Tuesday, May 12, 2015

A Little Stats?

Its been awhile since we’ve put some blog stats into a post so have compiled so readers can see where our visitors are from and how many. This blog averages between 1500 to 2000 visitors daily but that can go up or down. For example December is a slow month for visitors. Views go down on weekends cause everyone knows we don’t post or monitor comments.

This particular day that I looked at the visitors there were already over 2000 and it was only around noon, so results may vary, but the overall percentages were pretty close, slightly screwed in some countries.

USA 1057

France 89

Russia 88

India 84

Canada 77

The next 200 visitors are split between other countries in Europe and South America. Oddly enough, I rarely get visitors from south of the border but on this day Venezuela and Brazil got about 100 visitors between the 2 of them. What the hell’s going on down there people?!

Russia I’m not so certain are ambots. They could just be random scammers or mail order brides drawn in by the Amway sex posts.

After us, usually India and then Canada are the next visited countries each day, so the time of day I pulled these stats they were beat out by other countries, but only slightly, may have varied if I’d checked a couple of hours later. But the weekly stats India and Canada are usually about even. But still nowhere near close to catching up to the USA. We might have over 8000 visitors in one week from here and India and Canada will be about 500 visitors each so no one can catch us! Sad?

Oddly enough out of the 5 - 3 of the countries aren’t even English speaking ones so maybe those visitors just skedaddle after they arrive.

We recycle the posts but there are some posts we won’t recycle and that’s because they’ve taken on a life of themselves, got lots of comments, are high on the search engines so we decided just to let them be. Why mess with the search engines. And the burning question on everyone’s mind is what are the top 5 all time posts on this blog?

1. The winner by miles, thousands of visitors every week is a post about how Amway Ambots go around bragging that Artistry is in the top 5 cosmetics in the world. Just another lie. Eventually we found out that Amway pays a marketing company in Europe that no one on this side of the Atlantic has ever heard of to put them at the number 2 position on “prestige cosmetics” like women really give a shit about prestige when they’re buying cosmetics! LOL! And besides out of 1000 searches maybe one - yes one! – will put the word “prestige” in the search. And there’s a reason for that. They never say “prestige” at Amway meetings so nobody knows about it! LOL! Fucking Amway scammers! Even the employees at Alticor Amway’s head office in Michigan don’t put prestige in their search criteria when they end up at that post several times a week. It can be a bit of a bugger due to a link in that post that changes every year when it gets updated so at some point one of us has to remember to go to that website and check for the updated link. There’s almost 300 comments, majority from outraged Amway Ambots because we’re getting the truth out there that Artistry ain’t in the top 5 like the lies the Amway cult leaders tell. http://marriedtoanambot.blogspot.com/2013/05/is-amway-artistry-really-in-top-5.html

2. Amway Products are a good Reason Not To Get Involved With Amway. Enough said. The title speaks for itself. The post is 3 years old and still gets current comments. http://marriedtoanambot.blogspot.com/2012/02/amway-products-are-good-reason-not-to.html

3. Amway Diamonds Are Broke. Searchers looking for information on specific Diamonds or how much money a Diamond makes land here. http://marriedtoanambot.blogspot.com/2013/03/amway-diamonds-are-broke.html

4. Amway’s “Proven” System. That would be proven for failure.  http://marriedtoanambot.blogspot.com/2012/07/amways-proven-system.html

5. Ambushed By An Ambot. The only reason I can think this is in the top 5 is because a lot of people out there have the same problem of being ambushed by Amway assholes trying to prospect them to the next meeting. This post breaks down a comment left by a reader who got dragged to an Amway meeting. Proving that nothing ever changes in Amway, the comments he left could have been written by someone in the 1990’s too. Probably the 1970’s too! http://marriedtoanambot.blogspot.com/2012/05/ambushed-by-ambot.html

We are very close to our one millionth visitor. Probably happen before the month is over. Yippee!



  1. I look forward to seeing a special "One Million Visitors" posting here. I'm sure that just kills the Ambots knowing so many potential victims of their prospecting have "heard the word" showing the truth for the "business opportunity" they are trying to drag others into. Less folks for them to SCAM.

    1. Sorry nothing in mind. But the banana who moderates the comments did shoot me a note mentioning your comment so a post might be in the works noting when it happens.

      Yup Amway Ambots hate this blog because its so high in the search engines and get true stories out there of what its like being in the Amway cult.

  2. HI,
    Being an Ex-ambot, I like the articles and they make me understand what I was going through when I was a bot. Thanks for this blog.
    I would like to nitpick on your statement about 'out of the 5 - 3 of the countries aren’t even English speaking '. India is an english speaking country. Seems like lots of Indians based in India or US do like to visit your website (based on the stats) and read the articles. There is a huge amount of English literacy among Indians and is ranked 2nd on the list of countries with English speaking population. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_English-speaking_population
    Thus I would humbly request an update on the earlier statement.

    1. Hi Anonymous. There was a huge British influence in India at one time and many citizens still speak English, no different than other countries with another official language but English might still be widely spoken as 2nd language. To my mind I think of Indian citizens speaking a native dialect as their first language but what do I know. I've never been there.


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