Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Make Less Money in Scamway!

This is kind of a part 2 to my post Is $75,000 the Magical Platinum Income?

This is where I wonder why people who own their own businesses or work a job for somebody else and earn over $75,000/year - the bullshit hyped income a Platinum supposedly earns - would consider getting into Amway and take a drop in their earnings. A huge drop it turns out because only a tiny fraction of 1% of IBO’s will ever make that kind of money in Amway. System is designed for failure. If people who are considering Amway want to own their own business, just about every other business opportunity out there will bring them a much better income than they could make in Scamway.

There are reasons why people decide to take a job where they earn less income than they currently do - cutting back hours, taking a less stressful job, taking a job that’s closer to home, taking a job somewhere else in the country where they want to live. There are lots of possibilities.

But why in the hell would someone consider taking a commissioned sales job where all kinds of phony numbers are thrown at you and you’re told about all the money you can expect to make in Amway? Ha! Yeah right! Especially since no one in our upline ever showed us a profit and loss statement, their income tax returns, or copies of monthly commission checks from Amway. Nobody had any proof of the fabulous income they were making in Amway.

I think my Ambot saw all those numbers and thought after a couple of years he could just sit back with his feet up and have thousands of dollars in residual income rolling in every month for the rest of his life. I think a lot of ambots see the same thing, an especially attractive picture for people in their retirement years where they can have lots of money rolling in monthly when they do not work. There are other investment opportunities that will allow people to have residual income in their retirement years. Involvement in the Amway scam will drain the retirement savings not increase a person’s net worth.

I think Ambot saw his friend Captain Fuck Up get involved in Scamway. He met the Amway cult leaders and liked them and thought these would be a good group of new friends. Except these are the type of friends you have to pay in order to be friends with them. Put money into Amway and the tool scam type of friends. Not my kind of friends.

So Ambot believed all the lies the Amway cult leaders told him about how much money there was to be made if he got involved in the Amway scam. He’d be a millionaire in a couple of years. He’d be able to buy mansions with cash, sports cars with cash, travel first class and walk the beaches of the world.

I think the main motivating factor about getting involved in Amway was what if this was really legit. What if there really was a chance that he would be rich in a couple of years and he did not jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the Scamway opportunity. What if Captain Fuck Up made lots of money in Amway. The thought of that fucking bastard doing financially better than him must have motivated Ambot to sign up with Scamway.

Oh in case anyone is wondering, that lousy son of a bitch Captain Fuck Up is still renting the same hovel he’s been living in for the past 10+ years, still getting eviction notices cause he’s always late with the rent, constantly having his utilities and cell phone shut off for not paying the bills, etc, etc. Lousy credit, can’t hold down a job. Yeah this is a really good person to take business advice from!

Ambot got brainwashed. He met people that he liked and the only way he was allowed to spend time with them was to invest heavily in Amway products and motivational materials. The bullshit secrets to Amway success.

Amway cult leaders promised their followers that if they sign up for Amway, attend all cult meetings and Amway functions, buy Amway products, invest in the tool scam, etc then after 2 to 5 years they will be rewarded by having residual income rolling in for the rest of their lives. And they won’t have to work again.

Such an attractive proposition to people. They don’t want to see Amway as a scam but they want to see it as their sole income source. As people get older and thinking about retiring they are probably still looking for income sources. When it comes to Amway - KEEP LOOKING!

But I think there is always that niggling doubt in the back of people’s minds. What if. What if the promised income really is true. And what if they don’t take advantage of the opportunity. And what if their sponsor is they one who gets rich and then gloats at them how they missed the bus.

Uh huh.

Hop on the Amway truck before its too late!

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  1. your blog is the best thing that happened to me. i share it with my parents and we all laugh as we think of my ex-boyfriend who is probably at the mall making "contacts." 10 years in, was on a hiatus at the beginning of our relationship, then last six months, full-on in. i walked away, but at least i can use my light up lipgloss if i get lost in the dark.

    1. Thank you Anonymous! That's very nice to say my blog is the best thing that's happened to you! I hate to state the obvious but surely you have had better life experiences than this!

      Sorry to hear that you ex is a scambot stalking people at malls hoping to make it big in Scamway. 10 years invested in a relationship is hard to leave but unfortunately this is what Amway does to relationships - destroys them.

      Yeah I could see how your ex would have been pressuring you to buy the expensive lack of choices Artistry cosmetics. All Amway men should buy Artistry cosmetics and wear it themselves for 6 months and then see if they're still going to push their women to buy that shit!

      Light up lip gloss! That sounds like something I should have.

      Glad you're laughing!

    2. I worked for Amcrud in the late '70's, attempting to glean something worthwhile from the various week-end balony sessions. I'm the guy that produced all the spoken-word tapes the rest of the poor, naive boneheads were forced to buy. Friday night, Saturday, Saturday night, and Sunday was spent taping every word From On High...about twenty four hours of the worst drivel known to man. Then came the FUN: trying to find ninety minutes of
      honesty and genuine instruction I could dub to a ninety minute cassette. (By the way, they cost under fifty cents)It was quickly evident to me the ONLY real money came from "Tool" sales, although this was denied by Birdie in public. If the crowd had only known I'd already seen THE PLAN and felt only total disdain, my shrunken head would no doubt still be used for dart practice in the wealthy suburbs of Charlotte.

  2. It's a great place to work, I'm not too sure about the IBO part but I'm an hourly employee and HAVE been with them for 7 years, every year I make 65k to 75k and I'm just an operator. They give full benefits and pay 100% of schooling. If you don't like being an IBO then try making the vitamins. It's a great life style.

    1. Anonymous Amway Employee - I used to think only a lowlife scumbucket would take a job with Amway but I guess when jobs are scarce people can't be picky until something better comes along. I've had Amway employees show up here to complain they do not get benefits one had been with Amway over 20 years. So Amway only gives benefits to a select group of employees? Then I had an Amway employee show up looking at my blog on Monday the day after Christmas using the Amway computer system. What kind of a shitty employer doesn't give their employees a day off for a long weekend when Christmas day falls on a weekend? That is really shitty of Amway to do that to its employees so no way in hell do I believe its a great place to work.

      I can see why the Amway vitamins cost so much! Gotta pay the staff big bucks who make them! Danger pay!

    2. How dare you all doubt the power of his holiness Kiyosaki! You will all suffer in torment. Amway, forgive them for they know not what they do!

    3. Fucking die Amway. Lost my bff to them

    4. Hi Anonymous sorry to hear about your BFF in the Amway cult. The good news is 95% of Ambots quit within 2 years. The real question is have they irreparably damaged their pre-Amway relationships with their snotty snobby attitudes.

  3. Um, I'm pretty sure there's this guy in Arizona who made 250 TRILLION DOLLARS from scratch in Amway, so if your ex boyfriend didn't make it it was probably because he never read The Secret.

  4. The boyfriend's lost cash in scAmway ended up in the Arizona guy's trillions. That's how MLMs work-99% have to part with their cash for some guy atop the pyramid to be a "winner!"

  5. I was involved in Amway in Australia in the early 90's and now when I think back it was a terrible time. My wife has a friend who's husband passed away last year and has a new boyfriend now who got her into it, she has changed and has brought back terrible memories for me. My wife almost joined but I stopped her in time. Thank God for the internet now where blogs like these can warn people on these scams..

    1. And that is the main point of blogs such as these. The Ambots fume "why don't you all get a life and leave Amway alone", but that would mean their potential victims only have their rosy, doublespeak, lying description of their "amazing" business opportunity. And then after they've been in a year or two and have lost tons of money, their friends and often a spouse, they will moan "I wish I had known what this company was really about before I joined".

      And that is where these blogs come in. To hopefully prevent as many good people from falling into the less than 1% chance of success shithole MLM company as possible.


  6. Anna
    thanks for this blog..I wish it was there 5 years ago when my sister and her husband were brainwashed into joining this scam way and are into it full swing now.I feel so sad to see my own sister join for "contacting" leaving her children for 3-4 days with babysitters and justifying it all.I hope and pray every day some day they will open their eyes and its not too late to get out of this quixand that is engulfing their family.Is there any way to show them the scam that it is? When ever I try to talk to her her, she gets angry and tells me to not to interfere.

    1. Anonymous - sorry to hear about your sister. Most ambots quit in a year or so. 5 years in is pretty hardcore and will be hard for them to quit. They have been brainwashed to believe that they can't quit now not when success is right around the corner. All ambots are mad. They are mad they are losing money and not making any money and have been brainwashed by their upline to believe it is all their fault that they're not rich by now. There is not much you can do but let it run it's course. Eventually they will go through all their savings and have maxed out their credit cards and will be unable to continue. Amway causes a lot of financial and emotional devastation. Try reading The Merchants of Deception to find out more about this evil cult your sister has got involved with.

  7. I am another person who entered the famous scamway scheme...

    Funny enough I fell straight into the trap even after I watched an anime (Welcome to the NHK) a few years ago featuring an episode about MLM Schemes, same story, a dude succeeded in Amway now has a big house and car and hosts the meeting and endoctrinates everyone to become an Amway minion. After rewatching the same episode I was like oh man...

    Scamway is a scam, even my upline who recruited me ended up apologizing and telling me that he made the wrong choice...

    So yea, I have no respect at all for Amway. Prying on poor college students who are trying to get a dime, whoever tells you something about yada yada dude made money off Amway is either trying to recruit you as a downline or are facing lots (and lots) of delusion since they are already inside.

    I still regret them taking my $175 and me being foolish enough to join them...
    On top of that their training is:
    1. Try to recruit a dude daily
    2. Walk around with Catalogues
    3. Don't give up (derp)

    But thank you for posting and hosting this blog, I shall refer it to a lot of those lost "souls" and hopefully one day the scheme will be brought to broad daylight.

    1. Anonymous - thank you for stopping by. Yeah unfortunately a lot of people get sucked into the scam. They hear how easy it is to make bazillions of dollars working part time a few hours a week and sign up. Most see the real I tire within a few months and quit with minimal losses. Others are not so fortunate. I've had readers stop by to say they've lost 50k and gotten divorced thanks to Scamway. There's a lot of evil in the world all hiding under the disguise of making a buck.

    2. Yes that is so true, and worst is I know at the moment in my University (Canada, Simon Fraser University) they are targeting it, in there you got 2 types of crowd, unaware Chinese students who are quite well off and don't about about MLM schemes and broke students who want to try to make a buck while studying...

      Its quite the gold mine...

    3. Anonymous - sorry to hear it the scam has infiltrated your university but it's not surprising. The cult preys on disadvantaged and broke students hoping for a better life are prime targets. Also the younger someone is the less likely they are to have heard of Scamway.

  8. Great blog!There is an Amway Facebook page w/ plenty of new and brainwashed IBO's that think I'm just "hateful" when I warn them of what will really happen.Quixtar is no different.

    1. Thanks David! Ambots like to have their own little gathering spaces where they can lie to each other about how great business is going. You're hateful because you probably asked them for some proof of their earnings!

  9. So I work for my dad's company right.. great company been working for it for years. Recently at my gym while working out, this guy approached me, he was like, "woah, are you a personal trainer.." (I'm not THAT big, but am fit) I was like, "Uhh.. (flattered), no I just workout a lot XD." He then goes on asking about where I work and if I'd like to meet up for coffee ETC. He then friend requests me on facebook. I barely know the guy.. Really strange, I was all like.. Da heq. He then sends me multiple facebook messages asking how I'm doing how my company's doing annnnnnd how successful he is and that he wants to meeeeet please. I'm like, why the heck does this guy want to meet me so bad? So basically, today's the 18th of January, he wants to meet up on Wednesday the 23rd of this month. I then did some snooping on his facebook page, it all just says he's an Independent Business Owner, IBO, does Leadership Organizations.. ETC.. Then it says " So glad I work for the number 1 independent business in the world" or something.. I was like, da heq? Then I find multiple links of Amway on his page. So he ends up being an Amway guy, and he posts tons of pictures of his large checks ETC. Riiiiiiight... So he yeah, should I go meet with this guy who probably has no desire to be my friend and only wants me to he raped by the big business. I'm not sure though.. After seeing he was with Amway, I google searched it and this blog came up. Now I'm like YIKES.. don't want to meet with him. I didn't even know why he wanted to meet with me, now I do... I'm happy with my business. So, Should I meet with this guy or tell him to GTFO bish.

    1. Chupayeti - why do ambots always want to meet for coffee? He also probably gave you some line about how you're meeting up with some hot shit business owner and he can't promise you anything but maybe you can get started in your own business. They all have the same lies/lines. Don't waste your time. Just be a no show. They're used to it. The guy only wants to be your friend if he thinks he can make some money off you. Tell him you want to see a copy of his profit and loss statement and income tax filings for the past couple of years so you can show your accountant and run the business plan past your accountant. He'll probably give you some bullshit about how that information is private. Look at it this way. If your father was selling his business or convincing someone to buy into his business he'd have to open his books. That's what real business owners do. While you're at it ask your new phony friend to see his business license, insurance, registration for his business name, etc like real business owners should have and produce. People running pretend businesses don't have that stuff.

  10. Me and my friends fully got scammed into Scamway! The people were so lovely and nice. My friend and I got really close, that was the only upside we don't talk anymore.
    I can't believe I was so stupid to believe their lies!!!

    If only you could go back in time!!!

  11. So here's one for you...

    Many years ago I watched my mom and dad lose money / friends to the Amway cult and finally quit the Amway dream, heads down in shame.

    They have long since recovered but I guess i well absorbed the lesson because years later I was suckered into attending an Amway pitch meeting. I found it ridiculous that they had this whiole long sales pitch about making all this money and living your dreams, etc etc., but wouldn't reveal until the end who the company was. My wife and i got up and walked out in disgust when they finally pulled back the curtain and the there was the word "Amway" on the whiteboard. Cheesy.

    But i digress. The reason I am writing to you is i would like your advice.

    My daughter (23 years old) recently moved to another city where she's met a boy whose entire family are a hive of Ambots. Father, mother, brother, 2 sisters and him, all devotees of Amway. Oh my.

    He's now asked her to marry him, (they've only known each other 6 months), and i can clearly see the mother and sisters are now grooming her with cult-style tactics. Worse yet is she's falling hard for it. She's already cut her mother out of the picture (we were divorced some years ago) because mom tried to warn her about what she's getting into. I'm certain the Ambots have convinced her that her mother is evil, She has also started to post Scamway rhetoric on Facbook and asked me if I would buy Amway crap from their online store. I'm sure that sooner than later she will be trying to recruit me.

    Which brings me to my point. As her father, of course I want to warn her, to tell her of my experience, of my parents' experience... i want to tell her to run as far away as she can as fast as she can...but i know if i do, she will quickly shut the door on me as well. If that hapens then neither myself nor her mother will have contact with her ...and she will be fully at the mercy of an entire Ambot family. What chance would she have then?

    So...if it was your daughter...what would you do?

    1. Oh wow. This is horrible. I feel so awful for you. And when you say if it was your daughter....

      I hope I'm never in that position.

      The first thing I would have my daughter do is read a free copy of Merchants of Deception so she is fully aware of what she's getting herself in to.

      Amway is all about destroying people's lives - their finances and their relationships. They've already started with her mother. Who I'm guessing was telling your daughter about your experiences, money loss, its a scam, etc.

      First of all you can't help who you fell in love with. Some people have gotten married at less than knowing each other 6 months. If you try to tell your daughter not to go out with this guy, just to spite you she will. Sometimes you just got to let them make their own mistakes.

      Don't know any nice single guys you can set her up with?

      What you need to do is protect any assets your daughter might have or might be coming her way. If anyone is planning to leave her an inheritance, get her out of the will NOW. Make sure you tell everyone in your family (grandparents, aunts, uncles) who might be planning to gift her money or property not to do so. It might sound mean but when ambots can get their hands on property, inheritance, life insurance money, they will blow it all on Amway. Chasing the Amway dream, building their business.

      Of course once she's no longer affiliated with Amway or divorces the guy you can reinstate her.

      I would say let her make her own mistakes, protect your assets, protect her assets, and let her read the book so she goes in fully aware that there is less than 1% chance of making money in Amway.

      I don't suppose the future in-laws care to show you and your daughter they profit and loss statement and tax returns.

      Its not an easy thing knowing your daughter is getting shanghaied into a cult. Perhaps getting a cult interventionist involved might be another solution.

      Good luck to you.

  12. Yup, I fell for it. Signed up, got smart, quit within 5 months and received my money back from Amway corporate. That was nice at least. What happened to my "upline" and all my new friends? Well I got a lashing from my upline that I used them (they helped me get a good traditional job in account management so I could afford to buy more Products and earn more "PV") After I got the job using their recommendations I quit Amway. So I guess I did use them a little. Not like they weren't using me though, right?

    1. Hi James. You're just one of many who has fallen for the mway scam. Consider yourself lucky that you got out as fast as you did and got money back. Most lose thousands during their time in this scam. And good for you for managing to turn the tables and use them to get a good job! Most ambots don't help you with nothing other than putting you through bankruptcy and divorce court.

  13. The problem with people in here is that u want results over night and when u don't get them u quit. And that why u di t succeed in the business and that is why u don't succeed in ur relationships either. Quit blaming Amway and start taking responsibility for ur own failures.

    1. Show me where anyone here says "results overnight". Most people spend months if not years losing money to Amway and then quit so yes we blame a system that is designed for failure. With your spelling and people skills I guess there not much else out there except Amway and e odds are you'll be part of the 99%+ who quit.

  14. When it comes to amway, the money was the last and least important aspect of it that concerned me and what I saw was happening to a close friend of mine. I'll be brief. This friend of mine was and still is one of the most upstanding, honest and integral prior I've ever met. But when he joined amway, not only was I disgusted by the charlatans that exploited my friend as a mere "mark" or "target", I was sad to see him becoming one of them. He did not lie per se, but he used the ambiguous and deceptive tactics they taught him to recruit his own "marks". I saw a man of utter unequivocal integrity become a man acting against his own moral compass, traversing a path of a lost cause. The dogma of amway had insidiously wiggled its way into his life. He became the exploited and the exploiter. Now he must continue, I believe, to save face to those of us that he told amway was a slam dunk. The only slam dunk is your wealth and income into a toilet. The money is irrelevant as far as I'm concerned. It is the diabolical and wanton inherent nature of the amway "business model" that is unsettling. What it does to a man's character and soul is far more destructive than the damage done to his wallet

  15. I was in for a year and a half. Never made more than like $25 or something from it in one month, despite showing the plan constantly and doing the recommended courses of actions. My former upline has been in it for 40 years still and made Direct one time back in the '90's. and I think it's only because they personally bought a basement full of shit from Amway.

    The Diamonds, the money people etcetera running it are nothing but Ayn Rand devotees, psychopaths and religious right nuts. They don't care what kind of damage the inflict on others.

    1. Anonymous - $25! Wow were you ever having a good month! That probably propelled you into the top earning 20% of 1% of all IBO's out there! LOL!

      It doesn't matter how often you show the plan and follow all the steps of CORE, Amway is a system designed for failure.

  16. My best friend got involved in scamway. Spending all his time on the weekends going to amventions and such. Ofter 6 hours away.
    This is what he just told me." I don't expect this to make a whole lot of sense to most people because very few people know men and women like this exist and are are accessible and willing to breathe truth into your life." He sure has fallen for it hook, line and sinker. Poor guy

    1. Hi Anthony. Sorry to hear about your friend. What you've described is the typical brainwashed Amway Ambot. The canned Amspeak bullshit he told you is what they all say. One version of another that people who aren't in the Amway cult are too stupid to "get it". Avoid him for a few months. It takes Ambots a few months to realize they got scammed and they're not making money and not likely too either unless they know 1000 people they can sign up to Scamway & keep them motivated to buy around $300 of useless overpriced Amway shit every month. They make a few pennies commission on everyone's sale and once they reach the level of 1000 people in their downline they'll make around $2 or $3,000/month in commission. Unlikely to happen. Especially if they don't know 1000 suckers willing to be scammed and brainwashed. He'll return to normal once he gets out of the Amway cult but just stay away from him and his negative attitude until it happens because everytime you see him he'll be bitching at you for not supporting his business. And it goes without saying, don't support his business. You don't want to be an enabler and you really don't want a bunch of shitty overpriced Amway products in your house either.

  17. For anyone reading this blog because you are on the fence about what is is that Amway and Worldwide Group is about, I have a question for you.

    When it comes to making a decision that could change every aspect of your life for the better, regardless of how intense that sounds let me just ask. Are you going to think for yourself or let some sweaty old lady in a t-shirt behind a computer screen think for you? Take a look at the world around you, and then keep criticizing something that gives people hope. You seem to be so bothered by the fact that there are products involved, you use to be apart of "the scheme" so this confuses me because you clearly weren't paying attention. It has absolutely nothing to do with the products. Sure when you help others it helps you, o0o0o0o0 oh no we must alert the church elders! So you're telling me that anything outside of a job is a pyramid scheme, that's really cute how you don't realize that jobs are pyramids all in themselves so work for your boss or work for yourself....

    Man, I shake my head at you for speaking on something you know nothing about. Just because you were present and saw firsthand what you perceived it to be doesn't mean anything other than you clearly don't understand the value of what it is you could have had if you spent more time understanding adding value to others. Everything you spew is negativity, this opportunity is about leadership. Who the fuck would want to follow someone like you. So you're out of the business, you "got away" now tell me what your life look like. You're so angry with your own failure that you spend your life entertaining this blog. Go out and make someone's life better, in the end what happens to you is between you and God and your army of internet cry babies who criticize condemn and complain won't be there to answer for you as to why you lived NOT ONLY a meaningless life, but one that ruined an opportunity for others to live out their purpose. And for the family members on here saying their brothers, sisters, friends etc have been "taken by the amway cult" try to step outside of yourselves for like 5 fucking seconds and realize that the world is full of cults. Every group you're part of wants you to be apart of their culture. Uplines offer guidance in all areas of life and no they don't sit you down and say "don't speak to your families! shut off your friends!" The truth is we are so affected by our association that we come to the conclusion on our own that if we have any chance in living a life worth anything at all that we need to change up our circle, when you have a dream as big as this opportunity provides you to have, you're right - there's no room for bullshit people who tell you "no, you sit here in this box i provided for you - there's nothing better for you and if you believe so Lord help you it's a scam" My upline has been more of a family to me than my own family ever has, and the people in my family are decent people. It's not wrong it's just the fucking truth.

    Like i said for anyone reading this who is on the fence, you don't know what you don't know so I would strongly encourage you to look past this blog if someone has reached out to you to learn about it. I almost didn't go through with the process because I too was looking for answers and ended up here, thank God I thought for myself because I will be able to step away from my job in the next couple years and live a life of purpose.

    Now please, proceed to call me a brainwashed, christ-following Ambot because in the end it really matters what the fuck someone like you has to say to me.

    Better yet, say I'm angry and the opportunity made me this way. Doesn't change the fact that you have nothing to offer this world.

    1. What kind of a dumb fuck shows up at a blog that's dedicated to. Using out the fucking assholes in the Amway upline and proves to us that people is Amway are a bunch of dumb fucks.

      Jobs are pyramids? Did you think that little gem up all by yourself or did some fucking asshole in your Amway upline brainwash you to believe that shit? What are you doing? Taking lessons from PeeWee Herman? So spouts off the brainwashed Ambot - Amway's not a pyramid, your jobs a pyramid. I know you are but what am I? PeeWee Herman mentality is the new handbook Amway ambots are following.

      If your scams all about recruiting new people instead of focusing on product sales that's a sure sign of a pyramid scheme. Leaving Amway's shitty overpriced products out of things for a minute, the best reason not to get involved in Amway is the people. Amway has the biggest motherfucking cocksucking demon bastards you wish you'd never met. And this fucker who shows upto spout off canned Amspeak is a reason to stay away.

      And again going by the PeeWee Herman handbook, people in Amway are the most negative people you'll ever meet but they go around accusing everyone else of being negative. Nowhere but in the Amway cult will you find more people obsessed with everything negative.

      Take your arrogant Amway attitude and shove it up your ass Ambot.

    2. Boy, this guy has every bullshit talking point of Amway covered. They are the "truth", they help "better" people's lives, etc. LOL That is the way it is with Amway... up is down and left is right. Everything is opposite.

      Amway is a pyramid because it is based almost solely on recruitment to bring in people to be self-consumers. Of products that are often 3 to 5 times more expensive than comparable products anyone can find in their local store. So selling them to people outside the cult is virtually impossible apart from pity sales to friends and family who soon start to avoid the obnoxious pushiness and constant "Amway love" from the Ambot.

      As for the folks in Amway being "decent, good people", that's what all lovebombed brainwashed people see. Of course, try to step away from the cult and those "angels" quickly grow horns and scorn and mock you. The love is all attached to how much money they make from you.

      So go right ahead, Anonymous, and feel self-righteous and superior. It doesn't affect any of us that you lose money month after month (remember, a profit is what you have AFTER you deduct how much you paid into the Amway cult before you got your tiny bonus check.). Amway turns people into arrogant, sneering, obnoxious jerks who sees only the cult they are in as being "the truth", as all cults, religious and business, do.

      As for "guidance" your upline offers, you can give us your anecdotes, but there are hundreds more that show how they manipulate people into not paying bills, not going on trips, selling property, etc, all to have money available to dump into the Amway pit. The only thing 99% of people who fall for the Amway scam "invest" in is losing money, homes, family and self-respect.

      You are already deep into the cult mentality, so good luck to you. This blog is to allow people to look past the song and dance, rose colored dreamy doublespeak and see Amway for what it really is. A financial dead end to over 99% of those who fall for the deceit and lies.

    3. Anonymous - yup just another dumb fuck ambot who shows up here to spout off canned Amspeak bullshit. Like we haven't heard it all before. Why show up on a blog that's all about making fun at people in Amway and leave a comment showing you're a dumb fuck Amway ambot. I wonder if he got permission from the assholes in his Amway upline first before posting here. I doubt the little bastard will come back to read any of this. The life of an Amway Ambot is to lie, deny, distract, and defend. And then disappear back into the sewer with the rest of the Amway rats. Is there any other company out there that sends its sales force out to pull off this shit on the Internet? I doubt it. Most companies don't have a bad reputation and bad employees and they have to show up all over the net to make fools out of themselves defending their company. Fuck if I worked for a company that shitty I'd be moving on.

  18. To the Anonymous who posted on November 3:

    Everything you say is pure Amway drivel. And it's so utterly absurd that I'm amazed you have the nerve to post it here.

    You tell people to "think for yourself." What the bloody hell else have Anna Banana and Joe Cool and dozens of others anti-Amway bloggers been doing for the last fifteen years or so? They have been thinking and arguing and hashing out every facet of the Amway lie, and presenting their conclusions to the general public.

    That's a lot more honest and helpful than what your fucking up-line is trying to do. Your up-line is trying to suck people into a goddamned SCAM -- a rip-off, a cheat, and a fraud where ninety-nine percent of the persons who join fail to make a dime. And you say that you're trying to "add value" to others? You're a bloody liar. The only thing that you're trying to add is more money to your own pocket.

    You say that Amway "has absolutely nothing to do with its products." Well then, what the goddamned hell are you producing and pushing them for? What is their purpose? Why do you expect people to buy them? A business is supposed to provide the public with products that serve a purpose. Are you stupid enough to believe that Amway's sole purpose is to give you a substitute family in the form of your up-line? Man, do you have serious problems, buddy.

    You even admit that Amway is a cult. Wow -- that's a first here! An Ambot confesses that Amway is his new religion. Well, be happy in your new fake religion. I'm a believing Christian, and I think you're going to Hell.

    1. You got that right Anonymous! People in Amway are hell bent on putting the rest of the world down. Around here we just put Amway ambots down. A small segment of the worlds population.

  19. "This opportunity is about leadership."

    What a typically meaningless, empty, stupid remark.

    Amway isn't about "leadership," you half-wit. Amway is about ripping off your down-line.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

    1. LOL Anonymous! Like we need any more brainwashedd ambots showing up here with their canned Amspeak. Half wits? You're too kind. Not as high as that!

  20. Anonymous poster of November 3 says all jobs are pyramid schemes. This a common mantra repeated by Amway zombies.

    No, pal -- they aren't. In a conventional job you work, get a salary, a pension, and benefits. And your work schedule is fixed to certain times. And you aren't forced to use products that you don't want. And you don't have to hang around shopping malls to accost strangers to show them "the plan."

    In Amway you are expected to work 24/7 at recruitment, and you are expected to buy at least 100 PV worth of useless Amway products every month. Then you are expected to shell out more cash for stupid, useless motivational tapes or CDs or books that serve to enrich your up-line. Then you have to attend goddamned "functions" several times a year to listen to smug "diamonds" tell you about how rich they are. (By the way, most of them are lying).

    And out of all this trouble you might get a lousy two-bit refund check every month that doesn't even begin to cover your expenditures.

    You know who's getting rich from all this, Anonymous? Your bloodsucking up-line, the greedy vermin whom you hold more important than your actual family.

    By the way, you tell readers of this blog to "think for yourself." Well, answer this is you dare: does your precious up-line let YOU think for YOURSELF? Can you question them about anything? Can you ask where the bulk of your money is going? Or are you a believer in that old Amway saying "Never question up-line!"

    You're a stupid schmuck, Ambot. But then, I guess I repeat myself.

    1. Anonymous - another sure sign of a pyramid is which way the money is flowing. Are you paying to work for a company and sending the money up the pyramid or is the company owner paying you for your time and work and sending down a paycheck. Which way is the money flowing? This dumb fuck could make more money working one hour at McDonald's a month instead of the $10 he gets for many hours spent doing Amway shit not to mention the hundreds of dollars he spends in shitty overpriced Amway products and investing in the Amway tool scam.

  21. I think Anonymous of November 3 is pissed off because he's having trouble recruiting new IBOs.

    No wonder -- it's blogs like this one that are opening people's eyes to the essential bullshit of Amway. No wonder he's so bitter and venomous towards Anna.

    Anna, Amway North America is dead in the water. The whole thing is stagnant. Be proud that this blog helped bring that result about.

    1. Anonymous - all Amway Ambots are pissed off. Go to an Amway meetings and you'll see the ugliest angriest bastards around. And I get why they're angry. They're losing hundreds of dollars every month to this scam and they're being abused by the fucking assholes in their Amway upline blaming them for not trying hard enough, though what "hard enough" is will never be defined. Amway is a blame the victim scam.

      And yes I hope this blog is getting the word out that Amway is a waste of time and money. Not to mention putting up with the most miserable cocksucking demon bastards who signed up to Scamway before you and for that fact alone those fuckers want their asses kissed.

  22. I'm sorry but did I just read that right? Go to an Amway meeting and meet the angriest ugliest bastards around? Hahahaha I honestly sat here laughing my ass off at every single one of your replies to anonymous who was dead on in everything they said. We love your negativity it just gets us... oh.. ready for it?? FIRED UP!!!!

    This doesn't have shit all to do with selling products. I don't need to sell shit to anyone.. I can buy from my own store, get back the wholesale - retail differential (no brainer) and help others do the same. The more people you sponsor the better you do, sure.. so fucking what? Doesn't hurt them. Anyone they bring in benefits me SURE but it also benefits them equally.. nothing is taken from anyone.. that's why this isn't a pyramid its an equal oppurtunity. OH NO HE SAID EQUAL OPPURTUNITY THATS AMBOT VOCABULARY.

    No you fucking retards. You can walk around and say shit like "theres plenty of fish in the sea" and noones going to jump down your throat about the fact this is an expression used all time therefore you're brainwashed.

    If you hear something you believe to be true, you repeat it because it hits home. Don't be so fucking childish your whole entire lives to nit pick on every single thing. Man you guys just lose at everything. I don't give a fuck if you think that's "ambot mindfucking" where we think we're above you or something. No, you're just a fucking loser at life whether I'm "in Amway" or not.

    1. I forgot to add that ambots are a bunch of fuckimg arrogant assholes too. We can write all we want around here about if you sign up with Scamway you'll be dealing with the nastiest fucking demons around and then the Amway fuckers show up here to leave a comment proving what we've been saying all along about those nasty Amway fuckers.

      Reall it's no skin off my ass if fucking Amway assholes want to throw their money away worshipping the Great Amway God. Some of you motherfuckers deserve the financial and emotional distress that Amway brings to every life.

      As ling as you're happy with the way you're representing your employer online which is a very accurate description of how ambots treat the rest of the world, then that's great. Head office Alticor in Ada comes here daily to read this blog and the comments. Someone from Ada was here just before 9am reading this, so that makes Michigan a couple of hours ahead? It's my guess head office is going to be sending out a memo to their cult leaders reminding them to ride the ambots asses about not leaving comments on anti Amway sites because it increases their rankings in the search engines and it shows Amway in a bad light. Like Amway's reputation could get any worse. LOL!

      Fucking snide Amway losers are lower than dog shit that gets stuck to your shoes when you aren't looking where you're walking in the dog park.

    2. Buddy, if you're not retailing products, you will NEVER make money in "the business" unless you get really good at churning money out of a constantly-changing downline.

      What was the size of your last check? Be honest! If you are recruiting people, and you are not making any money now, you are duplicating a money-losing business. Don't you get that?

      This business was never intended to make anyone rich. It was intended to be a supplemental income stream based on retail sales of quality household products (the "core 20") and personalized customer service. That takes a lot of time.

      Unfortunately the original model has been ruined by wealthy, exploitive "kingpins" who build these massive "IBOAs" and make millions of dollars off books, tapes, and functions. The income stream from these organizations dwarfs their modest Amway income. And the company plays along because the "kingpins" are responsible for a vast amount of product movement as the 100PV people buy every month from "their own business."

      If you can sell-- yes, "sell"-- 300PV of retail product a month, you can make a profit in Amway. And if you duplicate that model downline, you can make a tidy little second income. But you will do it with no help from above. The tool scam is well-entrenched and it is designed to make upline rich at your expense.

    3. Malbuff - I doubt we'll ever hear from that Amway loser again. The size of his last Amway check was $9 or $10. The same for any ambot who buys 100PV of shitty Amway products to qualify for commission.

      Amway might have started off as door to door soap salespeople but as you noted when the cult sects got involved to scam everyone that was when it hit the shitter. And what did Amway do? Piss all! That's because these cult sects buy lots of Amway shit and they don't want to take a huge hit on sales.

      Who can say Amway tool scam.

  23. What a semi-literate asshole you are. If you are going to push the Amway "opportunity," you ought to at least learn how to spell that word. It's O-P-P-O-R-T-U-N-I-T-Y.

    You haven't been able to understand a single one of the solid criticisms that have been presented here about Scamway. Not a single one!

    When you admit that "This doesn't have shit all to do with selling products," you are admitting that Amway is nothing but a goddamned pyramid scheme. Hasn't that occurred to you, retard?

    If your scheme is not about selling Amway products, why the bloody fuck are you producing them and pushing them? Is it just for fun? How can you be involved with a company that says its own products are not important? What IS important in Amway? Tell us, you half-assed moron.

    Anna, if this guy represents the intellectual level of the typical Amway jerk, we have nothing to worry about. They are all about as effective in debate as lobotomized chimpanzees.

    1. Anonymous - this Amjerk is a very true description of what people in Amway are really all about. Why they want to advertise themselves as a bunch of fucking assholes only they know. And yup if a scheme is more about recruiting than selling products that's a pyramid scam.

    2. If this person really was successful they wouldn't need to be on here telling people how great amway is. It especially tells your class by swearing and putting others down with harsh words. I actually am a successful young business person (not in AMWAY in a real business) and I never have to tell anyone how successful I am. They don't even need to look at my watch, car or home to tell either. They know by the way I present myself and talk to others. If you are successful you should let that speak for it self and if people don't believe you then who cares! I know hundreds of IBO's in AMWAY and I know they would all trade spots with my career in a heartbeat if they had the knowledge, skills, abilities, and education but sadly, none of them do.

    3. Anonymous - if you looked at the top of the page where it says this is the place to curse out everything Amway, then why are you showing up here to bitch about the swearing? Do you go to web pages that are dedicated to poetry about cats and bitch that there are no poems about giraffes?

      If I were you and I know 100's of IBO's I sure as hell wouldn't go around bragging about it.

      And the only people who actually know 100s of IBO's are Amway IBO losers themselves. Normal average everyday people do not know 100's of IBOs and do not want anything to do with the Amway cult. And they sure as hell don't show up at a blog like this and leave a comment with canned Amspeak.

      Everyone I knew in Amway always denied they were an IBO. I mean its really fucking embarrassing admitting you're an Amway IBO and being brainwashed by the cult of greed.

      But at least you get that Amway isn't a real business. That is unless your last name is Devos or VanAndel.

  24. Anna, if the bigshots in Ada, Michigan are visiting this website daily, it means one thing: Amway is scared shitless of the internet, and of the internet's untrammeled ability to uncover inconvenient facts and embarrassing truths.

    Keep blasting, baby.

    1. Anonymous - those bastards in Ada are arrogant enough not to give a shit. But we know the Internet is having an impact on Amway's sales and recruiting. Go to an Amway meeting and the cult leaders are berating their followers not to search for Amway online and they tell that to new recruits too so yes Amwayis scared shitless that the word is getting out about the money people lose, cult tactics, overpriced shitty products, and abuse from the assholes in the Amway upline.

    2. Many diamonds and other higher-up types have gone to the bigshots in Ada and told them that they have to do something about the negative internet publicity. It's killing recruitment and sales.

      Asa result, Amway brought a number of "SLAPP' lawsuits against various bloggers and website operators, basically to harass and intimidate them. But in the long run, it hasn't worked well. The truth about Amway (the REAL truth, not the lying bullshit that IBOFightback peddles at his moribund website)can't be hidden now. There's too much information out there at this point.

    3. Anonymous - do you know what Amway and Ambots hate more than anything?

      The 1st Amendment!



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