy. Some guy had to make 2 comments because what he had to say was so long. Did you approve that post because he didn't make you look stupid? He is making Amway look good so I'm surprised you haven't made up some stuff out of thin air again.

    1. It was caught in the spam filter. I've released it now. Motherfucker.

    2. Thanks Suzy Q!

      And to the Anonymous Amway Asshole - don't you look like an asshole now? Sorry (NO! not really!) that the person who moderates the comments didn't do it fast enough for you or checked the spam filter fast enough to satisfy your demonic Amway needs. Wouldn't it have been nicer to just drop a quick comment mentioning that you noticed your comment hadn't been posted yet and could you check the spam filter. But no. Amway ambots demand things be done NOW for them. And things don't get done NOW around here because I rely on someone who checks the comments throughout the day. So it didn't get done fast enough for you so you have to prove what this blog is all about that people in Amway are fucking assholes.

      And by the way we have no control over what Blogger considers spam and puts into a filter to be checked later on. Just in case you were planning to do what Amway Ambots do best and bitch about that too.

      Jesus christ what are you even doing here. Just giving us more fuel for the fire that people in Amway are dumb fucks.

  11. So I was shown "the plan" today and it was weird. I was told they I shouldn't believe things in blogs so I decided to check it out to see what he means. Everything Anonymous is saying has been true with real credible sources. I haven't seen any sources from Anna Banana besides those books but those authors lost in court and admitted lying after they lost. And I mean all of them.

    I also found Amway did $10.8 billion in 2013 and $11.8 billion in 2014 so it was a $1 billion increase. Their profit has been increasing every year during a recession which is nuts. I can't find any interviews of an Amway owner saying that they're losing money every year, but I'm finding a ton of information of their profits drastically increasing for the past 7 years. These are credible sources I'm getting this information from top business magazines like Forbes, Fortune and Business Weekly.

    The fact that Anonymous had to tutor Anna Banana how to get to the other business sites through Amway makes me think she never been in Amway since I even know how it works when I was shown "the plan". Which is confusing since she said she was one of the woman who introduced their husbands at the beginning of a meeting. You would think she would have some idea how it works or at least do a little research with all of the comments she posted on this blog.

    Anna Banana, you're literally making stuff up, you have no proof and looked everywhere for the information you're trying to tell us. The only real source you gave us was the books on the side from authors who lost cases in court and admitted to lying about it.

    Anonymous, thanks for the sources and clearing up some confusion for me. Stay strong and keep up what you're doing but I don't think I have the patience to deal with people like Anna Banana, people are nut cases.

    1. Yeah, who would know better about Amway, Anonymous or the 99% of people who lose money to the scam (as their own literature calls out).

      How much Amway makes really doesn't mean shit. A casino makes millions and the reason is because of those who go there and empty their wallets gambling. And that's pretty much what Amway counts on. That they can paint a "dream" to make someone empty their wallet to them thinking "I'll be that 1% who makes it". But sales to outside customers (other than pity purchases from family and friends that will soon die off as they avoid you) due to the extremely high cost of the products that, regardless of what the lying upline says, are generic at best. So the whole Amway business, like so many MLM schemes, becomes not about selling products, but recruiting others to come in and do what you are doing... self-consuming and "investing" by filling up your garage and closets with unsellable "inventory".

      Unless your sales are mostly to outside customers, then it's really just an enclosed pyramid scam, and as with all pyramids only those at the top make money. It means nothing to say "Amway had an increase in profits" because all that means is more suckers were found to self-consume at the high prices and the profits made by Amway are for the company itself, not the commissioned sales force where the money is actually coming from.

      But go ahead and say you are right and we are wrong. You aren't the first. It's not our wallet and bank account being emptied for an empty dream that is little more than a motivational recruitment pyramid scam.

    2. KBanks - a word of advice - post anonymously not with a user name. People in Amway are the biggest whiny ass crybaby squealers you'll ever meet in your life. Amway employees read this blog and if they track you down you'll be in for an Amway shit kicking.

      Anonymous had to "tutor" me? Give me a fucking break. All I got was a refresher course that people in Amway are a bunch of lying scamming Amway assholes. Plus reminded that Amway Ambots refuse to believe any information outside of what comes from the Amway cult leaders. And you're doing the same bullshit. Some people would call you a liar others would call you a dumb fuck for getting your figures backwards. I don't give a shit. I'll never be able to convince a brainwashed Amway Ambot of anything. What's with all these fucking Amway assholes who go around thinking they have to "educated" everyone in the world who's not a brainwashed Amway Ambot just because we don't have a high and mighty degree from Amway University like Ambots do. Nobody gives a fuck.

      How do you know when someone in Amway is lying? Their mouth is moving. Or online when they're typing something. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. I'm seeing it in these comments. Surely there are better employers out there in the world where you don't have to put in that much effort.

      Now run along and find someone in the Amway upline who wants his dick sucked off.

      Being a cocksucker is all part of being an Amway Ambot.

    3. Anonymous - you're right. Nobody gives a shit how much a company is making or losing except for the owners of course.

      We'll never convince Amway Ambots of anything. That people are going through financial and emotional distress thanks to Amway. Ambots are brainwashed by the Amway cult leaders not to believe information from sources outside of Amway.

      People's personal experiences don't count when you're an Ambot.

      We're just here to share our stories. Bottom line is its not skin off my ass if someone I'm not related to wants to lose their money in a pyramid scheme.

  12. You actually think Amway will contact me off a blog that criticize them? You're more fucked in the head than I thought. I gotta defend the Amway guy right now because you both are being idiots. First of all, he mentioned how much money Amway made because Anna Banana persistently made a false claim, again. And although a source was given, she didn't bother looking it up herself because she HASN'T DONE ANY RESEARCH! And he was just showing how full of shit she is. It's funny how you compare customers at a casino with IBOs in Amway though, just show how stupid you are. And you can't say 99% of people in Amway lose money and say it's in their own literature and now even show proof, which their is none. But if you find literature Amway put out claiming that, I will FULLY support you guys and be active with cutting down Amway. But you wont so I'm not worried because I already found it. The average active IBO makes $202 a month after expenses and approximately 46% were active. That means every IBO that worked the business made a profit. Here's the link to the Amway literature:,
    it says it on the bottom of page A-1 . STOP MAKING SHIT UP!

    You called it a pyramid scheme but you don't get to make that decision because you are a moron. The FTC (Federal Trades Commission, I figured you were too stupid to figure that one out) makes that decision and they said its not. It was before one of the Amway owners became the Chairman of the FTC (that's an elected position by the way).

    You got a refresher course on how Amway is a bunch of liars? You mean you got a refresher course on how the business works, because that's how it works. I still don't think it was a "refresher", I think you were never in it because you're claims on how it works is completely wrong. You don't even know how the payouts work lol. I even know how it works I was just introduced to it.

    You say you lose money, just don't put money into it you fuck. You said that your upline forced you to. Then you are an even more dumb fuck for listening to him, it's YOUR business and you could of done whatever you wanted with it. You're just too dumb to know how to run a business. Well I can't say anyone is dumb for not running a business, most businesses fail. They kicked him out for a reason. You would of thought that you could of put two and two together.

    1. kbanks - how would I know if Amway would contact you directly from publishing a comment on the Internet. I don't have access to how their company operates.

      One of the people who assist on this blog was attacked by a cyberstalker Amway employee. Due to the following police complaint this blog was put with tracking software as were other blogs that are nothing similar to this to track the cyberstalker's activity. We can see who the visitors are.

      So we know when someone from Amway visits because among other things it shows their host name as Alticor and they're usually in Ada or Grand Rapids.

      Just like your information shows your host name is Verizon and location is Marlton New Jersey. The only visitor who was on this page at the time the comment was left 10:19 pm Pacific time so add a few hours for your time zone.

      One of the gadgets on this blog is for recent comments. I can confirm that an Amway employee clicked and came to this page to read your comments yesterday. And they've been here today and probably be back tomorrow too. As long as you're happy with the way you're representing Amway online then good for you.

      I run a post every few months about 100 more ways Amway Ambots say negative so you're helping that post move along so hopefully Amway's head office is very proud of you.

      My real life experiences with the Amway cult weren't good enough research for you?

      Just wait until the assholes in your Amway upline ass fuck you.


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