Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ambots bragging about Amway Tax Refunds

I had an ambot show up to leave a comment on this post:

LOL... she lost $35 000 in 11 years, that's just shy of $3200 a year... you all understand this is a product business and despite what you think about the business structure the products themselves are very rarely second to none. Even a deaf mute could sell enough product in amway to profit $3200 a year to cover those expenses, not to mention the tax return money if you even keep half assed books. I love how she fails to mention how much money she made from selling products and tax return income for running a home based business.... and if she didn't make her money back from sales volume and tax return, then I do not feel sorry for her.... she was just lazy and I know how much you all Love to hear that!

For a moment let’s try to put aside the canned Amspeak bullshit. This is typical of most comments that ambots leave on my blog.

Today’s post is about the part of this comment where the ambot mentions getting a tax return income based on running your Amway business. Seeing as how tax time is coming upon us I thought I’d revisit this whole get-a-tax-refund-if-you’re-in-Amway that is widely promoted by the Amway cult leaders.

This was the type of tax advice our Amway upline gave us that everything in Amway is a tax deduction and as this ambot clarified - they count Amway tax returns as part of an IBO income. What the upline really means is the only way an IBO can make money in Amway is to deduct Amway expenses from the income they earn in their real J.O.B and the only Amway income comes in the form of a tax refund. Our upline told us we’d get a big tax refund deducting all our Amway expenses - legitimate or not.

At Amway meetings I attended the Platinum and pretty much everyone else in the room would be bragging how things couldn’t be better and their business is growing. Then these same IBO’s claim they’re getting a large refund after filing their income taxes.

My Ambot was fascinated. He had no idea the secret to getting a tax refund - according to our upline - was to become an Amway IBO. Free money from the government!

Refund? Ha, that’s a laugh when your business is doing good.

Ambots can not grasp this concept.

If your business makes too much money (income) and you don’t have enough deductions (expenses) you owe money at tax time. Yay! Business is going great!

If you do not make much money and your expenses are higher that your income then the government issues you a refund. Boo! Business is the shits!

In other words it is pretty much impossible for an IBO to claim business is going great and they’re making lots of money and then talk out of the other side of their mouth about how they’re getting a big tax refund. Or as ambots refer to it: tax return income for running an Amway business.

Most Amway IBO’s in addition to being fake business owners work a dreaded J.O.B. and are employed by a company and receive regular paychecks. When tax time comes around those sneaky Amway bastards deduct all their Amway expenses (XS, Perfect Water, vitamins, food bars, hotels, function tickets, meals, travel, etc) against their job’s income.

That is the only way most IBO’s make money in Amway. By declaring everything they spend on Amway as a business expense and deducting it off their job’s income.

Lying little ambot bastards that they are! Tax cheaters!

Here is a big clue ambots! Unless you own a grocery store, items that you eat (groceries!) can not be deducted as business expenses in order to get a tax refund. When you’re an Amway IBO if you’re declaring travel and restaurant expenses on your taxes you better be showing some kind of Amway income profit on selling Amway products. If Uncle Sam catches up with you you’ll be up shit creek!

My husband and I run a legitimate business. We have a tax number. We have business license. We have insurance. We have accounting software where we create client invoices, and enter all monies received from clients and all monies we paid out in the course of running our business. We have legitimate business expenses that can be used as deductions. We back it all up on a CD and give it to our accountant at tax time. This is because we’re smart enough to hire the services of a professional who checks we entered everything correctly and aren’t missing information and ensures we are not leaving ourselves exposed and who also does their damnedest to make sure they write off as many expenses as they legitimately can so that we have less money to pay back to the government in what we owe in taxes.

Sure the hell beats “counselling with upline” and being told everything in Amway (XS, Perfect Water, vitamins, laundry soap, cleaning products, etc) is a legitimate business deduction!

For the record - our accountant disagreed with our Amway upline! Refused to handle anything Amway related saying “I deal with legitimate businesses not pyramid schemes.”

So much for “never question upline”!

If you are running a pretend Amway business and are taking your upline’s advice on filling out your taxes so that you can earn your money in Amway courtesy of a government tax refund check be prepared to end up in big shit in an audit.

When we were in Amway we were told if nothing else Amway is a good tax shelter. The taxman might disagree. Here is some more interesting reading:

IRS to Amway: The Party’s Over!

IRS answers for business or hobby and deductions.,,id=169490,00.html

Peter Reilly’s blog post about Amway IBO’s in tax court.

Another post by Peter Reilly about taxes and Amway. This one is kind of interesting if you go to the comments. In typical ambot fashion anytime posts like this surface on the Internet the Amway rats scramble out of the sewer to battle the truth by coming out swinging with false accusations in a bizzare attempt to create distractions away from the truth about Amway. The first ambot who posts a response accuses Mr Reilly of murdering his mother!


  1. I am very happy.nice article good work thank you

    1. Thanks for dropping by. Good luck with the hotel thing!

  2. Interesting article...

    And no, I am not an ambot!

    1. Anonymous - Amazon made about $30 billion last year about 3 times what Amway's sales are. The big difference is that Amway's sales to people who are not staff (IBO's) is less than 5% so the majority of sales are to their IBO's. I'll go out on a limb here and say that the majority of Amazon's sales are not to their staff! I don't think Amazon gets accused of being a cult like Amway does either!

  3. Anna - As ever, I challenge any arrogant Ambot to come forward with quantifiable evidence (in the form of audited accounts; particularly, income-tax payment receipts) which might prove to the world that at least one person has earned an overall net-income lawfully from regularly retailing significant quantities of 'Amway' wampum to the public for a profit.

    In reality, the multi-billion dollar, constantly-expanding, so-called 'Amway business,' which deluded Ambots all believe they own a share of, is only a 'Nazi'-style big lie which has been almost entirely-financed by its victims' own unlawful contributions arbitrarily defined as 'sales.'

    Difficult as it might be to believe, even Bernie Madoff's victims could produce what appeared to be quantifiable evidence (in the form of income-tax payment receipts) proving that they had been earning real profits, but Ambots can't

    Just before he was exposed to the world as a narcissistic charlatan, Bernie Madoff controlled the reality of around 8000 private and institutional, so-called 'investors' who (according to highly-convincing pieces of paper arbitrarily defined by Mr. Madoff as 'account statements') owned shares of a constantly-expanding 'hedge-fund' worth tens of billions of dollars.

    In reality, just before his arrest, Mr. Madoff retained control over only about $1 billion. His so-called 'hedge fund' was a 'Nazi'-style big lie which had been entirely-financed by the unlawful contributions of its victims arbitrarily defined as 'investments.'

    Amazingly, most of Madoff's American victims were honest upstanding folk, who had been declaring their imaginary 'profits' to the IRS and paying taxes on them. In reality, many of these apparently wealthy 'investors' turned out to be destitute

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

    1. David - none of our upline ever showed us their tax returns nor any profit or loss statements prepared by an accountant who filed their taxes. I wouldn't trust any doctored document from ambot inflating their sales and profits.

      What's with it with these ambots that go around bragging how many billions in sales Amway does, all the stuff they own, blah, blah, blah. That might be good for the people who own Amway but its not like any lowly staffers are going to share in the proceeds or get free use out of the company jet.

  4. To be fair to my ambot critic there was someone name Peter Reilly who was accused of mudering his mother and the ambot admitted that it might not have been me.

    It's great that you have been linking to my blog. You realize of course that it is not so much about people reading your blog as getting other bloggers to link to your blog which multiplies over time and soon billions of people are reading your blog.

    I'm going to do a CD that explains how to do it which I will charge $49.95 for, but since you are in my blog downline you can have it for $20.00. Stay tuned.

    1. Peter - When backed up against a wall staring at the truth ambots fight back flinging out accusations true or not or character assassination to create distractions.

      I hope you're going to blog some more about Amway sales force ending up in tax court. You'd think it might be a warning to others. Though I doubt it. Current IBO's would just say those IBO's were losers and stupid enough to get caught.

      Ha ha@ Very funny about the CD! Cash sales only?

  5. Peter Reilly - From my own bruising experience of the pernicious 'Amway' cult, and judging by the ambiguous wording of the puerile, false and defamatory statements now maliciously linked to your name on the Net., you have actually been the target of the organization, rather than that of an individual Ambot.

    The classic malicious tactic of cultic groups is to link their free-thinking challengers' names to reality-inverting words, in order to destroy their credibility.

    Some of the reality-inverting words that have been maliciously linked to my name on the Net. are: 'obsessed', 'liar', 'nut-job', etc. As far as I know, I have not yet been accused of attempted murder on the Net. However, at one time, my Ambot brother gave a deposition to 'Amway's' shyster attorneys in the USA, in which he falsely-claimed that I had boasted of being paid by the millionaire British inventor and industrialist, Sir James Dyson, to defame 'Amway.' In another reality-inverting deposition to another court, my Ambot brother steadfastly pretended that he was not an adherent of 'Amway,' but that he 'believed' that I was.

    The 'Amway' bosses know that their most-deluded followers will cling to almost any confirming-chapter in the overall controlling-fairytale, rather than accept the ego-destroying truth that they have been the victims of self-gratifying, pay-through-the-nose-to-play, totalitarian game of make-believe.

    Exactly like the 'Scientology' mob, the Amway' mob never defends, it always attacks. In the closed-logic 'Scientology' fairytale, this organized criminal activity has been known as the 'Fair Game' policy.

    If you want to know how 'Amway' really functions at its core, then read about 'Scientology.'

    The more-serious a challenge is to the authenticity of any puerile cultic fiction: the more brutal the attack on the free-thinking challenger becomes.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

  6. It's just Amway dudes....For $64 you can make a lil bit of profit. Not too bad to me. If you're good, you can make more in a few hours (Especially in "Grand-Openings" or whatever intense marketing campaign you embark on.) One of my friends ma about $1,365 in 3 hours during one of his campaigns.

    Amway is not a religion or a cult. It's just a second way to make money on top of your job. Or at least it is for me. I make money from my job and Amway so I'm happy with it. You guys are taking this too seriously....

    1. Anonymous - but can your friend consistently earn $1300/month from Amway sales? O do customers drop off because they can find similar products for better prices elsewhere? If someone just sells Amway products and doesn't waste money on meetings and Amway tools then they just make a few bucks. Is everything else tht goes on with Amway that's the horror story.

  7. Come on now, why do my comment need approval? Oh well...

    1. Spoken like a true Ambot who believes the world revolves around them. It's all about me!!! Wah wah!!!

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  9. Another Amway Tax Court decision


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