Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ambushed by an Ambot!

I wanted to share a comment left in my post about buying tickets for Puryear Family Reunion in case some of my readers missed it.

It just shows that nothing ever changes in Amway. The same pitches are going on today that were going on 5 years ago, 10 years ago, and probably since time began with the Amway pyramid scheme.

I separated his/her comment into smaller paragraphs to make it easier to read and to insert my own comments in red!

I went with my friend (IBO) to one of his meetings after getting ambushed on one of our morning jogs.

Ambushed? Check. Ambot sneaky ass strategy.

He was babbling on and on about this year’s family reunion thing coming up July. I guess it’s a “must attend” function or convention (or something…WHATEVER).

Family Reunion coming up in July? Yup. WWDB Amway function. Another “must attend” brainwashing convention. Aren’t they all? Yawn. Ambot trying to build up some excitement so he can be one of very few IBO’s who actually brings a guest and that makes him look all big and important to the upline that he worships.

For starters, let me admit I’ve never before seen such mediocrity in my forty years on this planet!

Mediocrity? That’s one of the nicest things I’ve ever heard anyone say about Amway!

He insisted I borrow and listen to a couple of cd’s from some ‘money-guru’ he says he knows personally. I’m not really into listening to anything that’s not accompanied by some kind of music…and of course makes sense to my mood at that moment.

Those CDs are the shits! Especially when they’re cranked as loud as they can go. Sounds like we’re out in the boonies under a big tent with a preacher screeching a sermon at us.

Well anyway, back to the meeting on Friday night, we get there and of course, the place is pact! There are no more chairs, one of the best-dressed guys in the back of the room ushers my friend’s ‘sponsor’ to give up his seat so I’ll have a chance at enjoying the speaker’s slander.

Sounds like someone on the chair committee fucked up!

This ‘meeting’ felt more like a revival of some sorts to me than anything close to a business meeting. I guess there wasn’t any religion involved, yet it was carried on in a fashion resembling that of religious doctrine.

I guess they held off on the religion because they had a rare appearance of an outsider at this Amway meeting. Usually Amway meetings are peppered with religion as is the norm for any cult's meetings.

After being formally introduced to most of the attending IBO’s in the room one of the attendees (seemed rather prospected), and his wife were being badgered by a group of IBOs to attend that July convention –thing, in a matter of seconds the rest of the group joined in and the guy who urged my friend’s sponsor give up his seat to me walked right in front of them to make certain they would go (he kept insisting they attend in a very weird manner).
Amway ambots ganging up on someone and badgering them? Oh say it isn’t so! Not only are those bastards good at group love bombing but they also gang up to dole out the abuse as needed.

He and a few others (they seemed like the diamonds in the group) carried themselves extremely comfortable! After battling with that couple, he made his way to me and asked a few question about my employment (I lead Pioneer-A medical equipment distribution center for medical schools). Impressed, he seemed to veer towards my personal ambitions, at which I admitted I was going to medical school this fall.

Yup the old Amway FORM strategy that is also used by high closer salespeople to find out more about the victim and put them at ease before going in for the kill.
F - Family
O - Occupation
R - Recreation
M - Money

Before moving on, he suggested I attend this ‘ function’ insisting “I might learn something” and commented that my friend’s sponsor was someone going places and I should maybe meet up with the sponsor and him for coffee some time. I told him no thanks, that I just did this as a favor to my friend whom seemed relentless about this ‘industry’. He became uncomfortable with my comment and with a smile corrected me indicating “this is not a company…it’s a world-wide opportunity for independent business owners with BIG dreams and not afraid of getting their hands dirty”. I smiled back and nodded “most-definitely”, thinking how pathetic this all was!

Everyone in Amway is ALWAYS "going places". Usually straight to the poorhouse and divorce court! Ambots always get uncomfortable when confronted with the truth. You can bet your friend got reamed out later on for being “negative”. The reason you're getting your "hands dirty" in Amway is because of the dirty money you're making scamming victims in this pyramid scheme.

Anyway, a little after 11pm…I told my friend I was heading home, he asked what did I think about the people and the testimonials and I replied they were fine. He asked about my availability to get together for coffee during the weekend and I turned him down telling him I’m not really a “deodorant and soap-door to door kind of guy”. Now, he didn’t show offense to this, but I’m certain he’d love to have retaliated instantly, instead he asked for my cell-phone number and or my email, I gave him one of my email address in case I want to humor myself someday soon. He insisted though, we definitely HAVE TO TALK, and that they could use someone like me in their venture (I’d rather drown myself than tolerate another one of these pitches).

Yup ambots always want to go for coffee and they’ll bring along their sack of shit Platinum to close the sale and sign up the victim as an IBO.

And......Better dead than an ambot!


  1. Want to know the funniest thing I always see when I think of this company?

    Has anyone EVER met an IBO that didnt work a normal job? I mean, even at the conventions the "Rubies" and "Emeralds" all had normal day jobs and would constantly say "We're not where we want to be yet, but we'll get there!" Please. Everyone in this company is basically broke, except for the Diamonds making tons of money off of these b.s. conventions and registration fees.

    I really wish I would've used my head when it was telling me that this is all a scam, but I just listened to the other people when they brought out my "dreams" and gave me the mindset of being a Med student with no debt(which would be awesome!).

    They also bring religion up in those meetings like there no tomorrow!


    1. Sammy - not only do IBO's have normal jobs, in many cases low paid jobs where they don't see any other way out, but their "dreams" are fairly normal too. They want to buy a house, buy a car, go on a nice vacation. The type of stuff most people want out of life.

      You were taken in by very good scammers who are experienced at using brainwashing techniques. It is very embarrassing to most people to admit they were scammed by Amway. You've lost some money but your losses are much less than what most people suffer thanks to Scamway. You're young enough to bounce back. You're a student so you understand that most education costs you something. In this case you'll know better not to get scammed by Amway or another shady MLM. And you will get prospected by Amway again sometime in the next few years.

      All cults use religious references.

      Legitimate businesses - who are not churches - do not quote from the bible or use religion in the workplace. Could end up on the wrong end of a lawsuit. As Amway has found out over and over again.

  2. Hi Anna;
    I've enjoyed reading some of your blog entries. I think it's great that you put so much information out there to help educate people.
    I got sucked into Amway (in Canada) about 17 years ago. We went through so much that you describe here, causing problems with friends and family, and going broke going to functions.
    I haven't completely read through your blog, so I don't know if you've mentioned it, but the Amway founders, particularly the Devos' are huge donors to the Republicans, and in bed with the Koch brothers especially in regards to resegregating public schools and pushing charter and virtual online schools. Betsy Devos is a driving force behind destroying what's left of the US Public School System.

    I found your site because I searched for Amway Tax Evasion, because a Facebook group I belong to listed a bunch of corporations that rack up billions and don't pay their fair share of taxes in alphabetical order. I told them they were missing an important one - A is for Amway.

    1. Hi Anonymous! Glad you found my blog!

      My blog has a lot of entries and in many cases the comments left are much longer than the post I wrote. Its pretty ambitious to tackle the whole thing. But that does happen on occasion. Usually some fed up wife of an ambot who has finally found someone who went through the same Amway bullshit she's dealing with and understands what its like being inside the Amway hellhole.

      No I don't really write anything about Amway's owners or the Amway business itself. My goal is to make sure all my readers know what assholes the people in Amway are and how the upline abuses the IBOs below them. And sometimes what I think of Amway's overpriced shitty products. It doesn't surprise me that the Devos family are out causing problems. Everyone I've met in Amway has been nothing but a troublemaker. Where better to learn to be a troublemaker than the Amway gods?

      I'm pretty sure the Amway corporation has tax accountants and lawyers making sure they stay above the law. Maybe just. The real tax evaders are the IBOs who are cheating on their taxes by writing off everything to do with Amway against the income they earn from their jobs and getting a refund check. That's the only way to make money at Amway unless you're at the top of the pyramid and getting a cut of the tool scam money.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Jonathan - maybe I used to live in Medaryville, Indiana and the Amway assholes I'm describing in my blog are you and your upline. Didn't think about that did you? Its always nice to know that there are people out there who don't share your high opinion of the Amway assholes. Next time someone's wife tells you they ain't interested in Amway don't be a troublemaker and sign up the husband anyway. Everyone in Amway is creepy. Like I said not everyone shares your high opinion of yourself and the assholes in our Amway upline.

    2. Every Amway upline thinks THEIRS is the exception to the rule. Remember, they not only fake success, they fake caring about their downline, too. How else can they string them along while they empty their bank accounts? They love them unconditionally until they run out of money and have to quit. After that, the "love" turns into derision and scorn.


    3. Dave - Jonathan can run and long and play with his expensive social club. No skin off my ass what he does.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Jonathan I don't know whether or not you're being pressured and not admitting to it or not. If you're really not being pressured right now you will be soon enough to fork over more money to buy more products so someone upline can reach their monthly goal or to attend another major function.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Jonathan - just keep an eye on your expenses and keep a profit and loss statement. There are very few IBO's who can run a profitable business just by selling Amway products to customers because eventually the customers dry up. You'll get some people at the beginning but Amway products are expensive and people can get similar products at the grocery store that cost much less. No matter what ambots say about Amway products being high quality they are really the same or substandard than name brand products. In other words Amway offers generic products at premium prices and brainwashes people into thinking they are high quality. People don't like to pay big bucks for products that don't do as good a job as lower priced products.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Jonathan - I bet when you signed up again you heard an Amway pitch about how things have changed in Amway and its different from when you were in before and now is the time to get in before Amway reaches critical mass saturation point or whatever similar line they're using.

      Use your head kid! Your Amway friends are only your friends as long as you're spending money in Amway. You've been down that road before. They'll drop you fast when you quit again. And I do hope you quit again real soon before Amway causes you further emotional and financial distress.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Jonathan - Amway is a blame the victim scam. IBO's are always accused of "not trying hard enough". I can't tell you how many ambots who have showed up at my blog to leave comments that we didn't try hard enough. However not a single one of them can give the criteria for what trying hard enough means. My husband easily put in 100/hours a month into Amway. The author of Merchants of Deception was CORE to the bone and had 1000 people in his downline and at Emerald level was earning 30 - 35k and his upline blamed him that he wasn't trying hard enough. So of course that's what your upline is going to say and convince you that's what happened the last time you were in Amway.

      Look at Amway's own literature. The small print. The current literature might be slightly different today and I'm looking at a business overview from 2010 that an IBO posted online that .0726% of IBO's will earn $95,000 annually. That is a fraction of 1% of all IBO's. And that is gross amount. Your net will likely be a lot less than half. And that is only if you get to that level. There is over 99% chance of failure. These are Amway's figures! Its in the small print but its there. The odds for success are way stacked against you. Read the business overview again. Amway also includes the amount of money you "save" from buying from your own store in that gross amount.

      You have lots of other options for retiring your wife early. Go the library or the bookstore and get a book by Dave Ramsey called Smart Couples Finish Rich. Look for books that give you ideas about starting your own legitimate at home business. There are lots more businesses that you can start up that have a much better success rate than a fraction of 1%. Open your eyes man!

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Jonathan - absolutely there are some people who have a huge network of friends/family and can reach high levels in Amway. This is less than one quarter of 1% of all IBO's. Those are very small odds. There are IBO's who became Diamonds but were unable to hold onto that qualification. In Amway Diamonds are not forever.

      You don't need to explain how you "do" this. We've heard it all before. Amway's top secret path to success. You sign up one person every month and teach them to do what you do - eat one Amway food bar and drink one Amway beverage daily - and by 6 months you've got 6 people below you doing this and you're making $50,000 or whatever number they're shooting off these days.

      The real secret is you have to be good at lying, scamming, brainwashing, abuse, bullshitting, etc etc to make it in Amway. People with morals - and that would be 99% of IBOs - do not do well at Amway because they aren't comfortable treating others like that.

      Take a look Jonathan. I am not selling anything on my blog. Nobody pays me any money if I can convince someone to quit Amway or not to sign up. I write this blog to deal with the mental anguish I went through. By writing down what I feel I can help others. So many others have similar stories and they weren't all in WWDB.

      Do you really want your wife to go through emotional and financial distress which is what will happen if you stay in Amway long enough?

      95% of IBO's quit Amway within 2 years so odds are you will leave once your wife points out to you that you're not making enough money to justify the expenses.

      I've had several former IBO's stopping by to say that Amway cost them their marriage. Is that a price you're willing to pay? Because it won't be too long before your upline starts bitching at you that your wife is unsupportive and that she's an unchristian negative dreamstealer.

      In a few months you're gonna have to figure out who you love more. Your Amway upline or your wife.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. Jonathan - you said you recently finished school so that tells me you are still young enough to recover financially from what Amway will do to you.

      Whether or not you can recover any relationships that your Amway destroys is unknown.

      I see the Amway upline assholes are still using the old "server" routine. I've got to dig up that post and bring it up to the front again.

      There is nothing wrong with wanting to retire yourself and your wife and help others retire too. Its the vehicle you have chosen that has stacked the odds against you. There are better opportunities out there.

      Amway is all about selling the hope not the soap.

  6. Gosh Anna Banana. I'm pretty sure you're gonna curse me out too because you don't like what I say; after reading your disclaimer at the bottom of the page,I imagined the possibilities of your response...and I'm still gonna say this. Everybody doesn't have a negative opinion of Amway,so why aren't you okay with that and respect people's opinion? I saw how you attacked Jonathan. He shared his opinion and did NOT attack YOU for YOUR opinion of Amway. C'mon. Anyway, I am an Amway IBO and it's been bittersweet for me. Been in the business for over a year and my upline has lied to me. But like Jonathan said, some people get a crappy upline. I blew money on conferences and events I couldn't afford but I was encouraged to "not care about the money" by my uplines and Amway speakers. I like a few of the products and I get a discount on my phone bill, but I'm about ready to say forget it. I can spend $100 into the business and get NOTHING on my bonus check. About $250 has to go into your business in order to get $7.50 back in your bonus check. You can order all those products yourself and try to sell them to people but it's not always guaranteed. Plus you gotta beg for customers. Might as well start up a business in something I'm actually passionate about.

    1. Angelina - I'm sure Jonathan is a big boy and fully understood the risks of getting cursed out if he posted here. Actually I have been rather nice to him. I'm not cursing at him just calling our Amway upline a bunch of assholes so I'm being real easy on the language too. Jonathan is rather boring compared to some of the ambots who show up here with their canned amspeak sermons.

      I do respect other people's opinions. I tried to point Jonathan in the direction where he could get some truth if his upline refuse to show him their financial statements. I hardly see that I "attacked" him.

      You need to read my post today about the Amway asshole from Alberta if you want to see "attacked" in action!

      Good on you for seeing the light and quitting Amway. I'm glad you're getting your life under control again. Good luck finding a better business to run. Not all businesses have the odds stacked against you with a 99% failure rate like Amway does.

    2. Angelina, you're an Ambitch, I'm going to FUCKING SHOOT YOUR FACE WHEN I SEE YOU ON THE STREETS. I FUCKING HATE AMBOTS AND AMBITCHES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Well she might be a former Ambitch. She's getting out of the cult. You don't have relatives in Scarsborough Canada do you?

  7. Hey, Anonymous at June 1, 2012 6:53 PM, chill out a little, dude. Anna doesn't need the subpoena that your comment could result in.

    I understand your feelings, and I am not saying that you're response was not legitimate, but it could bring troubles down on Anna, which would delight the ambots everywhere.

    Jonathan, you did very well. By skipping the canned responses and just laying the bullshit on with a trowel, you really helped the cause. Anyone who has run the numbers know that you're either lying, or repeating lies you were told, though. So does anyone who has ever been in Scamway, and so does everyone currently in the tippy top fraction of ambots.

    So good job, man with a heart of darkness. You may very well have convinced a few more lambs to head right into that ol' Amway slaughter shute. Well done, soulless one!

    Anna, keep rockin'. I think that you are the one who scares them the most. I know you would terrify me, if I were a scammer. Thanks for all you do here.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Anonymous!

      Amway causes a lot of anger and rage in people. If not the actual company/business then their messengers - the Amway IBO's. Amway refuses to take responsibility for the assholes that are representing their business.

      People get ripped off. They lose money. Their marriages crumble. The lose their homes. No one at Amway's head office gives a shit.

      Likewise Amway knows if they come to me for any kind of assistance at identifying any of my readers I'll just tell them to go fuck themselves. Basically - the same response I got from the customer service department at Amway!

      I think the above anonymous if its the same person I'm thinking of lost a girlfriend or fiancee to the Amway cult. The anger perhaps a bit misplaced. Swearing is funny. Physical violence not so much. He probably just thinks he's being funny. Its unlikely to go further than words. How's he going to track down some anonymous poster on a blog.

      Amway should be scared of people like me who take to the Internet and tell our story. Its one thing to talk about shitty overpriced products. Lots of companies could have someone stating a similar opinion of what they sell. I tell about what its really like being abused by the assholes in the Amway upline. What goes on at Scamway meetings. The time you have to invest. The emotional turmoil the people in Amway place on your life. The money you lose. Amway doesn't want those stories getting out there about what their representatives are really like.

      Amway can buy out my blog for $10 million until the end of August when the price goes up another $5 million! A small price to pay for the truth in advertising to stop!

  8. I just want to make sure that everyone is aware that Jonathan came in and deleted his comments earlier this morning June 6 2012. I didn't ask him to do so. He just showed up and deleted them. Probably some asshole in his Amway upline told him not to leave comments on a site that does not promote Scamway in glowing loving terms.

    Amway censorship hard at work again on its brainwashed ambots!

  9. I never got involved in any MLM marketing before, but I've met people who have and let me tell you that not everyone who does this is a rub. There a lot of smart people who get taken by these scams. A couple of years ago there was a this company called Excel Communications that was similar to Amway. My already rich uncle got invovled with this as well as some doctors. I knew from the start that it was a scam since no one was actually selling the service but looking for "franchisees". Anyway my brother in-law got suckered in to talking to an ambot because my sisters friend at work told her that her "husband" wanted to talk about a great investment. The guy talked until 11pm at night and then finally came out that he was selling Amway. I was near by and gave out a big laugh! Anway, the guy asked my already rich Brother in-law if he wanted to make even more money and my brother in-law says that money doesn't drive him. The guys just shut up on the spot as he didn't have a comeback. They feed off peoples greed and dreams.

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    1. Hi Anonymous. I have no idea seeing as how I've never subscribed or unsubscribed to do that. I'll check with the person who keeps this blog up and running to see what can be done so be prepared for a couple more notices. Its not like this post is a hot bed of activity. Most of the comments are from 2 years ago except for one a couple of months ago.

    2. According to Blogger, in the emails they send there is an option to unsubscribe from that post, so click the unsubscribe link in your email and that should take care of it. Apparently you can also go to the post where you subscribed to the comments and there's an option there to unsubscribe.

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  20. Hello there Anna, and all others who read this post! I just wanted to type my thoughts here, so please excuse me, as I may be all the over the place in my writing.

    My girlfriend and I recently became IBOs, as in less than a week ago from the time I typed this. As you can tell, we were not bright enough to listen to the dozens upon dozens of real testimonies of those who had dealt in some way or another with Amway and the World Wide Dream Builders (WWDB).

    We've come to realized that the WWDB is more than likely what makes up most of the money the Upline makes, thanks to the selling of motivational CDs, videos, speeches, etc. My girlfriend and I were not huge fans of the rally audios to begin with, as it felt more like fantasy dream that most will not achieve. Simply put, to brainwash you into thinking these dreams are all achievable within the business of Amway. It was hilarious to find out the $25 Standing Orders just consisted of those rallies.

    As a disclaimer, I cannot judge my Upline because they legitimately seem to be good people with great character, and a genuine passion to want to help others. They are simply following Amway's Core Steps to insure their own financial successes.

    We've already paid our IBO registration, Premier Member registration, with the Standing Order, Communikate, and all that jazz, and are scheduled to go out to the major Function happening in June. We have paid nearly $800 just to become IBOs. We already realized what we were getting ourselves into. Well maybe not to the full extent, but to some degree, yes. We thought of this as a way to insure our registration as an IBO.

    Despite what will most definitely be frowned upon within our Upline, we planned to shave off the WWDB / Mentorship part of Amway altogether. We do realize that they need their Legs (a.k.a. their downline, or us,) need us to be a Premier Members, and be on Standing Order to become qualified for Eagle, Double Eagle, etc. Does this have any benefit in terms of bonus checks sent from Amway? I'm assuming being Eagle, etc. allows you a chance to create CD's, motivational tools, and speeches where all the real money is going to be generated, but from our understanding, it is unnecessary to be in WWDB in order to stay as an Amway rep.

    (To be continued...)

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by with your story. Sorry to hear you and your girlfriend got sucked into Scamway. But its good to hear you figured out real fast that the only way to make money is to be the head of one of the Amway cult sects and sell tickets to ambots who want to hear you speak and brag about how rich you are.

      Most new IBO's do not want to hear the stories of others who were in Amway before them and the financial losses and emotional distress. They sneer at us for being losers and not trying hard enough. But Amway's own literature says only a fraction of 1% will make money. That means over 99% failure rate. Surely you and your girlfriend can find a business venture with better odds than that. You can mow lawns or babysit.

      The people in your Amway upline only seem like good people because you're still in the stage where you're being love bombed. That will all change to insults and abuse when they hear you're quitting. That's when they'll show their true selves - nasty, ugly bastards.

      You're lucky you're only in $800. And you didn't buy any overpriced shitty Amway products with that? Just memberships to the cult and investing in the Amway tool scam I suppose. If you paid by credit card, call your company and dispute the charges saying they committed fraud against you by not disclosing all upfront costs.

  21. (Continued...)

    Regarding the motivational tools, we completely feel it is quite shady to insist that the mentorship is completely necessary to be an IBO, when all it does is really brainwash you to stay committed to being an Amway rep, as well as to keep you on buying the Standing Orders, etc. Playing the devil's advocate here, if you put morals aside, I suppose that's capitalism for you.

    After reading extensive material and other comments on your blog, Anna, and other such websites, (It is incredibly hard to find a neutral / non-biased point of view on Amway, which probably says a lot really...) I'm not sure just cutting WWDB out of the picture will do, if we mean to make a supplementary income from Amway. We're already around $800 in credit card debt, and we haven't even bought any product yet.

    If we can't offset our negatives, and reach a profit, then there's no reason to stay in this huge gamble. My girlfriend and I are very much into traditional business. We do understand that you can't truly start one up without sacrifices. Unfortunately, traditional business just seems to have a higher success rate than Amway does since you'll have to convince others to join in on the shenanigans, bring other people in, and hope they don't drop out.

    Not even a week as IBOs, and the regret is already building in. I was reading somewhere in the fine print that we can still get refunded on some of the WWDB related things within 90 days or something of the sort. Looks like I'm going to have to some research on that as well. We went into this hoping it would be a supplement to our traditional business. It seems that may not be so.

    tl;dr It seems feasible to make money through Amway, but you have to be very aggressive, and some deception to make any sort of large profit.

    We wish everybody the best~
    - From a fresh IBO and his girlfriend's point of view.

    1. When you read true stories about Amway, look to see who's trying to make money off you? Someone currently in Amway or someone who's got out and is trying to help others not make the mistake. The people who write about their true Amway experiences are not making money. Nobody pays us for every person we can stop from signing up or who quit after reading our stories. Its all about the bottom line. A scammer will still keep trying to make money off you.

      Oh good, looks like you used your credit card. Dispute the charges. You'll have better luck doing that than trying to get money back from Amway. They'll dick you around past the point of refund. Call your credit card company as soon as you read this and dispute the charges - tell them you were scammed and cult followers committed fraud against you.

      You would have had better luck making money off that $800 if you'd gone to a casino!

      You will never make that money back. You will earn $10 commission each month but only eligible for that if you buy around $300 in Amway products - you have to buy minimum 100PV each month which is around $300. Yup you'll be sucking back Amway vitamins for years after you've quit!

      Good luck getting your money back and getting away from the Amway blood sucking vampires. And again, good on both of you for recognizing pretty quickly that you'd got into a scam.

    2. Glad to hear the you and your girlfriend were able to examine the "opportunity" more closely before the real brainwashing began. In the brainwashing they teach that doing ANY math or profit/loss statement is "negative". This, of course, is to keep people from seeing how badly they are falling into debt. So instead they talk of "dreams" and "positive thinking", but there are to be a basis to believe in something first if it has any hope of coming true. And with Amway, I see it more on the lines of "Little Johnny, you have to REALLY REALLY believe in the Tooth Fairy if you want the Tooth Fairly to come and leave you money tonight". And the game is if no money comes then it becomes "well, I guess you just didn't believe hard enough, did you?". And that's how they play down the 99% failure rate: "I guess they just didn't work hard enough".

      The truth is, it's a losing "opportunity" from the get-go. Even without the tools and functions, one won't make much money selling Amway because it is so horribly overpriced. Hard to find a large customer base outside of a handful of pity purchases from family or friends. So then the only other hope would be "recruit, recruit, recruit"... i.e. a PYRAMID SCAM. But to do so one has to have low morals and not mind lying and deceiving people to get them into the same pit you are in. And then try to get them brainwashed not to pay attention to how much Amway is wrecking their finances and relationships. For me, my conscience would never let me do that to another human being.

      Also glad you BOTH see the light. I've seen horror stories where a couple will go in and one sees the light, but the other ends up brainwashed and then the upline will work on destroying that relationship as they see the enlightened partner as a threat to their money supply. Amway has ruined many, many relationships. As all cults do. Any outsiders are "the enemy".

      Good luck and glad you found out about the scam before it got any worse. And don't feel bad for falling for it. The reason this scam has lasted so long is they are very, very good at deceiving and lovebombing. They are damn good at twisting words and reality. They have it down to a science. Doesn't make it any less evil.


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