Thursday, June 30, 2011

Brainwashed Amway Defenders

Every now and then I get a brainwashed ambot showing up at my blog usually after doing a search for how Amway is awesome or an Amway function. They stick around long enough to read the one post their search pointed them to and write some canned Amway response that came straight from the CD or one of their upline. So far I haven’t had an original response. Just the usual bullshit - quitter, lazy, didn’t try hard enough, loser, keep working your J.O.B.

I’ve already covered in previous posts that my Ambot put in at least 100 hours a month into Amway pretty much to the extent of ignoring and pushing aside everything else in his life, including his own legitimate business. The facts are what they are. Former IBO’s are all over the Internet saying how hard they worked - some reaching pin levels of Eagle, Platinum, and Emerald - and saying the money they were promised they’d get when they reached that level just wasn’t there.

I had one admirer - Jennifer - who posted a bunch of questions like any good little defensive IBO would do. If she’d read some of the other posts on my blog that would give her the answers to the questions she asked.

Uh, who’s the lazy one now? Ha ha!

Then there’s anonymous from Missoula Montana who accuses me of having body parts I do not possess!  The name is Anna. That is a palindrome. Say it backwards or forwards and it still says the same thing. I have never met a man named Anna. Are ambots so brainwashed they can’t tell the difference between a man and a woman anymore?

Typical brainwashed IBO behavior is to ignore the facts and believe only what their upline says because that is always the truth. Other sources are all lies. At least that’s what the Platinum brainwashes the followers into believing.

Brainwashed ambots are welcome to my blog and if they’re a rare breed and actually have something original to say and can say it without being on the attack about me being lazy, unsupportive, unchristian, didn’t try hard enough, and a broke loser who is going to work for someone else for all my life, then post away.

If you’re a respectful ambot I’ll do my best to be nice to you.

For the rest of you brainwashed ambots who show up here accusing me of not supporting my husband all I have to say is fuck you. But then what else do I expect to hear from a brainwashed IBO. Leave me a lazy ass canned Amspeak response and expect a few insults hurled right back at you.

Then come back a few days later and see if you're the subject of a new post!


  1. There's no bigger Amway defender than IBOFB (David Steadson). He seems to be semi intelligent but then again, he defdends Amway like his life depended on it and he does it pro bono! Something wrong with that picture. How can anyone defend a business where the vast majority of people end up losing money?

  2. IBOFB doesn't stop here very often though I'm surprised he didn't comment on the Nutrilite post about the fruit and vegetable vitamins and give his opinion on how prestigious they are! He has bigger fish to fry defending the Amway business opportunity. Someone who enjoys trashing their upline and Amway functions isn't all that exciting for him I guess. Now way does he do this for free. He's paid by Amway to defend them so that's his job. Why he chooses to deny he's paid is a little weird. Many companies hire contractors to give them an Internet presence. What's the big deal? Other than its embarrassing to admit you have anything to do with Amway. If you're asking from a moral point of view how IBOFB can defend a company that is responsible for causing so much financial losses and emotional grief and destroyed relationships, only he can answer that. No guilt complex? He's brainwashed himself? He's very well paid to ignore the facts?

  3. I have to laugh especially at their usual insult that anyone not in Amway will be working the rest of the life for "someone else". Um, isn't that what an upline is? And the way the upline will call at all hours of the day or night to "push" is far worse than any boss at a J.O.B. I don't have to pay to attend my company's business meetings. At least at a J.O.B. you are guaranteed a paycheck of a certain amount (along with pension and medical benefits).

    The only way I could compare the two, would be if at my J.O.B. I had to give my boss $100 throughout the month to get a $5.00 paycheck at the end of the month. And then bust my rear trying to trick other suckers to join that same "great deal". Woo hoo! Beaches of the world here I come!

  4. IBO's don't get it. They are working hard to make their upline rich and to help their upline reach their goals. Their shot at making a profit is 1%. You're right. The upline expects their downline to be available 24 hours and will phone and text them at unreasonable hours. If someone is working a regular job and not on call they don't have to put up with their boss phoning them all night long.

  5. If IBOFB is paid to defend Amway, then they aren't getting their money's worth. He does more harm than good in his feeble efforts to defend them.

  6. IBOFB is yet another 8pm warrior off to battle and defend Amway from all who speak the truth.

    I agree Amway is not getting their money's worth. He seems to cause more damage and make the company look foolish, but hey its Amway's money and apparently they have plenty of it and can hire buffoons to do their dirty work.

  7. So many ibos gladly hand over their money as it's the first time in their lives they've had 'friends,' such as they are.

    Many have been outsiders their whole lives (no shame in that, I'm an outsider and love it.)

    But as long as they are handing over their money, their upline has to be nice to them. In essence they are paying for someone to be nice to them. How sad. Stop the bucks and see how long the 'nice' lasts. That goes for anything in life.

    A wise man once said, 'It's not what you have done for someone, it's *what have you done for them lately?'*

    If you give into a bully even once, you're done. You just fed the gorilla. Stop feeding the gorilla and see if it continues to play nice.

    My guess? Not so much.

    Off topic: there is starting to be a common 'idea' being thrown about on all these blogs re: India and other 3rd world countries that are puking out diamonds by the bajillions. It is being repeated over and over again that it works there b/c they don't have any other way to get the products they need.

    I say bull! amway is not going to get away with creating a new 'truth' to suit their need to cover up the fact that amway USA is going backward quickly. I don't care how 'primitive' India's distrubution methods are, paying 10 times more for a product doesn't suddenly make amway the 'deal of the century.'

    I submit they are showing 'success' (and I use that term VERY loosely) b/c it is a new market. Let those people figure out the scam and it will be a different scenerio. Those people don't tolerate being ripped off for long. They can be brutal when necessary.

    But by then, amway will have moved over to Russia and the czar will love it cuz' he can force his people to be his downline. You'd join under him too, if it kept you out of the gulag.

    Then the kingpins can stand up on stage and say what they used to say to us from stage, "What are you people waiting for? India's kicking your butts. Are you gonna let some third world county out perform you?"

    And other such kind drivel.

    Seen an Achieve mag lately? See any whites on there? I don't know why they even bother to give them to the US ibos anymore. It's demoralizing.


  8. Some people are shy and introverted and might have trouble meeting new people but paying money to have friends and lots of it. I believe I already did a post about how Amway is an expensive social club.

    I just can't figure out how Amway is supposedly having so much success in 3rd world countries. I've traveled to many of these places and people live in horrible poverty. How can they afford to buy Amway products. It doesn't make sense to me. Other than someone must be giving these people loans and signing them up to a lifetime of servitude if they don't repay the loan. Haven't seen an Achieve magazine in 3 years. Never read them when they came into the house anyway. My magazine reading choices run more the gambit of lifestyle, cooking, vacations, etc.

  9. I love you
    my husband is in amway and we fight about it constantly mostly he's need to get his 100 pv every month even tho you have to spend like 400 min a month to get it and its all stuff you could get at the store for WAY cheaper and everything you say is like word on for how i feel and it just makes me feel so much better to know that someone else went through it all and made it out intact reading your blog has just made me feel so.... calm thank you

  10. Anonymous - I'm glad you've found me!

    I write this blog as a form of therapy. Cursing out my former upline is fun! This blog also get the lies out there that our former upline told us. And also lets other spouses - usually wives - know that they're not alone. Its a frightening experience watching your husband be swallowed up by this horrible cult.

    Yup your numbers sound about right. Spend $400 of overpriced Amway shit that you probably wouldn't have bought similar products at the grocery store anyway and get a 3% bonus check back for $10. The upline shares about 22% of the commission on your husband's purchases.

    If you haven't read a copy of a free ebook called Merchants of Deception already I recommend you do so asap and it will help you understand more about what your husband has gotten involved in and how his chances of making money in Amway are less than one quarter of one percent.

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