Thursday, August 18, 2011

Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!

Yes I actually had a searcher end up at my blog after doing a search for “Freedom! Flush That Stinkin Job!” In fact it took the searcher to my post about Get Your Wife Free.

Actually here I’m going to pretend I’m our Platinum and go off topic. The damnedest thing about that particular post is that I’m getting tons of hits from (I assume) men looking for information on how they can get a free wife. Sure there are some countries where the groom buys a bride from the bride’s parents but some of the searchers are here in the USA! Boy did these guys end up in the wrong spot if they’re trying to go el cheapo when it comes to buying a bride!

The only time I’ve ever heard the phrase “Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!” was during the NBC Dateline story about Amway. For anyone looking for those links, its on Youtube:

And don’t all those morons look like they’re in a trance while they’re chanting?

Even more disturbing is what legitimate business operates in this manner? Amway the corporation tries to convince themselves and everyone else that they’re a legitimate business and for sure their ambots try their damnedest to convince everyone that Amway is not a scam but then you see a video like this. It screams CULT! I’ve been to a few business meetings over the years and never have I witnessed anything like that with any legitimate company.

To the best of my recollection I never heard that chant at any Amway meetings I attended. Could be another line of sponsorship that gets the cult followers to scream out that chant or perhaps the cult leaders have decided to lay off the chanting for awhile following the Dateline story.

Those Amway cult leaders stand on the stage and get their followers fired up leading them in the chant “Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!”. The unfortunate reality for the cult followers are that they won’t find freedom and they won’t flush their stinking job. This is a scam! The only people in the arena who have the freedom to flush their stinking job are the cult leaders on the stage. They are ripping off their cult followers charging them big bucks to come into the arena and listen to their bullshit motivational speeches. The cult leaders are peddling dreams that won’t come true for their followers.

Don’t flush that stinking job! You need it to pay for functions like this and make your cult leaders rich!

“Freedom! Flush That Stinking Job!” That’s the battle cry of Amway warriors.

Those ambots need to stop chanting and get a clue.


  1. I having heard flush that stinking job in years. Im sure you and ambot heard of pigs dont know pig stink(which should apply to brainwashed ambots lol)

  2. AnnaB "Flush that stinking job" is synonimous with Larry winters, a former Britt worwide kingpin now with his own AMO, Leadership Team Development or LTD. it's still widely used in Britt Worldwide/BWW speeches and chants. In the east coast the chant is a must but not so much in the mid west's kanti gala team (part of BWW) as it is in speeches there.

    It's also a must chant for LTD, another recent breakaway of BWW led by Larry Winters and joe markowiecz. In fact can somebody confirm if Larry Winters is not the father of the chant? if he is not then he sure managed to take it's popularity to an all time high.

    "Those ambots need to stop chanting and get a clue."
    Some do, i did LOL. life is amazing now. Huah!

  3. Colin - can't say as I've heard anyone say pigs don't know pigs stink either. Actually I didn't know pigs stink. I remember reading about pigs a long time ago that they're one of the cleanest animals around. But not being a pig farmer and not knowing any I can't verify that is true or false, just something I remember hearing a long time ago!

    Our upline was very negative always going on about the bad things happening in the world. It was more important for them to talk about businesses closing down than to discuss farming.

  4. Ex-Ambot - thanks for clearing that up. And for throwing in a few extra words to bump me up on the old search engine! I'm not familiar with any of the names you mentioned but I've heard of Britt Worldwide. Just heard the name. Can't tell you nothing more. Its an east coast chant? No chanting allowed in the west!

  5. Dave Severn has a CASSETTE TAPE titled 'Pigs Don't Know Pigs Stink.'

  6. "Flush your stinking job" and that kind of attitude is (was?) popular in BWW. I don't know if the corporation came down on them but at the BIG meetings and on CDs not so much there. However, at open meetings etc, there's still a lot of job bashing.

    This is stupid. In todays economy? Even from a purely selfish standpoint you don't want to antagonize the guys you're going after.

    Anyway, BWW has a lot of cult aspects. So does corporate/mainstream america and _organized_ religion by the way.

    I just wish people in any endeavour, IBO or not, would learn to seek advice, investigate, then at the end of the day make an independent informed decision on themselves.

    Anna, with FED and FEC (for some LOAs) coming up how many diamonds are being broken?

  7. I've heard "flush that stinking job" from someone I know in LTD. They also say "knocking walls down," "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results," "JOB = just over broke," and so on. They are definitely brainwashed.

  8. You have to wonder if Dave Severn has a degree in agriculture or animal science and what kind of research he did to come to that conclusion. Or if its just a case of a cult leader proclaiming something to be the truth and the flock believes it. I can tell you that pig shit stinks though I'm not certain whether or not a pig stinks.

    We were in World Wide Destructive Bastards group so maybe that's why I didn't hear it.

  9. My favourite one the ambots use is Just over broke or journey of the broke = JOB. Wonder which kingpin started using this phrase?

  10. Dave Severn, we had his tape on the must listen to list and when I was in WWDB we were listening to BWW tapes and going to BWW functions like FED in Richmond, it was all intertwined and I'm sure the wealth the Diamonds accumulated from the ticket and tape sales was shared between BWW and WWDB. One wonders if the money has dried up for these scam artists, many of their mansions are for sale including Dave Severns's. I guess the residual income just didn't pan out for you eh Dave?

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  11. Thanks for the link Former Lemming! I don't know. A 4 bedroom house on 135 acres in Spokane for $9.5 million doesn't sound like a screaming deal to me. With a river running through the property and that pond - mosquito breeding grounds. No thanks. The house has big rooms and is nicely furnished with the exception of the slummy walk in closet but its nothing extraordinary. And there were some mean looking geese that have taken up residence there. Here's a much nicer looking 4 bedroom house on 140 acres in Virginia for only $2.2 million.

    Or if you prefer Florida for just under $2 million this 300+ acreage with a 4 bedroom house.

    Location location people. Build a big house out in the boonies in the middle of $200,000 homes and put a big price tag on it? Good luck with that. There are nicer houses/estates in more desirable parts of the country for better prices.

  12. I guess that explains why its been on the market for so long, I wouldn't be surprised if it was mortgaged to the hilt.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  13. Lemming - you don't suppose he lied and told everyone he paid cash for it do you?

  14. Hey dingbats! His wife died so maybe he wanted to move???

    1. You were here 12 hours earlier screeching about how this blog is negative and look at you. You need to go to the fucking assholes in your Amway upline and tell them you need more instruction on how not to say negative. And who the fuck are you talking about dipshit?

    2. Hey, Malachy Smith --

      We're still waiting to hear how much money you've lost in Amway so far.


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