Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Quitting Amway during Dream Night

Recently my stats that tell me what searchers are typing in to find their way to my blog are huge for quitting Amway or how to quit Amway or how to get a refund on the Amway starter pack or how to cancel Communikate or how to cancel WWDB and Amway deprogramming.

I mean huge searches. Way more than people searching for information about the Ganesh Neha Shenoy divorce.

This information must be very difficult to find on Amway's web page. No kidding. For obvious reasons Amway does not want their IBO's to quit! When you're in the business of scamming people you don't want the money supply to dry up!

I have written some posts about quitting Amway and that is where these searchers find what they need.

Also thanks to the former IBO who posted on the Communikate post the toll free number where to cancel. That helped someone else out the next day who was trying to figure out how to cancel it.

For some reason quitting Amway seems to come up around the time of major functions so with Dream Night coming up in January 2012 its no surprise to see the sudden influx of IBO's who want out of this pyramid scheme.

I also have a few random posts with suggestions to help wives get their ambot husbands out of Amway. Save the marriage! Save them from financial ruin!

Year end is coming up which means Amway's annual membership fee is due. What is it? Around $50 or $60? I don't remember though I do remember having a hell of a time trying to find that secret information on Amway's web site a few months ago. Anyway, it seems simple enough to me. Membership due? Don't pay it! That's how you cancel - by not renewing.

No different than Costco. If you don't renew your membership and pay your annual fee they don't let you shop there no more.

Ambots have to hit the Internet and do searches on how to quit Amway. Its not like they can go to their upline and ask. I can see how that conversation will go. "You can't quit now not when success is right around the corner." How about the standard Amspeak response "Only losers quit Amway. Do you want to be known as a loser?"

In a nutshell, you quit Amway by not renewing your membership fee, stop listening to brainwashing CD's, stop buying Amway products, stop buying Amway tools, cancel your membership with whatever line of sponsorship you're in, cancel Communikate, stop going to Amway meetings, stay away from the creepy assholes in your upline - don't respond to phone calls or texts.

Good luck to all my blog visitors who are courageous enough to take the steps to get out of this phony business. Enough of losing money and sanity by feeding the great Amway gods. No MLM or pyramid scheme is worth going into debt, filing bankruptcy, foreclosure, or divorce, an unfortunate fate that awaits too many ambots.

I will say if a husband is thinking of quitting Amway right about now he couldn't possibly give his wife a better Christmas present!


  1. By 2009 anything about the pretend business had became a real drag on my mind. I grew so tired of listening to CD's so I stopped that. It's amazing the difference that makes. Just there after I skipped a major conference in town and the following two weeks worth of meetings. By now I was starting to think straight! Wu hoo! Then one day I called up my sponsor and told him I needed sometime off. He acted agressive "what do u mean time off from what?" I was firm, time off from the "business." I guess he wasn't surprised since I had been a no show at a few events. That same month my CC expired so did communikate. My "best friends in life" stopped communicating with me except an occassional call with my sponsor which has ceased now. Around then I stumbled upon this blog, merchants of deception book & site, and many other similar sites. I learned the truth and it became my mission to warn others about these MLM scams. Here I am from Ambot to ExAmbot, vibrant, full of happy and joy!
    Goodluck next ambot in your quest to exambot!

  2. ExAmbot - that is just typical upline behavior. Anger and rants when they see some $$$ slipping through their fingers when people start quitting the pyramid scheme. Same thing with the friends thing. Once the money is gone so is the friendship.

    Yup finding sites and books whether others have gone through the same thing and realizing that over 99% of Amway IBO's will not make money - which is even stated in the reverse way on Amway's literature - then it helps. Its still really embarrassing to learn that you were scammed and brainwashed.

  3. Anna - Steve Biko (a courageous man who was beaten to death for dissenting from the 'Apartheid' lie of 'white superiority') observed that 'the most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed.'

    Thus, it is human nature to feel really embarrassed, angry, etc., when you learn that you have been scammed and brainwashed by a cult, because cults always manipulate their victims instinctual desires (giving them the illusion that they are making free-choices). Sadly, this is why so many ex-cult adherents feel guilty and remain silent. However, cult bosses can also repress the few courageous victims who speak out, because, to casual observers, former cult adherents can often appear to be quite mad, and it is, therefore, easy for cult apologists to pretend to be reasonable.

    Although the few former cult adherents who find the courage to complain, often have the face of madness - to anyone who is prepared to give them a fair hearing, they generally speak with the voice of reason. Whilst, cult apologists always try to wear the face of reason, but they always speak with the voice of madness.

    This is why your Blog is so refreshingly different. You are well-pissed-off with 'Amway', because the organization invaded your life, but you have been able to maintain your sense of humour, because you never fell for the 'Amway' lie and your Ambot husband finally came out of it.

    The last thing in the world, that the 'Amway' bosses want their victims to do, is to recognise that cultism is merely the dark-art of stopping individuals from thinking critically and getting them to deny reality, and for them to start thinking critically and to face up to reality.

    One of the reality-inverting 'MLM' Bibles is entitled, 'Think and Grow Rich'. It would be far more accurate for its author to have entitled it it, 'Stop Thinking and Make Me Rich.'

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  4. David - I am one of a different group of people who was angry with Amway right from the beginning. A group I share with probably most wives of men who got suckered into the Amway scam. The wife doesn't want anything to do with it so instead of the upline backing off and saying this is a bad idea to prospect someone who is not interested the upline then plants the seed into the husband's mind that there is something wrong with their marriage. Then to further perpetuate it the upline goes on a mission to do their damnedest to break up the marriage.

    Amway has a bunch of IBOs who are a bunch of assholes and the company does not act on complaints so we take to the Internet and get the word out there what its like to be treated by the upline and ultimately Amway because Amway refuses to take any responsiblity for its IBOs.

    For all its talk about ecommerce Amway must really hate the invention of the Internet because its victims can come here and get the word out to others what's ahead of them if they get involved in their scheme.


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